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To: alt.satannet
From: "Kelyeti - CoS" 
Subject: Re: Worship
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 13:28:15 -0000

31 October XXXIII Anno Satanas

Dear Satanists:

This past year has indeed been a period of grief and turmoil for all of us.
We’ve wept over the loss of our founder and High Priest, yet have been
strengthened by his philosophy, growing ever more determined to ensure Dr.
Anton Szandor LaVey’s writings and music will never die. Dr. LaVey was a
private man who seldom disclosed family conflicts or health problems, even
to his closest friends. Out of respect for him, I have not wanted to make
any public statements regarding what has happened, what is still happening,
concerning the Church of Satan in the wake of Dr. LaVey’s death. But because
of an announcement posted on the Internet several days ago by his oldest
daughter, Karla, I am forced to come forward to clarify certain facts.

Before he died, Dr. LaVey did his best to make sure his wishes regarding his
property and his organization would be understood and carried out. His two
main concerns were that his three-year-old son, Xerxes, be provided for and
that the Church of Satan would continue as it had since 1966. He left a
handwritten will naming Xerxes as his beneficiary. He left a document
appointing me to the position of High Priestess to insure my succession
after his passing, in accordance with the Church of Satan’s articles of

Zeena LaVey publicly denounced her "un-father" in 1990 (you’ve all seen her
letter to Michael Aquino) and never reconciled with him before his death.
Karla LaVey, though she’d gone through long periods of not communicating
with her father, was supportive and present during his last months. After
his passing, Karla and I vowed to work together to preserve Dr. LaVey’s
legacy. I offered her the position of co-High Priestess and allowed her to
present herself as such to the press. Soon afterward, Karla began showing
signs of discontent. Eventually she refused to accept the leadership
responsibilities I had offered her, and has retained two lawyers to
challenge her father’s will. Now, a full year after Dr. LaVey’s death, his
legal affairs are still not settled.

Using an unauthorized web address, Karla LaVey has posted a letter claiming
the title of High Priestess of the Church of Satan for herself. She is not.
Though she has reluctantly agreed to a handful of interviews over recent
years, she hasn’t participated in the actual operation of the Church for a
very long time. She is Anton Szandor LaVey’s daughter and should be granted
whatever respect that position confers. But she is not the leader of the
Church of Satan and has no authority to speak on behalf of that legal

I was not born a LaVey, but I was born a Satanist. I pridefully began
calling myself such at the age of twelve, and have committed myself to the
articulation and personification of those principles for the better part of
my life. Many of you have had direct contact with me as the primary Church
of Satan administrator over the last 14 years. Dr. LaVey appointed me as his
successor because I had proven myself to be driven by the same diabolical
fire of reason, enchantment and outrage he found in himself. He also
appointed a number of devilish leaders to act as administrators and
spokesmen around the globe.

I do not want our momentum to be sabotaged by greed, petty bickering and
maneuvering for position. Dr. LaVey’s directions were clear; I intend to
follow them. I would continue in my heretical, sinful ways with or without
the Church of Satan but we are all stronger, more focused and more
determined because of the organization Anton Szandor LaVey founded. I will
not stand blithely by and watch our High Priest’s instructions ignored. Do
not be confused or dissuaded from your commitment to this Infernal Cabal. We
know who we are; we share the mark of Cain. Find your strength and truth in
that. Here’s to an indulgent Halloween.

Hail Satan!

High Priestess Blanche Barton

Church of Satan

Posted by Kelyeti  ( Member Applicant )

* Taken with Respect  :  Tani Jantsang   -  to
see more Truth & Teaching.

DrStreet wrote in message <#C#mdvTX$GA.256@cpmsnbbsa05>...
>No bullshit, does anyone know of true Satan worshipping sites on the net.
>Not the LeVey type.

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