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Dark Lord Wintertime Dream

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From: (nocTifer)
Subject: Dark Lord Wintertime Dream
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 21:02:31 GMT

49991221 IVom Winter Solstice Day


context: focaccia/pate/salami/hummus sandwich; 
	watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and "You Can't 
	Take it With You" back to back; bowl of ice cream; 
	topped by excellent sex with sri catyananda, the 
	Final Prophet, during Red Venus phase; Solstice 
	immanent; recent renovation, death of a friend, 
	cancer in family, celebrations, visitors


I dreamed that I was or was watching a dark-skinned Polynesian-like
man administrate the changing course of a large sea-going vessel, 
of which he was both the captain and Prince or King (it was 
considered unusual but not a travesty that he undertook this 
voyage, thus I inferred lesser status of Prince). my course had 
been a patterned or pre-formatted destination, and I was changing 
this course, with some consternation from advisers, in the 
direction of Greece, which was considered a somewhat alien and 
risky objective.

the dream was almost like a video game in that there were certain 
decision points which turned out badly (the two I remember being 
the trust in advisers who steered me wrong after installing a new 
kind of navigation equipment that required a living human as a 
part of its structure -- this human was the weak link in our 
successful adventure and would later play a part in some kind of 
plot to thwart our voyage --  and picking up a large band of 
armed warriors (rescue? visitation?) who attempted a take-over. 
in neither case was I (or this Prince whom I was watching 
intimately) alarmed. I simply made a note of the problem and 
'intended' the result differently (a kind of subconscious lucid 
dreaming I suppose; perhaps I woke sufficiently at each point to 
return to a more pleasant experience, I am unsure).

the people of whom I was prince/king were somewhat pacifist, high 
technology, and extremely aesthetic in appearance (rich colours, 
like jungle natives; tropical, loose and naturally-fibered clothes, 
long and luxuriant, black hair, Polynesian features), and, other 
than the aforementioned, completely trusting in their acceptance 
of me as their prince or king. they developed new ways to steer 
the ship (perhaps also its powering mechanism), and the social 
interaction was usually extremely harmonious.

I'd awakened sufficiently after the hostile take-over attempt from 
the rival tribe of warriors we'd taken on board that I'd begun to 
consider that 'next time' I'd remove their weapons as a condition 
of their being with us, as well as wondering if I was tired enough 
to return to slumber. sri catyananda was awake also at this time 
and asked me if I would obtain tissue and a tampon from the 
bathroom for her. as I jumped out of bed I became aware that the 
feeling of 'nobility', or 'regality' (what I would later call 
'integrity') was still with me. I'd experienced this many times 
in the past as part of trance-work, ritual, invocation, dreams, 
films as well as a deep experience of many other art-forms, but it 
wasn't something I'd felt or thought about lately except in the 
first year living with sri catyananda -- as a result of 
significant coincidences and peculiar states of consciousness we 
associated with transpersonal identities (whether mythic or in 
some way cosmic, we didn't truly decide).

I noticed my hair at odd angles framing my own face as I entered the
bathroom, remembered my visions of elven and submarine civilizations
(associated with Atlantis). I came back to bed remembering my many
visionary experiences (outlined in previous Weirder Than Fiction/WTF
and Book of Shadows entries, some online) and, after a brief period,
described to sri catyananda my continuing experience.

this was a reification of my identity in a post-mortem vision that
when I die I would be greeted by many shades (as in the film "Ghost",
but without the frightening and moral overtones), who shall bear me 
upon their "shoulders" to the Underworld, where I will take my 
rightful place as a hero and potentate (sometimes I imagine it as 
a ruler, at others I understand that the anarchistic nature of the 
Underworld and the daemonic or faere realm makes this notion 
ludicrous). it also brought to my mind as I was holding sri 
catyananda closely her very wonderful and poignant resemblance to 
the Faerie Queen (being a composite of intense opposites) who was 
so kind as to receive me during previous visions.

I've been reading the book "The Dark God", by Nicholas Mann, whose
fluency with language and understanding of the Underworld and its
features have been extremely encouraging (he has unified a study of
comparative mythology and a narrative of his experience in the
Turkish prison system as an encounter with the Dark God). this time
of year (the dream occurred on the morning of Winter Solstice) and
my demon-summonings (interrupted by social and meteorological
phenomena) added significance to the dream, and that it continued
beyond the dream world gave it a dimension profound and worthy of
recording for future contemplation.

blessed beast!
arkaotika, 1999 solstice morning

What is important immediately is to create and to expand our personal
freedom through the creation of free spaces (which may be temporary 
and mobile) where the authority of church and state no longer have 
any hold. The basis of this freedom is the individual who has the 
freedom and creativity to act (either openly or in concealment).

	 WHY PAGANS DON'T HAVE TO COME OUT, JUST YET" (jimmy davis aka Shakudion) : alt.magick.tyagi
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