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(Answer (sort of) from Tyagi/elendruag deleted for bandwidth.)

A Croning ritual is a rite of passage for a woman who has either entered 
menopause naturally or had a hysterectomy.  It leads her from the status 
of Mother to that of Crone.  

I have done a couple of them, and they worked nicely for the women concerned.

If possible, do this outdoors, or in a home where there is a garden.  
You'll need to bury something fairly deep.  Pre-dig the hole in daylight, 
so you can see to do it.  

HPS should be a Crone, well used to the phase of life, and a respected 
friend of the woman making the passage.

Save a sanitary pad or tampon (used) from the last or most recent period 
of bleeding.  (Use a sealable plastic bag!  They get smellier real 

This rite can be robed or skyclad, as the person most concerned prefers.  
It can be all women, or sexually mixed, again as she prefers.  This is 
like a birthday, so it should please the honoree.

The woman making the passage (Hereinafter called "passagee")  should wear 
around her waist two cords, each nine feet long.  The first is white, for 
the Maiden.  The second is red, for the Mother.  Neither cord should be 
an Initiatory Cord.  Being or not being an Initiate has nothing to do 
with this rite.  The Maiden and Mother cords should be lightly twisted 

Wine should be dark, bitter, like pomegranate wine.  A particularly heavy 
pinot noir is good, too.  Cakes should be very dark bread, not sweet.  

No-frills altar, candles one each white, red and black.  Red and white
candles lit.  Bitter incense, like myrhh.  Black altar cloth.  Black
fabric, 2 yards, just thin enough to see through a little.  A new gardening
trowel.  Instrument for pricking finger, sterilized with alcohol unless
prepackaged and guaranteed sterile until opened.  Cotton ball. (Real, 100%
cotton, not man-made fiber!) Black cord, nine feet long. 

Light red and white candles.  Ground.  Bless Elements.

Cast Circle widdershins (Something is ending).  Call Quarters, etc. by 
your usual methods, or write new words for this ritual.  

Evoke (summon) your choice of Crone Goddess into Circle, *not into 
passagee*.   Be careful Who you summon!
Friend(s) bring passagee to altar.  HPS announce purpose of ritual.  "Our
sister _____ is here to enter the Crone phase of her life, and assume the
responsibilities that become the Crone."  (Own words to this effect, and
"I ask you once,  ______, are you prepared within yourself to be a true 
Crone, to yourself and your Community and the world at large?"  "I am."

Passagee puts out Maiden Candle.  "I have been a Maiden.  That is past."

Same with Mother candle.

Lights Crone (Black) candle.  "I become the Crone.  That is my future."

I ask you twice, _____, are you ready within yourself to be a true Crone, 
to yourself, your Community, and the World at large?"  "I am"

HPS hands passagee the piercing instrument.  Passagee pierces the side of 
of a fingertip, and HPS catches blood on cotton ball.  Passagee hold 
cotton ball in place until bleeding a stops, a few seconds.  
Now, she places one hand on the p[plastic bag holding her menstrual blood 
on the pad or tampon, and in the other she holds the cotton ball.

"On this, my old blood as a Mother, and on this, my new blood of a Crone,
before the Goddess and this family of friends, I swear that I accept the 
status of Crone, and that I will bear the responsibilities of the Crone, 
and enjoy Her privileges."  (States those responsibilities and privileges 
as she sees them.)  These things I will do to the benefit of myself, the 
Community, and the world.  So mote it be!"

HPS assists passagee to consecrate the trowel.  If outdoors, the 
passagee now buries the two bloody objects.  Otherwise, this is done 
after the Circle is lifted.  Passagee says what she wants to about this 
act, and the ongoing fertility it represents.

Back at the altar, HPS tells passagee to remove her cords.  HPS 
consecrates the black Crone cord, and twines it about the other two.  "You 
will wear these cords as they now are, in token that your Crone-self is 
now in the ascendancy."  

"You have sworn the oath of the Crone.  You have donned the black cord of 
the Crone.  This is your only chance to take it back.  I ask you thrice.  
Are you ready within yourself to be a Trus Crone to yourself, your 
community, and the world at large?"  "I am."

(At any of the three challenges, passagee may decide not to take on her 
HPS places black cloth over the head of the passagee, covering her face 
entirely.  "Wear the mantle and veil of the Dark Goddess, in honor and 
love.  I share with you my rights and privileges, as well as my cares 
and responsibilities, as a true Crone!"  This is said while HPS passes 
her hands from the crown of  the new Crone's head down to her shoulders 
and breasts, and to stay at her womb.  (Or its former position.)  HPS 
then hugs, kisses, and congratulates the new Crone, followed by the other 
people present.  New Crone may lift her veil, at this point, if she 
wants to.

The new Crone consecrates cakes and wine, in her own words.  (The God has 
nothing to do with this rite.)  

Sacred bullshit and gifts to new Crone, if any.

Thank Goddess for her presence and blessings.  Dismiss Quarters.  Uncast 
Circle *deosil*.  Something has begun.  Feed everyone.  Celebrate.

If there are more than a few people, by all means recruit them to call 
Quarters, consecrate Elements, cense and asperge , sing and/or play 
appropriate music, whatever they can and want to contribute.  No Circle 
should be a spectator event!

This can worked over to suit the individuals concerned.  Nothing is cast 
in stone.



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