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    The following is excerted from an article, Making Magic For Planet
Earth, written by Selena Fox for Circle Network News (Box 219,
Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 ) and presented here as being of public interest
to the pagan community at large. Selena, I didn't have time to ask
your permission, I presume that by the very nature of your writings
you want them to be shared with as many people as possible, and so
they are presented here. This is submitted with this statement and not
to be edited, by Shadowstar of Boston MA.

   "There are many things that can be done in spiritual realms to help
bring about solutions to the world's problems:

   * We can kindle spiritual friendships with other lifeforms through
communication with Nature Spirits, who can be teachers for us and
allies in bringing about planetary healing.

   * We can do daily meditations in which we creatively visualize the
spiritual body of the planet glowing with radient healing light.

   * We can organize and/or take part in ecumenical planetary prayer
services and rituals with practitioners of other spiritual paths and

   * We can honor Mother Earth as an aspect of the divine in our solo
and group rituals.

   * We can send Mother Earth our love and pray for planetary health
each time we visit a stone circle, sacred grove, place of power,
temple, shrine or other sacred site.

   * We can do spiritual healing magic for the planet in our circles.

   It is important to reinforce whatever spiritual work we do with
physical action.  There are a variety of ways to do this and you
should decide on at least one approach and then carry it out.  Here
are a few examples:

   * Recycle trash from your household, take paper, plastics, glass,
aluminum cans, and other recyclables to recycling centers.

   * Recycle clothes and no longer needed household items by donating
them to charities to distribute to the needy.

   * Join and actively participate in enviromental action groups.

   * Write goverment officials and urge them to take specific actions
on specific enviromental issues, such as stopping all ocean dumping.

   * Write letters and articles for publications about the need for
enviromental preservation.

   * Plant trees as part of reforestation efforts.

   * Compost food scraps.

   * Stop buying and using non-bio-degradeable detergents.

   * Boycott products from companies that are destroying the Amazon

   * Pick up cigarette butts and other non-biodegradable litter from
parks and other wilderness areas.

   * Donate money to nature preserves.

   * Give talks at schools, civic groups, churches and in other places
in your area about ecological issues.

   * Read publications, view films, and attend presentations in order
to keep informed about ecological conditions and to learn about
additional ways you can work for planetary healing.

   * Conserve electricity, water and other resources on a daily basis.

   * Network with others.

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