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CoS Administrative Structure

To: Multiple recipients of list 
From: (NocTifer)
Subject: CoS Administrative Structure
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 19:11:55 CST

Kali Yuga 49950124

|From: lydia gage <>
|Date: Sat, 21 Jan 95 16:30:40 CST

|...Peggy Nadramia, the "electronic" spokes person ...

For what is she a spokesperson?

|...I do, however, recommend contacting her directly for complete answers 
|to your questions.  

Thanks for the recommendation.  Does she subscribe to this elist?  Does she
have 'definitive' answers where the CoS is concerned?  What position, if
any, does she hold in the Church?

|:[previous NocTifer]

|:My question was about who *else* might be able to do so.
|As I feel your question is lacking in specifics, 

How more specific can I be?  All I want to know is who is authorized to
speak publically for the CoS besides LaVey.

|Many members of the Church of Satan are well-versed in Satanic Philosophy, 
|and represent Satanism throughout their daily lives.  

I think that you are confusing 'represent Satanism' for 'represent CoS'.
I find it very easy to get people to represent their own style of
Satanism to me.  My query is not about discovering the complexities of
Satanic philosophy (at least at this point), but about the political
power structure of the Church of Satan.  I guess I'll just keep repeating
myself until I'm heard, answered and/or thrown off the elist. ;>

|First level= Registered/Contributing Member
|Second level= Active Member
|Third level= Agent
|Fourth level= Priesthood

Yes, Star9 already mentioned these, as well as the 'Magistrate'.  Are you
aware that the Magistrate is also part of the CoS?

|[quoting Peter Gilmore]

|"If you want to be recognized as one of our representatives, you must 
|then satisfy our criteria.  ...determined by our High Priest, 
|constant flux, changing with the needs of the present...."

Thus it is based upon the whim of those within the organization.  That
sounds very prone to abuse, but it would depend on the quality and
character of whoever was in the org itself.  It does sound similar to
'nonSatanic' orgs in that if you know the right people, kiss the right
asses and suck up the proper authorities you can have whatever you want.

|Or course, above all else, would be the High Priest, Dr. Anton
|LaVey and the High Priestess, Blanche Barton.  They basically run
|the Church and make decisions regarding the Church's activities. 
|Dr. LaVey is in charge of granting higher titles to those whom he
|feels have gained the knowledge and earned such a title.

'Higher titles' than what?  Within the Priesthood?  We may assume that,
given that LaVey (and apparently Barton (his wife?)) what they say goes
within the Church.  That is, it is an autocracy or oligarchy.  This says
nothing about how power is distributed otherwise, and it says absolutely
nothing about responsibilities of the various 'titles', let alone such
structures as the Council of Nine.

|I do, however, wish to emphasize that attaining higher titles is
|not the main concern for most of the members of the Church of Satan.  

Of course it isn't.  But it *is* a byproduct of the social activities
of the Church, which is why I wanted some sort of breakdown of
authority (I now have the names, thanks; what I need now is what the
various titled people are empowered to do and what restrictions they
may have placed upon them in the pursuance of their duties).

|The main concern would be the improvement of the Self, and
|*through* this, competence is shown for such furtherment within the

I've read this a number of times and I cannot make sense of it.  Please

|A title is granted as a gift of respect from Dr. LaVey, and is quite a 
|personal matter.  

Do you mean that LaVey oversees the entire entitlement process within
membership personally?  Are these correspondence-style entitlements,
or if possible would one be encouraged to come to the Black House to
engage (endure?) a ceremony of sorts?  Are there certificates and rites
of passage and things like that or is this mostly administrative

|Whether or not one is "promoted" should not be a concern.  

Look, I'm not trying to aspire to status within the organization.  I
am quite willing to look after my own 'Self' (such as it is) and see
to its 'development'.  What I wish to know is how the Church is
structured, organized, and how it works, politically.  Not so that
I can come in, infiltrate and succeed to the Right Hand of the High
Priest, but because I find that examination of organizational structures
tells me not only 1) about the health of the org, but also 2) how aware
of the structure individual members may be and, most importantly, as 
LaVey himself says, in CS: 3) "Who gains?" (p. 35).

|After all, Satanism is an individualistic philosophy, wherein one strives 
|for the completion of his own personal goals.  

For you, perhaps.  Satanism is different things to different people.  I
don't much like people telling me 'what Satanism is', and I don't
personally feel that it is designated within one particular philosophic
construct, though I see the value of placing oneself within one and
working accordingly.

Some of us have given up on the need to control our lives and live by
preconceived 'goals' toward which we shall aspire.  We act in the moment
as we are able, doing what is set before us, living the Great Work.

|And, surely, these personal goals would carry more weight for the 
|individual than a title.  

Not for status-seekers.  If you don't want status-seekers within the
CoS that is perhaps very admirable.  You'll get them regardless, but
an initial sift can be beneficial to weeding out sheep in the org.

The point is that titles are not *just* titles, usually.  They carry
some sort of organizational weight.  That weight is what draws people
and what some use as a kind of personal working, socially.  Ignoring
this weight is the surest way to become a pawn of political idiots.
Whether the weight comes with the title or is that of which the title
is a reflection is also important to understand.

|Those who are granted a title usually do not expect it to happen and 
|are pleasantly surprised, as it is a form of respect, which I have 
|already stated.

Ok, I'm gleaning here that such 'awards' are recognition-oriented,
given to those who are performing whatever duties and activities
are associated with the particular title.  Now I'd just like to
know what is associated with each title and that just about covers
the title/membership stuff (aside from the above, of course).

|Entrance into the Order of the Trapezoid is through personal invitation 
|only, and consists of those in the highest roles of the Church of Satan.  

>From what you say here I'll guess that the 'Council of Nine' and the
'Order of the Trapezoid' are the same.  Who does the inviting and under
what criteria?  When you say 'the highest roles of the Church' are you
talking about the Magistrate?  The Priesthood?  Something else?

|Not only do some in the Order carry certain titles, they also hold 
|positions such as Administrator or Secretary.  Those in the Order 
|of the Trapezoid hold many responsibilities regarding the Church.  

I'm confused about this.  Perhaps, then, the Order of the Trapezoid
is the administrative authority within the Church after Anton and
wife?  If LaVey's word is law, then how does the Order deal with this
and why is the Order needed?  To carry out particulars that Anton has 

|I do know some of the history regarding the Council of Nine, but will 
|let Peggy tell of this when she is able, as she would know the "full 
|story," so to speak.   

Ok.  I know nothing of it and would be glad for anything.

|I do hope this has clarified some points for you.  As I have
|previously stated, I would recommend directing these questions to
|Peggy Nadramia, who would be able to answer in full regarding such

And as I said above I'd like to know why Peggy should be considered
more knowledgeable than others regarding these issues.  How public
is this information?


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