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Satanic Morals

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Subject: Re: Satanic Morals
Date: 11 Jan 1999 23:12:59 -0800

49990110 IIIom (Migra1811):
# thing that doesn't quite make sense to me is the prohibition
# against harming children or animals. 

it wasn't a prohibition, it was a description of what Satanists do,
how Satanists feel, what the attitudes of Satanists are as 
described by Anton LaVey.

# I personally detest such actions, 

harming is variably justified.  food, religious scarification,
education, ownership, etc., are all schemes of justification
for violating the innocent.

# but I don't understand the philosophical idea on which it is 
# based. LaVey wrote that they are sacred to the Satanist. 

not that *they* are sacred, but that their state of being is
sacred -- their unimprinted virtue, their lack of having been
'civilized'.  the sacred here is the WILDNESS of the child or
nonhuman, their distance from linguistic-enslavery and the
domestification by a social establishment (note that I don't
think that dogs and cats or other 'domestic pets' are as
'domesticated' as they are usually presumed).  here, look...

	The purest form of carnal existence reposes in
	the bodies of animals and human children who
	have not grown old enough to deny themselves
	their natural desires. They can perceive things
	that the average adult human can never hope to.
	Therefore, the Satanist holds these beings in
	a sacred regard, knowing he can learn much from
	these natural magicians of the world....
	The Satanist does *not* hate himself, nor the
	gods he might choose, and has no desire to
	destroy himself or anything for which he stands!
	It is for this reason he could never willfully
	harm an animal or child.
	_The Satanic Bible_, Anton LaVey,
	 Avon Books, 1967; p. 89.

# I hold that only the Satanist himself is sacred. 

then what makes the Satanist sacred?  by virtue of being
a Satanist?  hehe, pretty silly.  it is somewhat tautological
and self-aggrandizing in the worst way: you claim to be a
Satanist, you now consider yourself sacred, you now worship
yourself.  pheh.  lost would be the better notion of carnal
existence.  better to describe the ideal of the Satanist as
LaVey has done so as not to dilute the appellation to a
vanilla without meaning.  it also leaves the way in for
ecological concerns that many Neopagans have abandoned.

# If it were stated more plainly, for pragmatic reasons, 
# why one shouldn't harm a child or an animal, I could 
# grasp that. Such as the actors willingness to suffer 
# if caught in the act, or willingness to do time in
# prison.

moralizing isn't a part of Satanism as I understand it. 
and neither is cruelty, though this has been the popular
condemnation scheme as regards the 'satanism' portrayed by
Christians and Muslims for centuries (creating a bogey 
which others are now rending from their control).

# Seems like the old Crowleyany saying of do what thou wilt 
# would be a more ideal standard for one who would call 
# themselves Satanists.

I agree strongly, and the Wiccan Rede (guideline) also fits
nicely into the Satanist ethical ideals (harm none, do as
ye wilt). when the time comes to depart from this guideline,
this is a natural consequence of doing what I wilt and taking
whatever aggressive measures I may deem necessary (such as 
if my kindred are threatened).

blessed beast!
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