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Golden Dawn Info... Again :-) Oh, and one more....

To: alt.magick
From: (Paul Hume)
Subject: Re: Golden Dawn Info... Again :-)   Oh, and one more....
Date: 5 May 2003 11:12:45 -0700


Pardon me if I have misunderstood your reservations...I am wandering
into the middle of the discussion.

> But I still don't get it. Assuming (if I'm wrong let me know!) that for the
> first knowledge lecture you need 2 months to commit it to memory. During
> those 2 months you were supposed to be doing the LBRP twice a day and I
> guess the 'Meditation 1' every-day... I'm not saying that it's easy as it
> need commitment, etc... But, is that all???

That's all then, if you follow "strict specification" GD curriculum.

That model, one must keep in mind, presumes a Neophyte who hasn't had
access to the quantity of magical material (including all of the GD
material from Regardie, Zalewski, Cicero, et al) available today.
Heck, even the best-parts version from the Equinox, when Crowley's
feud with Mathers reached its head, was not available to Joe Magician
at the time the curriculum was worked out.

The Z2 material, the formulae of the Elemental Weapons and other tools
(Lotus Wand, Rose Cross, et al), the whole armament of a Golden Dawn
magician, were secrets waiting in the magician's future.
> Oh, and how do you know you are ready to move on to something new, there
> should be some objective criteria, i guess (and hope!).

As I recall, there were written exams on each Knowledge Lecture (and
on the "tyling" of the present Grade, Masonic style?) before you could
apply for the next grade, through the Neophyte and Elemental Grades
(0=0 thru 4=7).  I gather the Portal also only required a written

5=6 required, or seems to have required, a personal evaluation by the
initiating Lodge, or its officers. Some aspects of this were personal
takes (eg. Crowley's sexual habits came up when he was ready for 5=6,
and I am sure his personal issues with the adepts also played a role).
There was also (if not in the beginning, then by the time Moina
Mathers was running the line of the Order that stayed faithful to
MacGregor's dispensation) an astral examination (this led to Moina
suspending or expelling the young Dion Fortune, per Dion's anecdote,
because specific astral symbols were not present in her aura by the
time she was Portal).

Ithel Colquohon refers to an encounter with an astral examination (for
Neophyte? Been too long since I read Sword Of Wisdom) by the A et O,
under Mrs. Tranchell-Hayes.

Many later GD-based organizations have, in the main, expanded on the
simpler requirements of the original organization, since most
applicants are already familiar, to a greater or lesser degree, with
magical material in general, and the GD material in particular.

> One more Q,
> All right, assuming that someone manages to 'make magick' (no matter what
> each of us thinks is magick and considers himself proficient to what she/he
> is doing). What is next?

Like making art, or even making love, doing it right once is not the
end of the journey. The process of proficiency remains an ongoing, and
ideally lifelong, pursuit. Since the goal of theurgy is transcendence,
illumination, then like other paths to that goal, the journey doesn't
end...and even if one achieves fully-conscious illumination, there is
the classical continuation from that point of demonstrating to others
how to go about it more efficiently.

There is no next, or there is always a next, depending on how you look
at it. One practices magick as one writes or paints or spends hours in
the lab...because one must. It becomes an indispensable part of one's
Two cents worth, anyway.


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