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From: lorax666 
Subject: Warlocking??
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 18:47:29 GMT

50030301 VII

on "warlock" and the novel "warlocking"

this is an occasionally interesting topic, especially 
where it overlaps with Asatru and Discordian folx.
since I haven't heard the term used this way before,
I figured I'd bring it up again and see if there are
novel implementations in other quarters.

a stuck troll, "Insomniac"  squeals:
>> What you and your wife did is inexcusable. had no 
>> ethics, honour, or respect when you decided to "out" a large 
>> group of people 

trolls, using internet-accessible info. 

>> most of which had no idea who you were before this point.

uh-oh. you just gotta look around kiddo. ;>

>> If you were local, you'd be warlocked ....

now of course I've heard of 'cowans' (from masonry) used in
Wiccan and other Neopagan displacement, and I've heard all
the hub-bub about "warlocks" being "oath-breakers", deriving
from some kind of old etymology and condemnation (hey, look
into the history of 'magic' and 'pagan' sometime ;>), but I
don't recall before hearing about the verb:

		to warlock

which apparently means "to black ball" or "ostracize,
excommunicate from one's social niceties, etc.". is this
relatively new?

and is there still a faction around which enjoys wearing
Warlock Badges in the same way 'Witch' was worn in the
Day? I saw a derivation of 'warlock' once which was quite
positive, and etymological to boot! (so many Neopagans
like to consult books for things ;>). 

so what other usage for "warlock" are there? is it
being bandied about in your town like 'heretic' and
'witch' and 'Bad Guy'?? part of the Witch Wars?

Joseph :
> as a dictionary definition of "warlock" is "traitor"....

naw, the DEFINITION in lots of dictionaries is 'male witch',
which I think is funny. yeah, the etymology has oath-breaker
from the Old English (~liar).

the best synonym I can see for it in dictionaries today is
"sorcerer", which has a long history of being a Bad Guy.
both of them seem to get to wear Black Hats, but the term
'warlock' is REALLY HOT amongst Neopagans (particularly
Wiccans that I've known what didn't watch 'Bewitched' --
hey I used to live with witches named Samantha and Tabitha!).

the Great Martyrdom Cult recycles these terms of condemnation
and re-uses them as witness-stands (thereby supporting their
connection with the Burning Times). this seems to have filtered
into the Satanist community too, where some of them have taken
up 'Sorcerer' and made whole illiterate Guilds of Sorcery we
can laugh at for their fatuous ignorance. 

I do have a soft spot in my heart for 'em, tho. I mean, at
least somebody is taking the charge out of the dogmatic
label-making and dissolving the idiotic blanketing with a
good new Reclaiming Trad. so I sent their introductory
materials back edited and asked for a free membership for
my work. :> they never replied. too bad, I would have
really liked to become a member too.

> ...For the above can be construed by even the witless 
> as an inappropriate "threat" by you, which will be 
> forwarded to the organization for 
> a second opinion.

LOL thanks.

blessed be!!


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