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Sacrifice and Sex in Ritual

To: alt.magick.tantra,alt.religion.sexuality,alt.wicca
From: (nagasiva)
Subject: Re: Sacrifice and Sex in Ritual (was Re: Coven question)
Date: 10 Jun 1996 11:18:55 -0700

|>Why do some covens practice animal sacrifices and sex-related activities?  

I figure the former must be due to associations with African diaspora,
though I am unsure how widespread this is in any case.  Most Neopagans
appear to be white middle-class Americans or Europeans and some of these
are quite eclectic.

Sex is a natural human motivator.  There is no getting rid of it, and in
Wicca it is a particular focus (many covens not only enact ritual symbolism
surrounding coupling -- and often hetero mythos -- but some will go as far 
as to strongly value initiation conferred in this way (sexually).  There
is a stigma attached to the sexual connection which popularly implies some
degree of magical conferment or 'initiation'.  Some turn this into an 
indulgence into their own pleasure, at times openly (while others whole-
heartedly dispute the whole notion of initiation), yet it is too difficult 
to determine except in some cases involving coercion and children.

|>What are the differences between the covens?  Does it have to do with the
|>type of magick practiced? Like Egyptian or Celtic? 

Great question.  Way big one.  What people call a 'coven' likely varies
based on whether they've learned from books, from people, organizations,
or the internet.  Traditional styles certainly vary.  As do themes and
divinity composition. (Wizard):
|I know of absolutely no coven that performse any sort of animal sacrifice.
|If there is such a group it would be denounced by the entire Wiccan

Isn't this rather extreme?  I recommend that this be reconsidered.  What
if the sacrifice was to be part of a feast later?  What if the adept was
going to prepare this meal hirself?  There are many gods who enjoyed and
continue to enjoy blood sacrifices.  

|Some covens have rituals which include sex because the Craft is a
|fertility religion and sexuality is the basis for fertility. If you are
|comfortable with that (after you reach the legal age of being an adult),

It happens prior to that also, though likely not too much more often than
in the surrounding population.  Occasionally a minor will be involved,
but nobody presses charges and the parents either never knew or trusted
their child's judgement (at least that's how it happened with me, though
not in the Neopagan community ;>).

|Many, if not most covens. however, do not use actual sexual activity in
|their rites. If you find any covens that imply that you must have sex with
|a member or try to intimidate you ("If you were really into it you'd have
|sex with me") then you should leave them alone and get away. They are

With this I agree strongly.

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