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From: (Tyagi Nagasiva)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:38:04 -0800 (PST)

49961113 AA1  Hail Satan!


#        I was thinking the other day about Crowley's mention (in BoT ? ) of
#the first appearance of the unicursal hexagram and how for so long it was
#said to be an "impossible" figure to draw... does anyone know of an earlier
#appearance of the uni hexa?  

yes, _The Book of Thoth_ (and the accompanying large deck I bought) were
the first places I ever saw this figure.  Crowley mentions it briefly 
there and does not really say much about its history, though I have
actually seen comparable figures in other sources previous (unfortunately
I don't recall offhand what these were, though there is bound to be some
material in the Hollyfeld Archives, if you want to go digging, as to the
figure's history and symbolism).

#I have noticed that the Freemasonic symbol of
#the compass and the right angle is easily modified into the Uni hexa with a
#simple angle alteration and a shortening of the points of the compass... 

exactly.  I think there may have been tantric variants of this also. seems doubtful that the unicursal hexagram is a "modern" figure; 
#and not all that difficult to draw... it's far more difficult for me 
#personally to sketch a Heptagram.

I find the drawing of geometric figures generally and especially in
ritual (with my wand, for various workings) to be quite attractive, and
have intentionally familiarized myself with pentagrams, hexagrams
and septagrams for this reason.

the unicursal hexagram originally caught me off due to its reversal of
circular directionals during its construction.  once I got past that
it has been easy every since.  the heptagram/septagram was also a
challenge since it resembles the pentagrams I've drawn but at a wider
angle.  I noticed I kept drawing pents instead of septs.

I'm quite taken by that geometric figure (sept) and so constructed a
mandala of three concentric septs and had it tattooed on my thigh prior
to my First Degree initiation rite into my Order.  this helped me to
become more familiar with the figure but didn't make it any easier to
draw.  eventually when I changed my name I also changed my signature
and incorporated the septagram as part of that, forcing me to acquaint
myself with drawing it through signature.

it worked!  I can draw them quite easily now!  next the non and elagram
stars may be on the agenda, though I haven't really felt inspired to
explore these as yet.  instead I am drawn to collecting all the old
figures associated with Baphomet and possibly constructing a new one
which more closely approximates my Satanic conception.


nigris (333)
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