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Radio Free Setian! and the COS Files

To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.satanism,alt.magick,alt.pagan
From: "Forrester" 
Subject: Radio Free Setian! and the COS Files
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2001 00:17:10 -0400

Instant replay?  Each section has many links.

While I think your claims against the ToS are wholly made out of
vindictiveness, I do not think the same of Ole Wolf's claims.  Most of the
members of the ToS are socially fine people.  Most of the members of the CoS
are social trash.

The CoS Files

Last updated: February 27, 2001.

This collection of files document how the Church of Satan (CoS) uses lies
and two-faced policies, discloses personal membership information, requests
that its members harass other people and other organizations, all in order
to recruit people who will pay $100 in membership registration.

Some members of the CoS would rather believe that the documentation found in
these files is not correct, and have attempted to dismiss it as "hearsay,"
"out of context," etc. I have compiled a reply to the various objections.

My personal involvement in the CoS was exclusively based on the CoS'
endorsement of the dark doctrines. Today, the CoS has radically departed
from this policy--or more specifically, this collection of files shows that
the people now in charge of the CoS never had that policy. I was expelled
from the CoS for defending the dark doctrines, as were others; some others
simply resigned; yet others still hope the CoS may "return" to a state they
have yet to realize it was never in.

When I encountered the CoS, it was the only organization that endorsed the
dark doctrines. Today, several Satanic organizations embrace the dark
doctrines. Now that the CoS has turned its back on the dark doctrines, it is
these other organizations that offer Satanism while the CoS offers nothing
but a group wailing ground for suffering egos in need of delusions of worth.

What is documented in these files is only the tip of the iceberg. I have
left the organization unscarred, but others who are still in the
organization are subject to harassment, intimidation, depersonalization, and
other forms of "education" (Blanche Barton's word)--and apparently some
enjoy it. Steer clear of this organization!

I am hosting this documentation to save people the $100, the divulgation of
their personal data, and their wasted time, and to make up for my share of
the responsibility of luring people into the CoS with the promise of

If you have any further evidence, please let me know. (See this document for
what I mean by "further evidence.")

The CoS files are available for download as a compressed Zip file for
offline browsing.

Ole Wolf.

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CoS Higher-Ups Intimidating and Interfering
Getting Proof of Bullying Behavior
When members of the CoS complain about abuse, Peggy Nadramia's usual
responses are variants of "get proof or shut up." In the few occasions where
the members saved the pertinent documentation, typically the member would
typically be told that this was just that one person "having fun," and that
the member not bother about it.

Here is the whole sequence of events that transpired from Peggy telling me
(Tani Jantsang) to "get proof" that Andre Schlesinger and Lestat Ventrue
were being AWFUL to their own COS members in chat and otherwise. What was
uncovered was a lot more.

The CoS responded promptly once the proof was irrefutably available by
terminating the title of Tani Jantsang, and by expelling Hr. Vad and Ole
Wolf, who were all opposed to the oppressive policy.

Form Emails
Did you have a Web site with Satanic content, and were you greeted with a
polite response from a CoS official who "had been alerted" to your site?

If so, it was not praise for your good work. You simply received a form
email that is intended to make you join the CoS. The form email is usually
tailored to the situation; here is an example of an attempt to coerce a
person into the CoS, and a form letter that was originally written by Peter

Peter Gilmore's "Waffen SS" Email
The CoS asks its members harass other organizations and help silence people
who speak up against the CoS. This email from Peter Gilmore where he
practically says "come to us for dirt" proves it. Evidently, some members
harassing other people have been requested by the CoS officials to do so.

This document also shows an exchange of emails between Ole Wolf and Lord
Egan, who founded the First Church of Satan.

Peter Gilmore Ghost-Posting on alt.satanism
Despite his claims, Peter Gilmore does read alt.satanism. He does not post
on this newsgroup, however, but relies on CoS members whom he asks to post
his messages, as this sample documents. It is not clear whether he abstains
from posting because of an image he wants to maintain, or whether it is
because he can post incorrect messages without personally taking

Peter Gilmore Scaring Timothy Stewart
Timorthy Stewart had originally solicited comments on the subject of
Satanism versus fascism. When he put the findings on his Web site, Peter
Gilmore found it necessary to subject himself to reading and commenting it.
This document commenting on it. Stewart immediately suffered selective
amnesia, claiming that Tani had made him alter his document. This is Tani's
reply to Stewart.

Peter Gilmore Bullying Amina
Amina Lap has been a member of the CoS since 1997, and has done a
significant amount of work. Amina was not scared like Timothy Stewart. This
file documents how Peter Gilmore first praised her work, then later
attempted to scare her--and it documents how he lies.

Peter Gilmore Considers Lord Egan a Threat
In this email from Peter Gilmore, it is evident that Peter Gilmore considers
Egan a threat to the CoS. It was when Tani Jantsang refused to combat Egan
for using a tradition that the CoS has no exclusive rights to use (ANYONE
can use real knowledge) that Peter Gilmore turned against her. This strongly
suggests that the CoS only used the dark doctrines to lure people into the

Lestat Ventrue as a Spy in #satanmuse
The CoS has a number of "Satanic Rules of the Earth," one of which states
that Satanists keep their noses to themselves and not interfering with other
people's businesses. However, the CoS actively interferes with other people.
Here we have proof of Lestat Ventrue being in #satanmuse, the chatroom owned
by the dark doctrines people, posing as "someone" that just "happens" to be

Members and Officials Slandering and Interfering
Here is proof that the COS slanders people, that the COS administrators
can't stop their members and officials from slandering people, and that they
care far too much about what people on #satanmuse are doing. They go far out
of their way here, and admit it, to annoy and harass people who are trying
to mind their own business in their own chat rooms. These logs are
incredible and have information that will blow the mind of some readers,
including COS readers.

Dr. Sigmund Rascher, the third side, evil doktor, and nutcase_tani are all
the same person, a fellow that CoS member "Dr. Joseph Mengele" took under
his wing. He got banned from #satanmuse after shit-disturbing on two
occasions. He then proceeded to "try to annoy Tani" with multiple PMs by
spamming her in private messages from #satannet.

These messages show how Robert Merciless, a long time shit-disturber on
alt.satanism and relatively new member of the CoS, slanders Tani Jantsang on
both alt.satanism and the Satannet message board.

Schlesinger Interfering with DISINFO
Here is proof of Schlesinger, acting on orders from the Corporation of Satan
(is he a PAID employee?), interfering with another Satanic organization
being in the news.

The CoS Using Spies
The CoS uses spies to investigate and harass other organizations. These
emails and message board postings from Jason Roberts show how.

Shortly after the above was published on the CoS files, Jason Roberts
attempted to have them removed by threatening Ole Wolf with a lawsuit and
later by having two people plead his case. Neither being successful, the
email correspondence now included in the CoS files between Jason Roberts,
Gretchen Bennett, Tani Jantsang, and Ole Wolf soon proved Jason Roberts to
be a liar.

However, Jason Roberts now strikes back--at the COS by admitting and proving
what they did to him, how they threatened him--which is the reason he did
everything exposed elsewhere on this site! A shocker to those who knew him
from the Council before the COS got to him.

Web Site Deleted Due to Censorship
This is an email written by evangelist Bobby Rush showing the CoS
interfering with a Christian Web site, which they had NO BUSINESS poking
their nose into in the first place.

The Suck-Ups
Not only the CoS itself, but also the suck-ups to the CoS think they can
gain points by trashing other organizations. Here is one more example of
people that just can't let other people mind their business. The CoS people
are so obsessed worrying about other organizations. Do we worry about that
other organizations are doing? Hell no: if they leave us alone, we'll gladly
leave them alone.

The suck-upery that demanded of CoS members is perhaps best illustrated by
Rocio Carrasco in this message to alt.satanism, where she openly admits to
unconditional obediance. This politically required level of obedience should
be kept in mind when reading Peter Gilmore's request that CoS members attack
other organizations.

The Chat Logs
Everyone that was ever in the chatrooms run by the CoS officials know of the
behavior of the owners. Here are logs that show it.

On the CoS and Its Policies
Active Recruitment
The CoS claims that it does not recruit members. However, Grotto Masters are
in fact encouraged to recruit members, reporting to a "headquarters" that
doesn't bother to read the reports.

Interesting legal stuff on "Corporations Sole."
The CoS is listed as a "Corporations Sole." This text illuminates what a
"Corporations Sole" legally is. Note comments inside the text.

Aquino on the CoS Funds
This information from Michael Aquino explains which documents reveal what
the CoS "forgets" to inform its membership of in terms of where the fees are

The CoS Divulges Personal Membership Information
The CoS officially states that it keeps information about its membership
confident. However, as this email shows, the CoS does in fact divulge
membership information. Max Barrons, at that time, was opposing the CoS on

On the Amsterdam Whore House
The Church of Satan supported a pimp in Amsterdam who ran a brothel and sex
club, using the appeal of the Devil to lure people into his grotto. The
Church of Satan was fully aware of this business, where not all the hookers
were voluntary. Two independent sources know of this, as shown in this

Fascism and Nazism
The CoS may not be a fascist/Nazi organization, according to official
policy. However, one notes that several administrators and highest-ranking
officials in the CoS are just that. Boyd Rice, Jeff Nagy, and Rex Church are
examples of officials that were given titles as Magisters and who are
notably fascist.

Two-Faced Policies of the CoS
Odal noted that by throwing people out for supporting the very same
doctrines as the CoS endorses on the official CoS Web site, the CoS employs
a two-faced policy. His email notifying the Satanic Reds proves this

"Last Train to Satanville"
Having spotted a clear case of two-faced policies in the CoS, Odal was
inspired to write an essay about the situation.

Did Tani Jantsang Ever Meet Anton LaVey?
Tani Jantsang has been part of the occult societies since prior to the
establishment of the CoS. Did she ever meet Anton LaVey? In this essay, Tani
Jantsang relates her first meeting with Anton LaVey.

Blanche Barton Claiming CoS Roots in Dark Doctrines
It was the insight into the dark doctrines, which constitute the foundation
of Satanism, that prompted Anton LaVey to grant Tani Jantsang and Phil Marsh
their titles. While LaVey was still alive, the CoS officially claimed that
its roots derived from these doctrines.

Similarly, Peter Gilmore uses the information embedded in the dark doctrines
on the official CoS page. However, his action of removing the very people
that gave him this information and those who agree with them from the CoS
reveals his true agenda.

Today, when Anton LaVey is dead and the CoS suddenly expels people for
adhering to the dark doctrines, evidently the CoS does not consider the dark
doctrines to form the roots of the CoS. Juxtaposed with its previous
statement, one must conclude that the CoS is thus rootless, based only on
the philisophy of one man, Anton LaVey.

The only reason this information is still on the CoS Web page is presumably
to lure people into the CoS that would otherwise have joined other Satanic
organizations, leading them to believe that the CoS embraces the dark

On the CoS after 1976
Michael Aquino debunks the wild claims made by William Gidney, and Tani
replies to both in this alt.satanism message. In another message, he
similarly reminds William and Ygraine Gidney of their time in the Temple of

History Revision by the CoS
Now that the dark doctrines crew has been either expelled or asked to
resign, the CoS is quick to apply revisionism to the proof that we provide.
This is one early example.

Here Kevin Filan, acting as a spokesman for the COS, is telling every other
organization out there what not to do; and we all know that if any other
organization does this (or even if they do not!) they can expect harassment
and interferenece from Andre Schlesinger, the unpaid lackey of Peter
Gilmore. You see, the COS as a corporation can't be legally attacked if
Schlesinger does the harassing. Are they sure about that? I seem to remember
the leader of an organization being financially ruined via law suits due to
the actions of three strangers that he never even met; simply because they
read his literature and then bothered people.

Preface to "Dark Force" and "Klippoths"
Some of the information pertaining to the dark doctrines on Hr. Vad's Web
site was an offshot of flames aimed at the ToS. These flames were
specifically requested by Peter Gilmore, who provided Tani Jantsang and Phil
Marsh with incomplete--or perhaps incorrect--information. A necessary
preface to these flames has now been written.

Radu Sums Up
Here Radu sums up the CoS' policies, and how it bullies its members and
other organizations. Also included is a brief discussion between Jeff Gerber
and Ole Wolf.

Blanche Barton's Statements
Rebuttal of Blanche Barton's Letter to Chris Bray
Where do members of the CoS look for "proper behavior?" Apparently Blanche
Barton takes the lead in a letter to Chris Bray about Michael Aquino.

Aquino's rebuttal is right on the money.

Blanche Barton's Misconceptions about Wicca, and Phil Marsh's Reply
Ignored by Wiccans and Pagans, Blanche Barton has a hang-up on feminism
fostered by her patriarchal, Mormon background. Her anger that a bookstore
would not print her writing spawned an article and a ritual against Wiccans
that she published in The Cloven Hoof, issue 127.

Her article was severely mistaken on several accounts, and Phil Marsh felt
compelled to educate her. His reply, which prompted Anton LaVey to grant
Phil Marsh a Magister title, is included in this document.

Regarding the Expulsions
Shane Margolin's Explanation
Shane Margolin was thrown out of the CoS for doing against Schlesinger what
Schlesinger and others in Peter Gilmore's clique are free to do to anyone.
Here is Margolin's explanation.

Justin Moss Resigns
Justin Moss sent his resignation to the CoS email address listed on the CoS
Web site. This is the reply from the CoS, followed by an immediate trolling
of Justin's guest book.

Hr. Vad to Blanche on the Revocation of Tani Jantsang's Title
Vad had been tired of the CoS' odd behavior endorsing bullies at the expense
of Satanism, and had composed a letter. He did not send this letter until he
heard of Blanche Barton's revocation of Tani Jantsang's title as Magistra
that was given to her by Anton LaVey. He then composed another letter
describing the foolishness of Blanche's action, and sent both letters to

Hr. Vad Announces his Being Expelled from the CoS
After having written to Blanche describing that he disagrees with her
revocation of Tani's title and the behavior of the Peter Gilmore clique, Vad
was promptly expelled. This is his announcement of CoS' decision.

Ole Wolf Demands a Refund
Ole Wolf was expelled from the CoS for defending the dark doctrines against
those CoS members that belonged to Peter Gilmore's clique. The CoS had
endorsed the dark doctrines, which were Ole Wolf's reason for joining the
CoS in the first place; since the CoS now rejects the dark doctrines, Ole
Wolf concluded that he had joined the CoS because of deliberately falsified
information. In this letter to Blanche Barton, Ole Wolf demands a refund of
the $100 that was thus wrongly charged.

Ole Wolf Revokes Rights to Translations
While Peter Gilmore paid lip service to the dark doctrines, Ole Wolf was
supportive of the CoS, and his favors included Danish translations of
various texts included on the official CoS Web site. When Peter Gilmore's
lies had been exposed, Ole Wolf informed Peter Gilmore that he had revoked
the rights to the translations.

Ole Wolf revoked the rights to the translations shortly after two email
exchanges. The first one was an exchange between Kaiden Fox and Peter
Gilmore, and the second one a harsh email from Ole Wolf to Peter Gilmore
because of Peter Gilmore's meddling in Timothy Stewart's business.

Disgruntled Members
Morena was on Peggy Nadramia's "shit list" for being friends with Audy
Morgan. She was harassed by the CoS, and explains the events that took place
to Tani in this letter.

"Aragorn" (name withheld) sent a letter to Blanche informing her that she
will not play along with the rules of CoS. "Aragorn" had already been
disillusioned by the CoS due to its silent support of her counter-productive
ex husband at the expense of her.

Other People Involved
This section illustrates what a back-stabbing, mealy-mouthed bunch the
Gilmore clique consists of, people that gang together to hate others even
more than they hate each other.

The Last Email to "Xloptuny" (John Davis) before He Committed Suicide
John Davis ("Xloptuny") was one of the people that was allowed to harass
other CoS members (a Jew) quite vitriolically on alt.satanism. It soon
turned out that his greatest enemy was himself, and his mindless rage is
shown in the last emails he got from Tani, one of the last things this
miserable bastard did while he was alive was indulge in a screaming flame
war over what would have been a joyful thing had not the klippothic CoS
suckups chosen to involve themselves in the making of someone else's chat
room. They had to butt in. Well, at least Xloptuny finally butt out: of

Ygraine Revealing that She Hates André Schlesinger
Ygraine ignores her own desires, and now defends Peter Gilmore and other
people she evidently doesn't like. Her story also shows what André
Schlesinger is made of.

Ygraine had a fit that Tani showed Peggy the email and logs she wrote about
Schlesinger and the entire story of her history with Paul Valentine and
others. The email and logs of Ygraine showing her hatred for Schlesinger got
posted on alt.satanism, and after that Paul Valentine posted his take on it.
All of it appears in this file.

From a CoS Old Timer
It is not only the new people joining the CoS that dislike it. Here are the
words of an old timer, who also dislikes the ruler/serf mentality.

Regarding Sir Chaos
Sir Chaos was one who first opposed the fascist faction headed by Peter
Gilmore, but after Peter Gilmore had lied sufficiently to Sir Chaos, Sir
Chaos suffered the selective amnesia that characterizes those who are scared
of being expelled from the CoS. In this message to alt.satanism, Amina
refreshes Sir Chaos' memory.

Amina is not the only person that dislikes Chaos. Here is a chat log with a
"CoS insider" talking about Chaos.

Anonymous Post to Lupo
Lupo is not a member of the CoS. However, it is remarkable how the CoS
condones his hostility against Peter Gilmore's opponents compared to their
actions taken against those who oppose Peter Gilmore's clique. Lupo's hating
the dark doctrines crew was caused by a flame written to someone else by a
fifteen year old gay queen several years ago. This message, by an anonymous
poster, analyzes a statement made by Lupo.

"Mr. Scratch"  wrote in message
> Yes, those rumors you've heard are true, folks.
> This page has been founded by a number of ex-members of the Temple of Set,
> to provide the public with a behind-the-scenes image of the workings of
> the Temple, and for those of us who have been involved with the Temple to
> tell of our experiences and observations.  We hope that you enjoy it.
> I'm especially pleased with James Foster's work on the flash sequence (as
> well as with the rest of the work, but that bit in particular still
> impresses me a great deal).  There is a great deal of further material
> that is in the process of being formatted for posting on the site, so
> check back in periodically to see updates!
> To the hierarchy of the Temple of Set; pehaps you should mark this as a
> milestone.  I suppose it is a certain kind of benchmark that must be
> passed in the decline of any religious organization that loses its way
> into demagoguery, that former members will band together to create a means
> of exposing you.
> In any case, we welcome contact with Setians, both current members and
> former members, and wish those who are thinking of joining the Temple of
> Set the wisdom and insight to choose what is truly best for them.
> Mr. Scratch, Priest of Set

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