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From: (nigris (333))
Subject: Choronzon/Beast/Babalon, Crowley and Dee
Date: 17 Nov 1996 00:38:30 -0800

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49961107 AA1  Hail Satan!

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
The word of Sin is Restriction.

Rabbi Jeffrey Smith :
# A current discussion on the ARCANA list has brought out the fact that no 
#one there knows where exactly Crowley got his idea of Chorozon as 
#Gaurdian of the Abyss.  No one has come up with anything better than one 
#not very clear quote from Dee's Diaries, and a seemingly spurious quote 
#found in Kenneth Grant.  

I've gone looking for this connection too.  one place I found it was in 
Dee's text that I have available to me (little):

	2. The Casting Out of Adam.

	But Coronzon (for so is the name of that mighty devil),
	envying man's felicity, and perceiving that the substance
	of man's lesser part was frail and unperfect in respect
	his purer essence, began to assail man, and so prevailed....

	_The Enochian Evocation of Dr. John Dee_, ed./transl. by
		Geoffrey James, Heptangle Books, 1984; p. 1.

oo, but what a find!  when going through this (same) book (now!) 
for these references I found a cache that appears to yield more!  
here you go!

	THE KEY OF THE THIRTY AYRES [also cf Crowley's _Liber 418_]

	30.1	MADRIAX		*Madriax*	Oh you heavens
	30.2	DS		*dspraf*	which
	30.3	PRAF				dwell

	[now omitting the numbers and Ayre-names, I will
	only include here the verse that goes along with
	these Ayre-names unless I find it somehow 
	relevant. n333]

	in the first Ayre, are Mightie in the partes of
	the Erth, and execute the Judement of the highest
	to you it is sayd, Beholde the face of your God,
	the begynning of comfort: whose eyes are the
	brightnes of the hevens: which provided you for
	the government of the Erth, and her unspeakable
	varietie furnishing you with a powr understanding
	to dispose all things according to the providence
	of him that sitteth on the holy Throne and rose
	up in the begynning saying, The Earth Let her be
	be governed by her parts and 

	30.51	CHRISTEOS	*christeos*	Let there be 

	Division in her, that the glory of hir may be
	allwayes drunken and vexed in itself: Her course,
	let it ronne with the hevens: and as a handmayd
	let her server them: One season Let it confownd
	another: And 

	30.75	CHRISTEOS	*Christeos*	let there be 

	no one Creature aequall with another The reasonable
	Creatures of Erth or Men let them vex and weede out
	one another: And the dwelling places, let them
	forget their names: The work of manand his pomp,
	let them be defaced: His buyldings let them become
	Caves for the beasts of the field: Confownd her
	understanding with darknes.  For why?  It repenteth
	me I made Man.  One while let her be known, and
	another while a stranger Bycause she is the bed

	30.131  ABABALOND	ababalond	of an Harlot,

	and the dwelling place 

	30.134	TELOCVOVIM	telocvovim	of him that is faln:

	[there is a note here from Dee: "30.134: Contraction
	 of TELOCH-VOVIN or 'death'-'dragon'.  In this case
	 the fallen one is the great dragon Coronzon." n333]

	O you hevens underneath you, Let them serve you:
	Govern those that govern: Cast Down ["30.144 ...
	Cast Down" is here listed twice in what I believe 
	to be an error. n333] such as fall: Bring forth
	with those that encrease: And destroy the rotten:
	No place let it remayne in one number: Ad and
	diminish untill the stars be numbred: ARRISE,
	MOVE, and APPERE before the Covenantof his mowth,
	which he hath sworne unto us in his Justice: OPEN
	the Mysteries of your Creation: And Make us

	30.181	IADNAMAD	*Iadnamad*	of undefyled knowledg.

	[there is a note here from Dee: "30.181: Contraction
	 IAD-NAMAD or 'God'-'knowledge'." n333] 

	Ibid, pp. 97-102.

it seems to me this may well be the 'missing link' as regards the
Crowley-spelling of 'Babalon', and it does rather directly connect
your "Coronzon" (Crowley/Grant/et al's "Choronzon") with Satan, or 
the 'Dweller on the Threshold' as Grant is wont to call Hir.  isn't
there a long occult tradition of counting Satan as the Adversary 
and Revealer of Mysteries?  I'd thought so, and Crowley goes as
far as identifying his HGA with Satan, so there is reason to think
that he may well have thought along these lines too.

I would note, to stave off the protestations of those who must
always say 'Not THAT Satan!', that Crowley does have something 
very specific in mind when speaking of Satan in this light, and 
doesn't appear to imply the conventional Christian Urban Legend 
(instead meaning something more esoteric and complex).

#Either Crowley came up with Chorozon's special role all on his own, 

I honestly doubt this.  I'll bet he got all or most of the data 
about Choronzon from other sources.  

for example, there is an apparent Jewish/Kabbalistic(?) tradition 
which I'm recompiling as I compose this (my files are now lost) 
that does appear to relate to this.  it concerns the Woman of 
Whoredom, and her pairing with the Angel of Death.  I 
rediscovered this again in Godwin's on a hunch:

	Transliterated Hebrew [rearranged]

	Ishah		AShH		Woman.				306
	Isheth		AShTh		Woman of Whoredom; Demon of    1424  
	 Zenunim	 ZNWNYNM	Prostitution; Mother of Chioa,	864
					the Beast (Samael being the
					father), or Samael and Isheth
					Zenunim together are considered
					to be Chioa; arch-demon corre-
					sponding to Binah (777).

	Chioa		ChYWA		The Beast, the union or off-     25
					spring of Samael, Prince of
					Demons, and Isheth Zenunim,
					Demon of Prostitution; the
					arch-demon corresponding to
					Tiphareth (777).

	Sam		SM		Spice; drug; poison.		660
	Samael		SMAL		"Poison of God"; Angel of       131
					Death; the Prince of Demons,
					equated with Satan; in 
					particular, the demon prince
					of Fire; husband of Isheth
					Zenunim, the Woman of Whoredom,
					the Demon of Prostitution, and
					the father of Chioa, the Beast;
					the husband of Lilith; Qlippoth
					of Hod; according to 777, arch-
					demon corresponding to Chokmah.

	_Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia_, by David Godwin, Llewellyn
		Publications [!], 1989; pp. 44, 70, 106. 

note that this 777-orientation, which *Crowley* apparently derived,
sets the Isheth Zenunim-Samael pair as Binah-Chokmah respectively,
with Chioa, the Beast, somehow in Tiphareth (perhaps his identity
in Christ-666 forming the initial contact with the Veil of Paroketh,
before the Abyss and Da'ath).

combining this with the text above in Dee, if 'Babalon' is the 'bed'
or 'resting place' of the 'death-dragon', this seems to follow rather
nicely on the theme of the 'Woman of Whoredom'-'Angel of Death' pairing
and could easily have been the material from which Crowley derived
his identification of Choronzon as the Dweller on the Threshold, Grant
thereafter taking off with Shugal and the whole pig-dog Beastiality.

for more information on Choronzon and pertinent quotes from Crowley,
Grant, and Mather's _Kabbalah Unveiled_ on the matter, consult 
_Liber Nigris_ in the Shaitan directory of the Avidyana:

Invoke me under my stars.  Love is the law, love under will.

I am I!

nigris (333)
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see  and  call: 408/2-666-SLUG!!!
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