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How Did You Come to Hoodoo?

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From: blackman99 
Subject: How Did You Come to Hoodoo?
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 09:48:56 GMT

# ...i am really interested in how others have come to hoodoo. 

folk magic and formulae spell goods had been badly reported
to me from my previous sources, and my interest in everything 
magical drew me to hoodoo for its difference from my background 
(suburban, middle-class, Norwegian/English) and syncretic,
eclectic style. over the years, working in the shop and with
sri catyananda (catherine) have given me a basic understanding 
of hoodoo, and I've undertaken some solitary as well as ongoing 
mutual spellwork integrating hoodoo to very good result.

# is this the major magical system they work with? 

no. I pick and choose what I like from what I'm studying at
the time and do rites and spells alone or with those from whom
I'm learning, and in forms compatible with those others that I
may engage for this purpose. this has included New Agers, 
solitary witches and sorcerers, Wiccans (Gardnerians,
primarily, CA/KY-line, but also some Alexandrians and Feri),
Thelemites and Hermetic ceremonialists of many affiliations,
an assortment of Neopagans inclusive of Discordians, and more
recently, hoodoo conjures. my main interest is natural focus
and mystical maturation in a global and inclusive style.

# are they in other initiation based religions? 

I'm a member in good standing of the Order of the Temple of
the East (Ordo Templi Orientis) as a personal discipline, 
am dedicated as a monk to an Indian goddess as I know Her 
(Kali), and a member of the Church of Euthanasia.

# if so do they see a conflict between hoodoo beliefs and 
# religion? 

I haven't involved myself with religions that would prefer 
to constrain me. I see no conflicts between what I understand
of hoodoo and a multi-varied religious involvement, having
enjoyed watching Christians, Wiccans and other Neopagans, 
Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, witches, mages, and numerous others
finding value in studying and practicing hoodoo as they please
in a manner which suits them and their ethics/rules/laws. I've
known many who find personal limitations restrict them from all
manner of involvements, but I don't detect this in hoodoo, no.

# how many of you are "professional" hoodoos? 

I'm not, though I try to spread information and enjoy making
it possible for people to practice religion and magic as we
are called and guided by the divine.

# where are you in the world?

I live in the American Northwest forest bioregion, near to
the Russian River Basin on a hill in Forestville, with a
wonderful woman, a dog, 2 cats, several chickens, a small
community of squirrels, robins (/thrushes), jays, rats,
mice, spiders, ants, and the occasional raccoon, possum,
screech owl, and skunk. we steward an amazing variety of 
roses, fruit trees, and an herb garden. and we tend to repel
english ivy and blackberries from overrunning redwoods and 
brilliantly-shedding maples, some of whom have probably
lived here longer than the rest of us. :>

this is the first area I've lived other than in my place
of birth in the South SF Bay, where I spend most of my 
life until I moved to Forestville in September of 1998. 


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