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OZell: MODERN PAGANS: In Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices

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Subject: OZell: MODERN PAGANS: In Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices (RE/Search!)
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 08:40:54 GMT

[sent to tyaginator by Monkeyo@aol.SPAMcom (Oberon Ravenheart Zell)]

A wonderful new book has just come out, which I highly recommend to y'all! 
Please pass the word, tell your friends, post to appropriate lists, etc.! 
Here's the basic info. NT-OZ

MODERN PAGANS: In Investigation of Contemporary Pagan Practices
Editor: V. Vale
Interviews by V. Vale and John Sulak
Publication Date: November 2001
8" x 9-7/8". 212 pages. Index. Glossary. Over 260 photos and illustrations
Price: $19.95

Click here: for more information, excerpts, 
pictures and a video clip.

Modern Pagans is an accessible, witty book of interviews with a spectrum of 
forward-thinking Pagans. Approximately fifty of the most renowned voices in 
the global Pagan community consider topics such as: Paganism and its 
representation in popular culture, its historical antecedents and present 
manifestations, the community-building possibilities of the Internet, and 
other tangible and theoretical implications of the burgeoning number of 

Our unprecedented access to information and scientific knowledge have 
rendered most mainstream religions irrelevant, patriarchal and hopelessly 
outdated. Contemporary Paganism, informed by a vast spiritual history, offers 
what some regard as a non-hierarchical religious alternative. Here is a 
handbook for spiritual seekers everywhere.

Lavishly illustrated with over 250 photographs, and enhanced by many "Lists," 
this is a reference book that will be consulted repeatedly for both 
inspiration and information.

V. Vale, editor and interviewer, has a track record of 24 years in 
publishing-initially with Search & Destroy, and for the past 21 years with 
RE/Search. His interviews and publications have garnered much attention and 
accolade, earning him the reputation as "the Studs Terkel of the Underground."

John Sulak, interviewer, has written for Spin, S.F. Bay Guardian, and other 

Table of contents:
Introduction, Pagan Glossary, Starhawk (Reclaiming Writer, Teacher, 
Activist), Madrone (Reclaiming Organizer, Teacher), Diana L. Paxson (Writer, 
Asatru Tradition, Society for Creative Anachronism), Margot Adler (Writer, 
NPR correspondent), Patricia Monaghan (Ph.D, Goddess Historian, Teacher), 
Diane di Prima (Writer, Poet, Teacher, Tibetan Buddhist), Rowan Fairgrove 
(Technopagan, Librarian, Interfaith worker), Greg Stafford (Game Publisher, 
Shaman's Drum), Erik Davis (Tech Writer, author of Techgnosis), Darryl 
Cherney (Earth First Activist, Musician), Oak (Pagan Activist, 
Psychotherapist), Thorn (Reclaiming Teacher, Writer, Musician, Activist), 
Isaac Bonewits (Druid, Writer, Musician, Webmaster, U.S.), Bobcat (aka Emma 
Reston Orr, Druid, U.K.), Pete Jennings (Pagan Federation, U.K.), Don Frew & 
Anna Korn (Gardnerians, Writers, Interfaith Workers), Sam & Tara Webster 
(Crescent Hellions coven; longtime Pagans), Matthew Fox (ex-Catholic Priest, 
Writer, University of Creation Spirituality), Raelyn Gallina (Santeria; 
Piercer, Brander), Genesis P-Orridge (Artist, Performance Artist, Musician in 
band Thee Majesty), Yoruba Primer (by Miss Jacqui, Priestess of Oshun), 
Neo-Paganism (by Oberon Ravenheart), Ravenhearts: Morning Glory, Oberon, 
Wolf, Liza, Wynter, Carol Queen (Ph.D, Pagan Sexology, Writer), Charles 
Gatewood (Pagan Photographer, Writer), Gatewood Photography Gallery, Dossie 
Easton (Psychotherapist, Writer on SM and polyamory), LaSara FireFox (2nd 
Generation Pagan, Writer, Mom), Anne Hill (Pagan parenting, Writer, Pagan 
Music Distributor), Serpentine Music Distribution, Joi Wolfwomyn (Death 
worker, Radical Faerie; Pagan parenting), Jack Davis (Radical Faerie, 
Teacher, Organizer), Jeff Rosenbaum (Starwood Festival Organizer), Starwood 
Photo Album by Nemea Arborvitae, Pagan Portraits: Laurie Lovekraft (Pagan 
Priestess), Ivo Dominguez, Jr. (Assembly of the Sacred Wheel; New Alexandrian 
Library), Andras Arthen (EarthSpirit; Pagan land-owning), Frederic Lamond 
(Writer; Gardnerian), Sharon Knight (Singer, Pandemonaeon band), Katrina 
Hopkins (ex-Black Panther, Activist, Unitarian Minister; Reclaiming), Selena 
Fox (Circle Sanctuary; Pagan publishing & land-owning), John Machate 
(Military Pagan Network), Chandra Krinsky (14-year-old Pagan Teenager), 
Science Fiction Booklist, Websites, Index. for Modern Pagans information.
RE/Search Publications
20 Romolo #B
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 362-1465
FAX (415) 362-0742


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