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To: alt.religion.wicca
From: "Peter" 
Subject: Morals?
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:19:47 +0800

Witchcraft, Western Australia in the 21st century.

Over many years in the modern era the practice of Wicca, Witchcraft or the
Craft of the Wise has attracted many people to its doors. In Western
Australia, and in particular Perth, this has resulted in many Covens being
established, following many different pantheons. Sadly however they rarely
follow the original path of the God/dess.

The now defunct Church of Wicca Australia was the doorway for many into this
religion. Many of those persons today claim heritage to the 'old religion'
despite the fact they gained acceptance into the Church by paying money. No
doubt some may have their roots in Wicca, but unfortunately many are false

Sadly there have been instances of other 'groups', purporting to be Wiccan,
and charging exorbitant sums of money, sometimes in excess of $1,000, in
return for a piece of paper giving them proof of their heritage and
declaring to all that the holder is a Witch. At the other end of the
spectrum there are also those who have been 'initiated' into a world wide
order of Witches via the internet simply by entering their name on a

The father of modern day Wicca was one G. Gardener who wrote much of today's
system of ritual as well as many of the initiations into Wicca that most
base their Coven's operation on.

He, like many, both before and after him, believe in the balance of male and
female in all areas including deity. Also the sanctity and spirituality of
the individual was paramount. Yet today we have, like many other religions,
a growing number of sexual deviants practicing under the banner of religion
and Wicca. Here in Perth there are convicted pedophiles posing as High
Priests as well as High Priestess's who condone this. More common amongst
Covens is the practice of BD&SM which is even being publicized as a 'pathway
to spirituality' by those who have succumbed to these practices.

We, like many of my brothers and sisters, have no problem with individual
sexual preferences where 'it harms none'. However to claim that these sexual
practices are a spiritual path is something that will lead only to the
destruction of any credibility that Wicca may have gained in recent years.

What can be done to improve this situation? I am not sure, however we do
know that these persons are hurting the many true followers of Wicca and
because of them we are losing many honest seekers looking for a true
spiritual path. Both I and my High Priestess truly believe that the God and
Goddess will prevail and those responsible for so much hatred in the
community as a whole will be dealt with on a spiritual level.

Lord Petrus, Legally Ordained Wiccan High Priest

Lady Morcanarch, High Priestess of the Wicca.

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