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Subject: (Z) OrgSatanism, Trapezoids (was CoS Elist...)
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 13:59:43 -0800 (PST)

[from black bourbon ]
[received permission to repost; slight reformatting for readability]

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, nocTifer wrote:
> 49971125 aa2 Hail Satan!   
> # the first things I did on entering the church was ask Peggy about the
> # hierarchy and process for selecting a new high priest.
> is this information available such that you could presently explain 
> ...?  ...I'd like to get several versions into the heaven archives 
> for posterity and history.  we can take up a discussion of all the 
> bits I was asking about so long ago.

The church still, to my knowledge, does not give any explanation of
hierarchy to members. The basic outlines are quite simple. There are
registered members, who've payed their $100 lifetime membership fee, but
have no other necessary active involvement with the church; there are the
Active Members, who must send in an application form to obtain such
status; then, there are Priests, then Magisters, and finally the High
Priest. The Order of the Trapezoid essentially is the designation of the
Magisters and Magistras as a body, while the Council of Nine consists of
nine Magisters and High Priestesses selected by the High Priest as the
governing body of the Church. All ranks are bestowed by the High Priest.

	There is also a Grotto system, recently re-implemented, which is
independant of the hierarchy and consists of local groups centered around
a Grotto Leader. Grotto Leaders apply for their position, and may be of
any rank. Grotto Leaders are responsible for making yearly payments to
Central based on the size of their Grotto, and are notified of any Active
Members in their area. Involvement and membership in Grottos is entirely
voluntary, regardless of where one lives.

	The function of the Council of Nine is to vote to expel members
(usually at the behest of the High Priest), to consult with the High
Priest, and to select a new High Priest in the event that the previous one
passes away or retires. Apparently, Karla is now acting High Priest(ess)
of the Church, although from what info I've received this was *not* done
according to a decision of the Council, but on her own initiative as
LaVey's heir, and with Barton's approval. LaVey was in the habit of making
his girlfriends and daughters High Priestesses, which means essentially
that they were extra-special Magistras; we'll see if Karla creates any
"High Priests" amongst sons or mates.

	Effectively, the Church was LaVey's possession, despite even the
very limited authority granted the Council in the Church's bylaws. It
remains to be seen what will happen now.

Yes, you can quote me on that, and if anyone knows anything more, or feels
I'm mistaken on some point (I may well be), feel free to let me know.

> # No-one ever even told me about any "Law of the Trapezoid" as having
> # anything to do with the Order and the Council of Nine. Those were
> # questions senior members like Peggy, Nemo, or Meinkmpf should have
> # answered, but didn't as much to my bewilderment as yours.
> I have since found snippets in my wanderings, but I *really* love it if
> you could now respond to these questions given your greater knowledge
> after having entered into membership and honest inquiry to those knowing.
> what do you think this Law is, how does it relate the bodies you mention?
> this strikes me as the most pertinent discussion topic for all of the
> modern Satanist orgs that participate in these mythotypes.

If there is any correlation between any "Law of the Trapezoid" (LaVey has
given a number of different interpretations of the signifiance of the
trapezoid) and the functioning of the Church, it is entirely symbolic.
As I'm sure you know, rank in the Church is granted according to material
contributions, and the High Priest's estimation of one's loyalty,
activism, and "Satanic" worth. There is no qualification system, as in the
Temple of Set or most similar occult organizations.

If you have any more specific questions, I *might* be able to give an
answer. I'm off to lunch now, and then home for Thanksgiving, so I'm
afraid I won't be able to read any e-mail until next Monday.


"You shall become as gods."
University of Arizona
1550 N Euclid Ave, #6
Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 792-0767
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