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Many Golden Dawns, Eating Angel Language?

To: alt.magick,alt.magick.order,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.thelema,alt.pagan.magick
From: (Robert Scott Martin)
Subject: Re: Many Golden Dawns, Eating Angel Language?
Date: 24 Jan 2003 14:10:54 -0500

In article ,
333   wrote:
>50030124 om
>VIIth year of service to Satan

The Uplift of Lucifer; or Raising Hell

>> As such, Golden Dawns naturally multiplying on the petri 
>> dish, all eating the same nutrient-rich broth.
>and you're sure it isn't like Kleenex, where the original is
>the only real one and all the others are knock-offs, 
>drawing on a dry well or repetitive formula, to no effect?

Short Answer. It's exactly like Kleenex. People were making tissue paper 
before the Kleenex brand came along, made tissue paper alongside Kleenex, 
and will make tissue paper after the Kleenex brand dies. These competing 
products are not Kleenex, but as the Romans used to say, "a runny nose 
knows no brand loyalty" and the soul might behave likewise.

Long Answer. As an outsider, I have no idea which G-D- group (if any) is
"real" or how many groups can legitimately dance on the head of the same
cypher ms. What brings me to the table is the offhand mention of good old
Trithemius and his occult alphabets.

Let's entertain, for the moment, the notion that the MS bears more in
common with the steganographies than the fact that it is written in code.  
If we treat it as a "revealed" document -- an expression that must not
only be "deciphered" as "translated" (put into practice by becoming an
Order) from an exalted original form ("Angel Language") -- then watching
the way we keep arguing over ownership of the order/translations might
tell us something about the way Angel Languages function within the human
context of western occultism.

Bracketing any question of which "translation" (order) is most legitimate,
it strikes me that the original MS is an extremely fecund document, 
containing the potential for multiple and even mutually contradictory 
interpretations once it is abstracted from its original mode of 
expression -- i.e. once the "Angel Language" of the original text is 
"worked" or cooked down into various mundane human languages. Prima 
materia, xaos madonna, the Virgin Sprengel. 

What the original cypher actually contains is a matter for anyone versed
enough in the "Angel Language" to read it. However, since translation of
such documents is akin to digestion, it goes in as "Angel Language"  
(containing all its contradictions in potentia) and comes out the other
end as human language, wherein latent contradictions are much less 
stable and soon begin to stink as they putrefy. Babel from xaos, shit from 

The work of orders, in having taken the prima materia, strikes me as 
applying heat and pressure to yon babel in order to impose a new structure 
upon it. Meanwhile, cunning (or perverse) laborers will likely find the 
seeds of new crops undigested in the stinking mass of the contradictions 
between the orders, the regions of petty bickering and dispute that 
conceal the limit between Angelic and human modes. Sulphur in the scoria.

Of course, all of this is "for entertainment purposes only."

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