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New Satanic Symbol

To: alt.satanism
From: (Dr. Michael A. Aquino)
Subject: Re: New Satanic Symbol
Date: 27 Mar 2003 18:22:56 GMT

Back in the C/S days I also played with the Baphomet emblem
now and then. It struck me as "off center" that it would name
Leviathan and not Satan, and I also thought the goat's head
was both peculiar and scrawny. I would have preferred a
more Schwarzenegger-looking ram's head, with strong horns
curling out and around the two top pentagram points, burning
eyes, and a strong mouth & chin. Anton was a superb artist,
of course, and I also thought it would be appropriate for such
a steroid-Baphomet to be drawn by him instead of
old-patchwork-European-anonymous. I think he might have
gotten around to it if the 1975 crisis hadn't turned everything
upside-down, but I still don't know how the Hebrew letters for
"Satan" could have fit five points. [English would work fine,
but then it would lose the ooga-booga weirdness of those
dangly Hebrew letters.]

Around 1974 I sent him a slapstick proposal for a Satanic
political party, together with an appropriate redesign of the
U.S. seal for when we took power. The eagle was replaced by
a bat, the clouds/stars by an inverse pentagram, and the
lightningbolts & olive branches in the claws by a trident
and an inverted cross. Around the perimeter was "National
Satanist Devil's Advocate Party", whose initials did not
escape Anton. He promptly wrote back:

* * * * * * * * * *

Herr Politische Leiter Michael A. Aquino
Aussendienstelle Santa Barbara
Kalifornia, Nordamerika.

Dear "Mike":

You must be joking, ha ha, but of course when you made mention
to my Frau regarding politische Partei. How gets by you such an
cuckoo ideal I have a trouble to fathom. You, as well as myself know
that suchkind of thinking is nonsense of the first Wasser. My friend,
when der Tag comes, then perhaps we entertain a thought or
perhaps two thoughts. Until then, it is of the utmost importance
to put aside this madness.

Of course and most reasonably, we will continue in the development
of our most needed functions: Abwehrpolizei, sites for future
Konzentrationslagen, and but of course a finely appointed Salon
Kitty such as Heydrich had in Berlin for the joy of senior officers.

I might add, as matter of fact I will add to this the extreme
impotance of elimination of all non-Satanists by humane means.
I have some new and worthy experiments in the rear end of my
mind in which instance many non-Satanist "volunteers" will be
useful. So much for sonderbehandling.

At any rates, you are possessed of a grand imagination when
you make a suggestion of politische Partei. I have bet your
Fraulein in Sommerland would have ein good belly laugh if
she could hear of such ridiculousness. We are a peaceful Volk,
wanting only that the Welt bow to our domination. If the
good peoples want us to provide Politik for them, they will ask.
In the means while we let them hit each other and steal
purses and get rapped in parks. Maybe after some time they
will ask us and then we can provide politische solution. Until
then, please my friend und Brueder, excuse my typewriting
[my Sekretaer is tied up], and keep a cold head concerning\
politische Partei.

Ewiges Satan,
Anton Szandor LaVey
Satanische Reichsfuehrer

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