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International Golden Dawn Conference

To: alt.magick
From: Sar Draconis <>
Subject: Re: International Golden Dawn Conference
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 21:21:38 -0700

Oleg Vishnepolsky wrote:
> In <>, (AINSUPH) writes:
> >>AINSUPH ( wrote:
> >>: Can anyone provide any information regarding the recent International
> >>: Golden Dawn Conference which is said to have taken place in Los Angeles,
> >>: California;
> >
> >However, an International Golden Dawn Conference took place recently in
> >Los Angeles, California.  Although the London GD conference was attended
> >by one of the U.S. Golden Dawn factions, the conference in L.A. was truly
> >international in character, as it was attended by a number of Golden Dawn
> >organizations, active in both the U.S. and Europe.  Although the papers
> >presented at the L.A.. conference were excellent from a scholarly point of
> >view (including a remarkable exposition of the alchemical symbolism of the
> >GD rituals), its principle achievement in my view was the establishment of
> >a pattern of brotherhood, involving the cooperation of a number of
> >distinct Orders meeting in fraternal harmony, setting the pattern for the
> >new millenium, and placing the GD in the forefront of the dawning era of
> >brotherhood.
> >
> >I anticipate that soon a web site will come up detailing the achievements
> >of the International Golden Dawn Conference, which took place in Los
> >Angeles, California.  Congratulations Fratres and Sorores!
> >
> Why did you ask the original question, only to follow-up to yourself and
> publish a full report of the conference?  If you want to report how great
> this group is, why don't you just spam the newsgroup directly instead of
> trying to make it appear to come up in the course of conversation?

I think a full discussion of the Waite Rituals would make for much more
interesting conversation.

For the moment though, just a few brief comments.  The 1910 Rituals of
the Waite Order were composed at a time when A.E. Waite still adhered to
the cipher manuscripts.  Thus, the floor movements of the officers fully
conformed to the movements which existed in the (unpublished) 1888
rituals of the G.D.  However, the speeches of the officers in the 1910
rituals were quite flowery, and reflected the occult-Christian mysticism
of A.E. Waite, and the mystical rather than the magical interpretation
of the G.D.

After 1914, however, the researches of Waite led him to reject the
cipher manuscripts as the ultimate authority in qabalistic ritual, and
he began to develop rituals reflecting a greater degree of originality
(or more flexibility) in expressing his qabalistic interpretations. 
Thus, the 0-0 of the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, privately printed by
A.E. Waite in a few short years, actually departed from the Cipher
Manuscripts in floor plan and movement of the officers.
And yet a comparison of pre-and post-cipher manuscript versions of the
Waite rituals shows a clear continuity of development.  Thus, the
placement of the Waite rituals within the G.D. context is somewhat
ambiguous.  This circumstance suggests that in characterising the
various movements which grew out of the G.D., the cipher manuscripts are
not necessarily the ultimate center of reference.

Interestingly also, Paul Foster Case corresponded with Arthur Edward
Waite after these changes were made by Waite, but it is unclear whether
Paul Case was aware of the full extent of the changes made by Waite. 
But as will be discussed later, after a couple of decades more, Waite
initiated an American into the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross, and issued
a Charter, with the intention that the Order might be transplanted to
the New World.  But a fuller discussion of the developments in the New
World must "wait" for another occasion . . .

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