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Deville/CAW = Cowards?

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From: (nocTifer)
Subject: Re: Deville/CAW = Cowards?
Date: 12 Jun 1996 17:51:04 -0700

49960612 AA1 (for this post I leave the Subject line alone as it seems appropos) (Lowell Morrison):
|You mean Scratch Blathering on, and Attacking Cat for what he should
|be asking CAW and it's Publishing Comittee to correct is NOT Attacking.

It's beyond asking, you see.  It is already into politics.

|...Scratch and his Cohorts have an adjenda that they are willing to 
|use illegitimate Means to foster......

I'm unsure how to determine the 'legitimacy' of one's means of defense.
It appears that the CAW uses what I'd call 'illegitimate means' to
foster a climate of mistrust and delusion.  If Mr. Scratch and others
are resorting to that also, well, this is to be expected though sad.

|She is defending the only way she can, by telling the truth, and telling
|Scratch to ask the appropriate parties.  

Then she's setting herself up for being Point Woman for the CAW in a
forum where the CAW is seen as a slandering organization without morals.
She gets what she sets herself up for.   Perhaps her church should moer
carefully warn membership that they may face blanket condemnation from
occultists and Satanists who do not appreciate their ethics and lies.

|And if you are reliying on Scratches Twistings of Cats Remarks, ....

I hope that all people within this discussion obtain (for as little
money as is possible) a copy of the text of the CAW's Satanism and
Witchcraft publication.  It is filled with lies and deceptions which
I think many Satanists have a great deal to be upset about.  Much 
more than any little things Mr. Scratch said to Ms. Cat.

|>>You never stop such as Scratch by simply ignoring him, Cat Tried that
|>>for Two weeks before starting to respond......

|>I wouldn't know...

|Ah, that is the Point, I do know....  And so does Cat....

Satan love him for it!

|>>Such as Scratch MUST be delt with efectively, Ignoring them
|>>is simply not effective.

Hehehehe, at least you see this is not going to go away soon.

|No, Cat asked him to Contact the Higher Ups, and he out and out said
|"I ainta Gona, You is Caw, and I is attacking you"

That is right.  And from what I've seen, in a most civil manner most
of the time, bringing very important points out to the everlasting
disgrace of the Church of All Worlds.

|And Cat is NOT the most accessable Caw Member, only the one who is 
|Also a proponant of soc.religion.paganism..........

Visible is good.  A good target.  When the Neopagans begin taking
potshots so as to redirect the fundi attack at the expense of all
our religious freedoms then it is time to begin a returned assault.
When we can at least understand the dynamics involved then perhaps
there will be a time of reconciliation.

|I count at least 5 other Caw members who have identified themselves
|and told scratch off....

Hopefully you don't think this settles it.  If true (that all those who
have responded to Mr. Scratch have told him off), then the cult of
Neopaganism is becoming more consolidated and febrile than I'd thought.

|>He has questions and feelings about the pamphlets.  Since he can't do
|>that in private mail by contacting the higher-ups, he has to take it

Public is fine.  The Church deserves the heat for the horror they are

|Why?  Why does he have to use such virulent Language, why does he have to 
|call Cat a Liar for stating that Aquino was given a chance to contribute
|to the next edition and he Declined with such Vitrol that they do not
|seem to be even including his stuff.  She even posted his letter after 
|being called a liar....

Mr. Aquino wanted to have his letter included in their publication.  His
was a request that it be included en toto without explanation or caveat.
His desire was very clear.  Why do assist in promoting this lie about
his desire and about the Church of All Worlds?

|He Can do it in private email, HE SIMPLY REFUSES TO>.......

I would too.  I've had private email with the CAW people and in all
cases I was not satisfied that they understood the nature of the
problem with this publication.  It is a sad thing which merely
divides those who might assist one another otherwise.  I'm sure
the Christian fundamentalists appreciate the assistance.

|>|Then my friend, you are in real trouble, Scratch seems to know very 
|>|little about satanism....  IMHO he is a Discordian pretending
|>|to be a Satanist to cause Trouble....  And, Well, Alt.satanism
|>|is a far better place to look for satanist views than here...

Strange.  I wonder what you might think 'Satanism' is that he, an apparent
member of a league of orgSatanists (ToS - Temple of Set, known 
affectionately as the 'Setters' or 'ToSsers' among the more generous of 
us) who take it upon themselves occasionally to lecture on what 'true 
Satanism' is.  

I'd say that Scratch was one of the more calm and patient of those who
regularly post to alt.satanism.  His temper may be hot, but usually he
does not veer too far from the mark.  His one failing is an inability
to separate inflammatory rhetoric from worthy response and dispense
with the noise such that the more reasonable will follow his argument,
yet even this will come around in time.

|>I checked it out there... nothing but spams and Beavis and Butthead
|>types asking people to sell their souls to Satan.  Even I know that
|>true Satanists don't do that.

Quite a thing that there is such 'knowledge' around.  Perhaps if we 
really KNEW more and more about what certain religions include and don't 
(especially when we talk about that of OTHER PEOPLE -- that is, from
direct experience), we'd be less likely to define it FOR others.

|Absolutely, Spams and the sort, just a real satanist would not 
|inhabit there, nor would he use the same sort of tactics that
|Scratch is using.  

Knowing already what Satanism includes, what a 'Real Satanist'
is, you begin the plan of the downfall of Satanism in much the
same way which Neopaganism and Wicca have fallen to the defining
mind of the establishment.  Enjoy your milquetoast.

|Those Hedionists are not about to get themselves
|worked up over the Anton Levey "Satanist Bible" Joke, or Michael 
|Aquino's Temple of Set Nonsense......

Continuing wonderment.  Satanists are often hedonists, but those who
become slaves to the senses seldom identify as hedonistic with any
believability.  Crowley lauded the arts of temperament.  Tossers
over-emphasize the grandeur of ascetic rigor.  LaVey sometimes hits
the bull on the horns and so you and others dismiss him as a joke.

Hail Satan!
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