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CAW and Satanism REF

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From: (nocTifer)
Subject: CAW and Satanism REF (was Re: Deville/CAW = Cowards?)
Date: 11 Jun 1996 08:36:06 -0700

kaliyuga (newsgroup line adjusted)
49960611 AA1

|>He has questions and feelings about the pamphlets.  Since he can't do
|>that in private mail by contacting the higher-ups, he has to take it

|This is not true.  Mr. Scratch has _not_ attempted to contact CAW in
|e-mail.  In point of fact, he has absolutely _refused_ to even cc to
|them his so called 'questions and feelings'.  

this is most unusual-sounding to my ears.  I'd thought he had asked you
 numerous times for such contact and communication.  perhaps I can be
 of some assistance in maneuvering betwixt you?

[re: CAW 'Satanism' fiasco]
|...Mr. Aquino's response was non-responsive and inflammatory, something 
|that -no- reasonable person would have taken as a serious attempt to 
|resolve the problem. 

it was perfect and represented precisely what the Satanic community
 would benefit from seeing in your pulchritudinous snotrag: a diversity
 of opinion and a condemnation of the idiocy which the CAW continues.

|since CAW did not forgo their own beliefs that this booklet was
|redeamable and of use to the community and just scrap it, 
|...Mr. Scratch's conclusion is that CAW will not listen to [Aquino] 
|(and I see no evidence for this conclusion... they _responded_ to Mr.
|Aquino's concerns and proposed a resolution which, IMO,  _should_ have
|been able to be brought to conclusion to everyone's satisfaction and
|_Mr. Aquino_ refused to have any), 

I think Mr. Scratch's conclusion is akin to Mr. Aquino's and my own:
 that the publication which your church deems worthy of support as a
 reference on Satanism is incomplete, highly disrespectful, and contains 
 blatant untruths by individuals whose reputations as charlatans are 

That you would appear to have missed this assertion and the volumes
 of quotation and support which Mr. Scratch has received from fellow
 Satanists and Setians (myself among their number) is quite peculiar.

|therefore Mr. Scratch's tactic is to defame CAW before the public 
|while refusing to actually address the issue with CAW.

I would be happy to address the issue with CAW.  I sent Otter G'Zell
 email previously and let him know what the problem was in excrutiating
 detail.  He indicated that it was a matter of self-defense, and as far 
 as I can tell this was a sort of 'Rede-be-damned' warfare mentality.  '
 Scratch and others have been civil enough after my condemnations of CAW, 
 and yet I have seen few apologies, explanations or, indeed, even complete 
 understandings of the issues.  new faces, new dodges, new propaganda 
 (6th edition yet?)

|This is one of our main bones of contention.  Mr. Scratch feels that
|it is appropriate, instead, to call specific members of CAW to task
|and to attempt to turn public opinion against CAW.  

personally I support his cause, though I may not aid it if I am to be 
 mediator.  the publication about which he and other Satanists are 
 complaining is an egregious flimflam, and irresponsibly printed

|As long as he continues to use these tactics, _I_ for one, 
|am unwilling to address his 'questions and concerns' and am 
|focused instead on, what I consider to be the inappropriateness 
|of his tactics, which _I_ feel are aimed, not at achieving a 
|constructive resolution, but simply at doing damage to CAW.  

very well, so we have the Church of All Worlds publishing a
 periodical which slanders Satanists and generally promotes
 the hysteria which keeps all 'alternative religious' in
 straight-jackets.  then we have Misters Aquino, Scratch,
 myself and others critiquing the publication critically,
 explaining in detail why not only the contents but the sources
 of these assertions are fallacious and fraudulent.

enter you.  I don't know what your role is in this (CAW ombudsperson?),
 but I hope you have some exposure to Satanism lest you'd best prepare
 for impending confusion! ;>

|...the only way to have any changes made in the publication _or_ to have 
|the distribution of it stopped... is to convince CAW to do so.  

Aquino put it plainly and without reserve to your home office and his
 correspondence is everywhere quoted.  his delicious submission for
 your unworthy publication was not appreciated for what it was -- a
 perfect protest against the sensationalist and in some cases alarmist
 propaganda it amounts to be

|The only way to convince CAW to do so is to address the issue with 
|CAW Central, directly.  

I put it more bluntly in a point-by-point analysis of the problems with
 the publication and distributed these to the Neopagan and Satanic
 online communities.  Nothing could be clearer.  Mr. Scratch is merely
 following up on old, OLD criticisms which have never been answered by
 the CAW CENTRAL (Otter at least has an ear, we must presume).

|Mr. Scratch refuses to do so.  Why?  His -stated- reason's don't wash.  

refuses to speak with CAW Central?  I didn't get this impression.  I
 do think he may refuse to accept CAW Central's response as adequate,
 but is this what is required in order to discuss the matter?  Perhaps
 you are very mistaken as to his motives, ma'am.

|'right' to call individual CAW members to task demonstrates to me that
|he knows very little or nothing about or organization _and_ that he
|arrogantly feels that he is the judge of our conscience.  I not only
|dispute this idea, but it is offensive to me.

let's all get offended and have done with it then.

|that's all... just felt that some corrections of the data were

not all where I'm concerned.  I hope you receive this call to arms
 in bright spirits, sister, my aim is the demolition of the CAW's
 publication on Satanism and I hope to rally a great deal of
 public pressure against it and your organization for supporting
 such as that rot.

grrrrrr. :>

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