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              The Covenant of the Goddess was founded in 1975 to increase
          cooperation among Witches,  and to secure for Witches and covens
          the legal  protection enjoyed by members of other religions.


              The Covenant publishes a newsletter;  issues ministerial
          credentials on request to qualified persons; sponsors a national
          festival each summer; and encourages networking nationally,  as
          well  as  regionally  through local councils.


              The  Covenant is incorporated as a non-profit religious
          organization in California, though it has grown to be a
          nationwide organization.  It is a confederation of covens and
          solitaires  of  various  traditions,  who share in the worship o
          the Goddess and the Old Gods and subscribe to a common  code of
          ethics.  The Covenant holds a Grand Council annually to elect
          national officers, set a budget, and decide matters which requir
          deliberation by the full membership.  Decisions are usually made
          by consensus.

          CODE OF ETHICS

              * An ye harm none, do as ye will.

              * Since our religion and arts and practices peculiar to it
          are the gift of  the Goddess,  membership and training in a loca
          coven or tradition are bestowed free,  as gifts,  and only on
          those persons who are deemed worthy to receive them.  However, a
          coven may expect each of its members to bear a fair share of its
          ordinary operating expenses.

              * All persons have the right to charge reasonable fees for
          the services by which they earn a living,  so long as our
          religion  is  not thereby exploited.

              * Every person associated with this Covenant shall respect
          the autonomy and sovereignty of each coven, as well as the right
          of each coven to oversee the spiritual,  mental,  emotional and
          physical development of its members and students in its own way,
          and shall exercise reasonable caution against infringing upon
          that right in any way.

              * Members of this Covenant shall respect the traditional
          secrecy of our religion.

              * Members of this Covenant should ever  keep  in  mind  the
          underlying unity of our religion as well as the diversity of its

                         Last amended June 11, 1989  --  Page NEXTRECORD


              *  These ethics shall be understood and interpreted in light
          of one another, and especially in light of the traditional laws
          of our  religion.


              All information give to the Covenant of the Goddess or any o
          its officials  is considered strictly confidential,  unless you
          indicate otherwise.  No information about members is published o
          given  out  without explicit  written  permission.  Direct acces
          to the Covenant's mailing list is limited to the Board of
          Directors.  Maximum privacy is assured.


              At every Sabbat the Covenant publishes a newsletter of Craft
          and  Pagan news,  original  articles,  poetry,  humor,  rituals
          and announcements.  Member covens receive  the  newsletter
          automatically.  Individual  coveners  and  non-members who donat
          a suitable tax-deductible gift will also be placed on the mailin
          list, to receive the newsletter and other mailings.  Circulation
          is  limited  to members and friends of the Covenant.


              An  annual  membership  tithe is set every year by the Grand
          Council to cover bare expenses,  based on the previous  year's
          expenses  and  any projected  cost increases.  The annual
          financial statement is published in the newsletter.  Other
          activities  are  supported  by  fund-raising.
              All contributions to the Covenant of the Goddess are greatly
          appreciated and are tax-deductible.


              Any Goddess-supporting coven or solitaire can be eligible
          for  membership  in  the  Covenant of the Goddess if certain
          criteria and requirements are met.  All inquiries into membershi
          should  be  sent  to the National Credentials Officer.  If the
          coven or solitaire is in an area near a local council,  the
          National Officer will forward the inquiry to the local
          Credentials Officer, who will respond.  A member can apply in
          person at a council meeting, or by filling out the appropriate
          form and sending it in with the initial membership tithe.


              * Generally focus thealogy and ritual, etc., around worship
          of the Goddess and the Old Gods (or the Goddess alone).

              * Believe and follow a code of ethics compatible with that o
          the Covenant.

              * Have been meeting monthly or oftener for at least six

                         Last amended June 11, 1989  --  Page NEXTRECORD


              * Have three more members who have been formally
          accepted into the clergy.

              * Be a cohesive, self-perpetuating group.


              Full Membership:  The applicant must be recommended without
          reservation by two active members of the Covenant.

              Provisional Membership:  The applicant may be recommended by
          one  member;  and  then  within a year and a day make a viable
          effort to get to know other members, in order to achieve Full
          Member status.

              The appropriate Credentials Officer (National or  local)
          shall  verify information regarding criteria and credentials.


              This is the term we use to represent the many Witches who ar
          solitaires, i.e. practicing alone.  Each local council may devis
          its own standards for admission of coveners-at-large,  in harmon
          with national guidelines.


              A local council is a smaller branch of the Covenant,
          consisting of  at least three member covens of at least two
          different traditions, in
          reasonably close geographic proximity to each other.  The  local
          councils generally meet more often than the national
          organization.  They may initiate independent projects,
          sponsor local festivals and  workshops, and generally work
          together for common goals close to home.  As the Covenant
          continues to grow, we encourage new member covens close to one
          another to form their own local councils.


              When a matter requiring a decision is presented before the
          Covenant in council, it is discussed by the members in attendanc
          until a consensus is reached.  If a consensus cannot be reached,
          then a vote is taken.  A coven  holding a current Full Membershi
          is entitled to one vote.  Each such coven also holds the power t
          veto,  though this is exercised only in extreme cases.  A coven
          with Provisional Membership is entitled to one vote, but does no
          hold veto power.

              A coven-at-large is entitled to one vote if, and only if,
          three individuals are physically present at the council and
          unanimous in their choice of vote.

                         Last amended June 11, 1989  --  Page NEXTRECORD



              In order to receive Ministerial Credentials as a Priestess o
          Priest, a person shall:

              1.  Be an active member of a coven which is a Full Member of
          the  Covenant.

              2.  Have  been  "confirmed" to taking on the full commitment
          to the requirements of that coven's Tradition of our religion.

              3.  Have undergone at least a full year  of  active  trainin
          for  the ministry of that Tradition.

              These credentials shall remain valid only so long as the
          person remains an  active  member  of  the coven which remains a
          active member of the Covenant.

              In order to be eligible to receive Ministerial Credentials a
          an Elder, a person shall:

              1.  Satisfy (2.) and (3.) above.

              2.  Have undergone an additional full year of active trainin
          for  the ministry.

              3.  Be fully able to form a coven, admit members, and train
          them in the tenets and practices of that Tradition.

              These  credentials shall remain valid for life, unless
          specifically revoked, so long as the person remains in contact
          with the Covenant.


              The annual Grand Council or national business meeting is hel
          as  part of a national festival,  which is open to the whole
          membership as well as Pagans and Witches who are not part of the
          Covenant.  The
          festival is usually held at a secluded campground or resort,  an
          moves to a different area of the country each  summer.  In
          addition to  the council  meeting,  the  program  includes
          workshops  on magick and the Craft, concerts, a potluck feast, a
          talent show, and the opportunity to purchase (or barter for) art
          crafts and ritual tools by  Pagan  artisans.  Registration
          information is available in the newsletter.


              Write to: Covenant of the Goddess, P.O. Box 1226, Berkeley,
          CA 94704.

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