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Anton LaVey and Satan

To: alt.satanism
From: (IX Corp.)
Subject: Re: Anton LaVey and Satan
Date: 2 Mar 2000 20:49:26 GMT

In article <>,
Dr. Michael A. Aquino  wrote:

>Anton personally handwrote a Pact with Satan, which
>I happened to see one evening when he brought up a
>small strongbox containing it, his personal copy of _The
>King in Yellow_, and some other very personal items.

Big deal. I've got one of those myself, and I'm an atheist. There was a
guy not long back who was making a name for himself by selling his soul on
Ebay. He was also an atheist.

Again noting that you don't get the joke.

>To me in our various private conversations and magical
>workings, Anton was quite sincere about his belief in and
>devotion to Satan as a conscious metaphysical being. He
>just as routinely tailored his comments down to the
>"metaphor" level when dealing with the public [or with
>Church members who could not handle anything beyond
>that either intellectually or emotionally]. 

Theism is among the least intellectually or emotionally challenging
stances available. It is, as it has always been, a cop-out.

>As discussed in my _Church of Satan_ history and

I think it is appropriate to quote Dr. Lao on this one, for the nth time:

Michael Aquino is refreshed from his nap and is winding up to bore
us all with his lopsided history of the Church of Satan. Since this
usually takes him several weeks and fifty thousand words to accomplish,
Dr. Lao is going to perform a civic duty and publish the abridged

Church of Satan to 1970: Nothing much of consequence.

Church of Satan 1970 to 1975: Anton LaVey, dazzled by the vision and
leadership of talented boy wonder Michael Aquino, sees the errors of
his carney ways. Working closely with Aquino, LaVey creates a new
order, a true Satanic empire. Aquino convinces LaVey that
cleanliness is next to godliness.

Church of Satan 1975: Anton LaVey, after the failure of his Fat Boy
Chili franchise, suffers a psychotic break and decides to sell
Church of Satan priesthood degrees at a lemonade stand on California
street while dressed in black sackcloth. In a vision, the great god
Set appears to Michael Aquino with Anton LaVey's walking papers.
Set instructs Michael Aquino to take over the Church of Satan and
rename it "the Temple of Set." The entire Church of Satan membership
joins Michael Aquino in his new endeavor. Anton LaVey, in a rage,
beats his wife and two little girls senseless. He slaughters the
family pet, a soft and friendly Bandicoot named "El Ter'ror," stuffs
him, then sticks him on the bookcase in the Purple Room. Anton LaVey
then goes into hiding.

Church of Satan post 1975: Nothing much of consequence.

That was easy. Less than two hundred words. Michael Aquino may now
go back to sleep. There is no need to thank Dr. Lao. It was a dirty job.
Someone had to do it.

"A common harlot was enthroned in the Patriarch's chair, to hurl insults
at Jesus Christ; and she sang bawdy songs, and danced immodestly in the
holy place...." -Nicetas Choniates                 

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