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To: alt.magick
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: cat
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 03:36:53 GMT

Joseph wrote:
> Hello Cat:
>  i know your very busy and have
> stated your desire to be contacted in groups rather than through e-
> mail so i post this here (having tried to be discrete and got an e-
> mail form response).

 Thanks -- i rfeally have to limit my time online now, and coming to
this forum is voluntary, whereas receiving email is something i cannot
choose to avoid as easily. This is largely a personality issue of my
own, and i thank you for indulging my whim. 

> i was concerned my questions about jefferson polloc may have offended 
> you, 

 Oh no, certainly not! 

> and i wanted to make sure you knew that i have no association with him 
> or what he represents, 

Well, i was curious about that, but there are plenty of reasons for
being curious about him, not the least of which is an interest in
neo-pagan religious history of the late 20th century. 

> though i think the organization im a part of (Omnithiestic
> church) has its roots in the council of themis and any information you 
> may have about this was what intrigued me.

 Poke would have more information about the Council of Themis that i do;
as i ntoed, i was a freelance hippie science fiction fan; i never joined
CAW, Feraferia, or the Church of the Hermetic Sciences /Temple of
Astarte -- or any other such group. I did subscribe to a number of their
xzines, though, and hung out in such circles. Ask Poke -- he has tales
to tell. 

>         I can understand you wanting nothing to do with this subject 
> and will respect and understand if you do not wish to communicate 
> about it.

 Again, i'd be GLAD to communicate about it, had i any deeper insights.
Basically, when i knew Jefferson Fuck Poland, he was hanging out in
Berkeley, trying to organzie both churchly matters and sex orgies
(sometimes at the same venue). He also briefly flirted around with the
Kerista folks, if i am not mistaken, or at least i know that i ran into
him at the Kerista house on two occasions. (I didn't join Kerista,
either. It was an open-marriage sort of commune, fairly interesting
politically and aesthetically, but not my cup of tea in terms of sexual
matters nor in its reliance on a single monetary sugar-daddy for its
functionality.) Anyway, my take on Jeff Poland at the time was always
that he was very bright and personable but somehow "off." If i were to
make a movie about him, i would cast Steve Buscemi in the role. There
was always an aura of faint creepiness around him to me. This was
possibly due to my own personal history of childhood sex abuse in that
he somehow got my "spidey sesnes tingling." When he was busted for child
molestation, i was not surprised. 

>         But im wondering if i may ask you some further questions 
> regarding it and Berkeley in the early 70'

I am not sure i have much to offer in this regard. I left California in
1972, although i continued to spend about 2 months per year there,
staying with friends. (Being a writer, i could relocate to suit myself
fairly easily; living on a rural Missouri commune, i could trust other
people to look after things if i went away for a while, just as they
trusted me to do so when they travelled.) I only returned to California
permanently in 1983. I met Tim Zell (and the nacsent Church of All World
crew) when Tim was living in Saint Louis; when he moved to zCalifornia,
we lost sight of each other for several years. 

>         Whatever you decide im looking forward to you being abel to 
> resume posting, as your posts are the most informative and 
> entertaining and comprehensive i have run across on the net.

 Thanks for the kind words. 

cat yronwode 

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