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CoSatanism: Black Mass, Sacrifice

To: (ZAZAS-L Satanist Elist)
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 19:16:33 -0800 (PST)
Subject: (Z) CoSatanism: Black Mass, Sacrifice (was Beginning...)
From: (nocTifer)

49971228 aa2 Hail Satan!

>> I hope that more people begin to understand this perspective on
>> LaVey's little text.  very often even CoSatanists begin to take
>> its content as LIMITING ("Satanists don't kill animals or kids!")
>> and RESTRICTING ("Satanists don't do Black Masses!"), even while
>> LaVey himself may have engaged some of these activities (eating
>> meat killed by others, possibly sacrificing animals, certainly
>> performing Black Masses).

Ed the Demon :
>"Satanists don't do Black Masses"? Who might you be quoting? Not LaVey.

I was originally exemplifying various know-it-alls who like to take 
what LaVey wrote and generalize this to all of Satanism.  there is 
alot in LaVey that can be used to this effect.  for example:

	The usual assumption is that the Satanic ceremony
	or service is always called a black mass.  A black
	mass is not the magical ceremony practiced by
	Satanists.  The Satanist would only employ the use
	of a black mass as a form of psychodrama.  Further-
	more, a black mass does not necessarily imply that
	the performers of such are Satanists.  A black
	mass is essentially a parody on the religious
	service of the Roman Catholic Church, but can be
	loosely applied to a satire on any religious

	To the Satanist, the black mass, in its blas-
	pheming of orthdox rites, is nothing more than
	a redundancy.  The services of all established
	religions are actually parodies of old rituals
	performed by the worshippers of the earth and
	the flesh.  In attempts to de-sexualize and
	de-humanize the Pagan beliefs, later men of
	spiritual faith whitewashed the honest meanings
	behind the rituals into the bland euphemisms
	now considered to be the "true mass".  Even if
	the Satanist were to spend each night performing
	a black mass, he would no more be performing a
	travesty than the devout churchgoer who 
	unwittingly attends his own "black mass" -- *his*
	spoof on the honest and emotionally-sound rites
	of Pagan antiquity.

	Any ceremony considered a black mass must
	effectively shock and outrage, as this seems to
	be the measure of its success.  In the Middle
	Ages, blaspheming the holy church was shocking.
	Now, however, the Church does not present the
	awesome image it did during the inquisition.
	The traditional black mass is no longer the
	outrageous spectacle to the dilettante or
	renegade priest that it once was.  If the
	Satanist wishes to create a ritual to blaspheme
	an accepted institution, for the purpose of
	psychodrama, he is careful to choose one that
	is not in vogue to parody.  Thus, he is truly
	stepping on a sacred cow.

	A black mass, today, would consist of the
	blaspheming of such "sacred" topics as Eastern
	mysticism, psychiatry, the psychedelic movement,
	ultra-liberalism, etc.  Patriotism would be
	championed, drugs and their gurus would be
	defiled, acultural militants would be deified,
	and the decadence of ecclesiastical theologies
	might even be given a Satanic boost.

	The Satanic magus has always been the catalyst
	for the dichotomy necessary in molding popular
	beliefs, and in this case a ceremony in the
	nature of a black mass may serve a far-reaching
	magical purpose.
	_The Satanic Bible_, Anton LaVey, Avon 
	 Books, 1969; pp. 100-1.
>The first ceremony he gives in _Satanic Rituals_ is a Black Mass. Hell,
>there are audio and video recordings of him giving a Black Mass. Get 
>your copy today! 

one could easily either misunderstand the above or intentionally
interpret 'Black Mass' to include 'travesty of the RCChurch',
which would only realistically be performed by excommunicants,
former (or present and rebelling) priests, etc.

>"Satanists don't kill animals or kids"? Again, who are you 
>quoting? Although LaVey was against the killing of animals 
>for anything except for food or self-defense, he never said 
>plainly "Satanists don't kill animals"

the usual statement is "Satanists don't sacrifice animals!",
neglecting those that might be killed during ritual and then
consumed.  it is easy to kill an animal for any purpose 
whatever and then consume it, thereafter classifying it as
having been 'killed for food'.  in fact there are CoSatanists
who sacrifice animals for ritual and then eat them, which
plainly contradicts LaVey's assertion that

	Under NO circumstances would a Satanist
	sacrifice any animal or baby!
	Ibid., p. 89.

blessed beast!
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