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Manson may or may not be a Satanist

To: alt.satanism
From: Pink Freud 
Subject: Re: Manson may or may not be a Satanist
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 17:36:45 GMT

In article ,
	Kerry Delf  wrote:
>[posted and cc'd]
>On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Greg Fischer wrote:
>> Manson has never admitted to being a Satanist. He, in many interviews, has
>> mentioned his stage persona vs. his actual personality and his intent to
>> blur the line w/ fans and not-so-fans of him. Rolling Stone  (w/him on the
>> cover I'm not sure which- anyone feel free to post it) has an excellent
>> interview with him. The man is VERY intelligent, he knows how to work the
>> system to his personal and financial advantage. He is obviously making more
>> money as a musician than as a reporter (Yes, he was a reporter for a
>> newspaper in Florida).
>Of course, the fact that he has accepted ordination as a Priest of the
>Church of Satan would tend to indicate that he is at least sympathetic to
>the idea of turning a buck off of the shock value of Satanism, and
>probably buys some of it, at least.  
>Additionally, while I haven't listened to his music, the slogans on the
>t-shirts worn by the kids who come to metal and thrash shows here, tend to
>reflect a distinctly LaVeyan perspective.  Satanist or not, who cares --
>he's a mini-media sensation who will disappear from the limelight soon
>enough (anyone remember Poison?  Heh.).  
Who could ever forget Poison, Ratt, Warrent or any of
the rest of the "hair and glitter" bands of the 80's

Actually, Marilyn Manson would'nt be so ridiculous if he was'nt such
a sponge. I know that originality in Rock n Roll is hard to come 
these days, if not downright impossible. Everybody rips off everybody
in one way or another, but geez, most bands have the ability to mask
their influences with a tinge of their own originality.

I gotta hand it to Manson, if yer gonna steal, steal from the
best. Third rate androgony straight from Bowie's Ziggy Stardust days,
the macabre theatrics of Alice Cooper, the satanic day-glo & whiteface
of King Diamond, the anti-establishment, better than thou, up yours  attitude of Johnny Rotten, and the same old anti-religious ramblings
of who knows how many fat assed pompous rockers. 

Manson knows what sells, so in that respect he should get
all the credit in the world.

Its amazing how everything gets retreaded, and how each generation
claims it as their own and to be original.

"15 minute of fame" is what Warhol said, and he was'nt lying.

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