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Satanist/NeoPagan War

To: alt.pagan,alt.satanism,alt.magick,alt.religion.all-worlds
From: (Balanone)
Subject: Satanist/NeoPagan War
Date: 26 Jun 96 19:30:10

On Jun 25, 1996, wrote

CD@i> I would also agree here if I could _find_ the "satanic movement".

CD@i> I've been told repeatedly during this discussion that satanists are
CD@i> even less organized than the neo-pagans and cannot _agree_ on what
CD@i> Satanism is.  Aquino claims the right to define it.  LaVey claims
CD@i> the right to define it.  Outside of CoS and ToS pretty much everyone
CD@i> disagrees with their right.

CD@i> The problem in the "Are Satanists also Pagan" debate is not the
CD@i> question as to whether or not Satanists have the right to define
CD@i> themselves, it is that by so doing they _also_ seek to _redefine_
CD@i> Neo-Paganism.

Excuse me, Ms. Deville, but I think you overstate their activity here.
One of the commonalities between modern Satanism and the rest of modern
Paganism is that neither aspect of the modern occult activity has
managed to cohesively define itself.

1) Pagans are attempting to define Paganism, and are discussing/arguing
those definitions among themselves. Within Paganism, those who call
themselves Neo-Pagans are attempting to define Neo-Paganism, and often
Paganism. There's less disagreement within that group concerning just
what Neo-Paganism is, but much disagreement among them and between them
and other Pagans concerning what Paganism is.

2) Satanists are attempting to define Satanism, and are
arguing/discussing those definitions among themselves.

3) Satanists who are Pagans are attempting to define both, and are
discussing/arguing these definitions not only among themselves, but also
with the Pagans who aren't Satanists and with the Satanists who aren't
Pagans. [I don't know any Satanists who claim to be Neo-Pagans by CAW's
definition of Neo-Paganism; but many of them do claim to be modern
Pagans by a variety of reasonably offered definitions.]

4) Some Pagans who aren't Satanists are also trying to define Satanism
(often claiming that no Satanist could be Pagan), and some Satanists who
aren't Pagans are trying to define Paganism (sometimes claiming that no
Satanist could be Pagan).

5) Until those first three three intersecting sets reach some form of
solid definition for themselves, there can't be any /re/defining even by
the latter two groups, since the /defining/ hasn't yet been completed.

However, if those latter two groups would be still for a few decades,
the first three might eventually reach cohesiveness in their
definitions, and *then* you can make all the judgments you want.


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