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Heinlein and Michael Valentine Smith

To: lorax 
From: Pan 
Subject: Heinlein and Michael Valentine Smith
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 09:32:50 -0700

lorax wrote:
> kaliyuga
> 49960714 AA1 (I'd love to hear other perspectives on this issue)
> lorax quotes Otter G'Zell:
> |>         Otter G'Zell founded and incorporated the Church of All
> |>         Worlds in 1967, which became the first Neo-Pagan church
> |>         to obtain full Federal recognition in the US.   First to
> |>         apply the term "Pagan" to the newly emerging Earth
> |>         Religions of the 1960's and through his editorship of
> |>         the _Green Egg_ (1968-1975), Otter was instrumental in
> |>         the coalescence of the Neo-Pagan movement.  In 1970,
> |>         Otter formulated and published the thealogy of deep
> |>         ecology which has become known as The Gaea Hypothesis.
> |>         With his wife and soulmate, Morning Glory, he founded
> |>         the Ecosophical Research Association [ERA], whose projects
> |>         have included raising Unicorns, chasing Mermaids, and
> |>         exploring the Underworld.
> |>
> |>         (p. 4, accompanying Zell's 'THEAGENESIS...' essay, same issue)
> |>         _________________________________________________________
> Pan :
> |Lovelock began his Gaia Hypothesis in the 1960's as part of his work
> |with NASA in re the Mars/Viking life search experiment.
> so was this 'Gaia Hypothesis' prior to Zell's usage?  why would he lie?

 I posted the information in case anyone might get the
mistaken idea that Zell is somehow the originator of
what is thew Gaia hypothesis. I have no idea if the 
original poster was making a false claim for Zell or if Zell
was taking credit for Lovelock and Margulis' work.

> |Abbey, et al, used the term "deep ecology" before Zell.
> is Zell stating here that he used the term first?

See above.
Scholars tned to be sensitive about proper attribution
for things that most UseNet users could care less
about. For those of us who do have this disability
of wanting correct attribuition of intellectual
history it can be an automatic reaction to post

> |Has anyone searched for RAH comments about CAW?
> what is RAH?

Robert A. Heinlein, author of _Stranger In a Strange Land_,
from which the idea of a "Church of All Worlds" was taken.
Another one of those attribuition things.

> |Would MVS have joined CAW?
> is this relevant in some way?  please explain.
>  MVS = Michael Valentine Smith, the main character
of _Stranger In A Strange Land_. MVS was a earthling
survivor of a failed colonizing exoedition to Mars.
When recovered his upbringing by martians became
evident. His sense of morality and religion and
what constitutes healthy social interaction stood
in stark contrast to normal earthie behavior. MVS
ends up being stoned to death.
 In case you aren;t aware of the book, it has cult
status as a book of the 50's rediscovered in the 
60's and extremely wide read on a global basis.
The term 'grok' comes from the book as well as
a number of other terms and ideas.
 I don't speak for the incarnation of the Church of All
Worlds that Zell, apparently, is the originator. And
I don't speak for the Heinlein estate. I *am* aware,
along with mnay others, that Zell's CAW is derivative
of Heinlein. That's not a condemnation of Zell, merely
more information for the grist mill of a brain that
thinks and eyes that see beyond surface appearances.


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