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[ Long Post: Solar Adorations: Magickal Songs for Sunna. & Looking for Good Converse.]

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From: "Sylvanis" 
Subject: Long Post: Solar Adorations: Magickal Songs for Sunna.  & Looking for Good Converse.
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 01:39:53 -0700

Merry Meet (If you like being merry that is; I personally prefer it.),

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Here is a Solar Adoration which I am currently practicing,
which is given a fair introduction in this post:

I  am a Theurgic-Thelemic Sylvan Wiccan. That's kind of a mouthful, but an
accurate way to state my long time spiritual and  magickal calling.

Herein are notes that may be of interest to those who revere the holy Star
of our system, and/or practice solar adorations. Since these are notes, I
apologize for my (very) latenight long winded rambling, which may be
repetetive at times-as I'm not proofing these notes. But nonetheless, there
may be some jewels of interest to be found within the ruins-so the brave
might learn. I did warn that this was a long post....!

Let's wish for the best:  May discussion yield golden fruit for all
involved, appearing readily in hand.

Critique which pleases my ear, or blazing criticism which might burn a bit
is welcomed,
that is if it is born of some vaguely noble intention. I seek to share lore,
and am humbly thankful for technical corrections and the like, and expect
some fine blasts aimed at my poetic style, so feel free. Well meaning
honesty is my policy.  In pre-defensive readiness (I duck! I parry!) I can
at least say that my rambling prose is based on half remembered lore gleaned
from extensive midnight reading marathons. So aha! my feeble wooden shield
is held aloft, against those well aimed darts that may shower down from the
high critics thrones! but please, not the bees! One chivalrous blasts fair

That said, I hope that in this and (possible) posts to come you may find
something to enjoy, and if you don't like oranges, and this is just one big
orange too you, that you will find the most excellent apples at your next
visit to market.

Even now, Sunna is rising from the Crones Cauldron, so I'm running for the
Feast Hall ere shes climbed into the Sylvan hills where the Satyrs and
Nymphs rage! And the blessed ale of Aegirs hall awaits me, may your rest be
as pleasant.

Feast ye glad an' merry be,
Blest by fairy flower and tree!
The Joys of Eldoreth, the Blessed Realms, be yours evermore.
Elda Sunna, Elda Amani.

Love is the law, love under will.

Ulfdan Lormanjarl


SUNNA LORE #1:  Quick notes, findings and thoughts on Sunnas Holy Song:

I percieve Sunna, the ancient European Goddess of the Sun as having the
spirit seed of
Hadit in her soul center. The Seed of Fire and Life and Stars as it were.
I also equate Hadit to Artan - The Ageless Song of Light. Artan belongs to
the the Pantheon of Eldoreth (Elda's (Creators) Earth) - Of Erethlond (the
ancient lands of Erethel).

In the Silmarillion chapter 'The Tale of the Sun and Moon'
the myth-lore is very closely modelled afer the ancient Norse religous
teachings. Wherein Sunna (Tolkien names her Arien and Rana) is a great fire
spirit, a holy warrior goddess. (Go Xena!) Sunna drives 2 great horses
(sometimes 1) in a chariot that pull the sacred Wheel of the Sun across the
sky. In Norse Myth she is pursued by a wolf, and she's a mighty Warrior
defending the Sunwheel and Humankind from evil monsters-
and also destroying evil with her touch-turning giants and trolls to stone
with her piercing glance.
The lesson is don't mess with Sunna (-Superhero)!

In Tolkiens lore she is a mighty Miar spirit that was to wise for
Morgoth to seduce in the beginning of songs, and in his weekened state (from
his self corrupting evil doings) he cannot withstand her!

My entire outlook on reality changes when I honour the Suns  goddess aspect.
The beautiful Golden High Queen, Goddess of Day.

It's really quite incredible to switch ones thinking in Sols regard-the new
gained.  I am used to thinking of the sun as Apollo-Ra-Olari-Hadit-Ra Hoor
By worshipping Sunna I  synthesize these with her (at least intellectually),
with hadit
being the source of the Sunwheels fire, which the Goddess pulls in her
charging chariot.

For possibly hundreds of thousands of years the
Northern Europeans reverred the sun, as a goddess and destroyer of evil
The moon is male in the scandinavian-tuetonic Anglo tradition, and rules
over time and measure. (counting months etc.)
Untill but 700 hundred years ago, the Sun had been widely worshipped
as Sol/Sunna by these peoples.

I noted some powerful effects by calling on Sunna, I think an extremely
powerful thought form was built up around her, and still actively exists.
Her energy feels strong in the 'Akashic records': though very few people
call to her
in this age. Since she was worshipped from primeval times over long ice ages
(Neanderthal finds 80,000 b.c. reveal shrines which may represent Iggdrasil,
the European Tree of Life);
her reality, power and influence was thus developed to a great degree.
Perhaps her power and conciousness has faded but little, such is my
I'm feel I will know much more in a few years regarding this.

The energy and spirit of Sunna feels like one would expect, rich,
fertile,blessing giving,
magical,holy. Tarot wise she feels like the epitome of a Solar
Sunna's firebright like the Sun, but also pulls a great fiery wheel. They
are both so bright that they appear as one being. They are one in a large
sense(as all things are!): she being the active spirit and guiding 'Angel'
of the Sunwheel.  Sunna will undoubtedly present a unique vision of
splendour to
many that behold her (i.e. differing from the norm), and her image and
posture may change according to her aspect and 'occupation' at the time of

She is a most beautiful, glorious, and powerful goddess- when her
astral/spiritual communication- communion bridge is activated.  Sunna feels
like a combination of Athena and
Aphrodite in a solar aspect.  As Babalon-(Istar Aphrodite) in her All
Fertile couragous aspect.
She could be associated with Nuit and Rhea, as the
Great Mother Goddess of our local System. Or as a daughter of Hadit and

Perhaps Ra Hoor Khuit may be seen to be 'Riding at the Helm' of the chariot,
or is the "Shield of the Sun" of the North Myths.

I'm sure all such could be worked out, in a manner where the Thelemic
and Norse myths could show a graceful harmony-though it might be a bit
fanciful, and seemed contrived to those who must take things
literally-and cannot see cross-cultural paralells in myth and symbolism.
A beautiful piece of art creates a wonderful reality and harmony unto
regardless of it's scientific accuracy, so I say phooey with dry
mathematical criticisms
wherein poetic beauty is concerned-in some cases.

My main point is that the name Sunna, and percieving the Sun as a Goddess
has rocked my world recently. Their is great ancient stored
etheric/astral/spiritual power and wisdom in the living Goddess archtype of
which is accessable via sincere prayer and meditation. Especially
for Northerners perhaps,  in the sense that those peoples
called to her specifically for so many ages. I theorize that the active
worship of Sunna
is a practical and potent way to awaken genetic memories, talents and
triggers in those nearly related to the Northern European
(Scandinavian-Tuetonic) tribes.

If you choose to read 'Sunna's Holy Song' (or use whatever means) to commune
with Sunna (in tandom with Liber Resh perhaps)  for a few days or weeks
I would enjoy hearing  about your findings and insights.

Perhaps you could look at and record this period as one of specially
hieghtened solar adoration, exploration and study.
One need not abandon ones old beliefs to call to, visualize (shes easy to
see in ones inner eye) and honor Sunna. I still have great love for Ra Hoor,
and the Apollo-Ra, Belenus (Irish), Lugh (Welsh) male solar Archtype. Baldur
too is a male Norse God of light, beauty and joy, equated with Apollo, but
not ruling (guiding-nourishing) the sun directly like Sunna.

Science states that electrons revolve around an atoms nucleus, the
around Sunna, Sunna around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, our galaxy
around the center of our local universe...and I postulate our universe
around the center of the Multiverse ad infinity.

Yet Einstien, modern physics, Hermetic and eastern mystical thought has
theorized that reality is created from the percievers standpoint. "All is
Mind". Such is the Eldaryn magical view, with the
addition that the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual realms also have
validity in there unique ways;
and that the above are woven together tightly or loosely in varying
mixtures, according to ones 'place', perspective or frame of reality. With
wisdom one gains greater mobility, but thats another subject - on  matters
which are obvious to any who study or think about philosophy or magick for a
short period of time.

Now the point is that Reality is created from the standpoint of the
perciever; Co Created with
others of course, but an individuals primal reality is of course what they
percieve-that is what is REAL.

So for beauty and poetries sake it's magickally wonderful to watch Sunna
'going into the Sea',
to heartily feast and drink mead in the Sea God Njord and Aegirs hall; to
then travel into the deep well of the Earth- into the Crones Cauldron of
There we will know that in the deeps of the night Sunna is gathering wisdom,
defeating giants and monsters(our demons), frolicking with elves, and
helpfully casting our wishes into the Norns Well of fate (wishing well),
where she gives them her holy blessings to 'grow' them into fruition.
All of this is accomplished while we dream.
A very cool, positive affirmation indeed! One that can only lead one to luck
and victory.
Especially if they believe in Sunna and the Norns of Fate!!!
Temporarily banishing ones externally learned second hand scientific
truths-taken on faith,
for the truths one actually percieves (e.g. Sunna riding into the Sea!) can
be extremely valuable and exciting magically. This is another large subject
unto itself.

After leaving the Crones Cauldron of Dreams Sunna then enters Giantland and
victoriously sends the giants fleeing (our obstacles) and ushers in the
dawn, heroically bringing the utmost hope and joy from the farthest icy
deeps of the Universe. These elements are found in Sunnas Holy Song.

During the day she travels through great sky halls and legendary regions.
Wonderful places of feasting and joy generally, but also some regions of
classic sword and sorcery,
such as the Cloud & Red Dragon Cliffs of Sunset, where she defeats mighty
dragons - and the enemies of our joy (rebellious spirits etc.)  when we pray
to her and let Sols Holy light fill us-in whatever name we wish to know it

The verse of the Noon greeting: "Flower of heaven, my ship and Halls gaurd."
etc. has literal and symbolic meaing, as does most of the text of Sunnas
Holy Song.
I believe it's an old viking saying, where a 'ship' also symbolized ones
and ones halls were ones body, as well as ones home, family and
friends. So what appears simple, is actually quite broadly symbolic, being
called a kenning in the Norse Sagas. Thus the above kenning:  "Flower of
heaven, my ship and Halls gaurd." is really a magically powerful
request/prayer/supplication when you know how to
read it's double meaning.  I'm trying to
say is that the poem uses the old sublte phrases, which to our ancestors had
practical and spirtual meanings to them simultaneously.

The ancient Northern Scalds used complex magical metaphors in there saga
Such style is not unique to the Northern tribes, but they were
masters of kennings and their particular form of allegorical wordcraft.
In reading the Prose Edda, one finds long lists of kennings-especially for
things having to do with battle and heroism. Ive never seen them discussed
any where else before. (And quite thoroughly I must say!) . They are a
subject of interest and delight among philologists and etymologists.


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