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pendulums bottle trees and graveyard dirt

To: alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.lucky.w,alt.occult.methods
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: pendulums Re: bottle trees and graveyard dirt
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 19:36:47 GMT

wednesday's child at full@woe.lately wrote:
> > Mike, could you be more specific about the procedure you use with 
> > the pendulum? It would be very helpful, since I'm inexperienced.

Mike R. wrote: 
> i make clear that deosil is for yes, widdershins is for no, and ask 
> my query: will you help me with X? [punishing a criminal, whatever]. 
> i hold the pendulum very still and watch for movement in either 
> direction as i project and whisper my question. it is just an 
> objectification of inner response.

Interesting! Everyone is different: When i consult a pendulum, i say,
"This is my yes" and swing it toward me and away (opening my path), then
i let it stop and swing it left to right (barring my path), saying "This
is my no." Then i hold it still, ask the westion, and observe the

Incidenetally, i count a 45 degree swing as "maybe", deosil (clockwise)
as "no answer", and widdershins (counter-clockwise) as "wrong question." 

ANY SYSTEM WILL WORK if you tell the pendulum your "yes" and your "no"
before you ask the question. 

I also use another divination system i was taught by John Sundquist, a
farmer in Oregon, to answer yes-or-no questions *about my own thoughts,
plans, and feelings*  It is not for answering questions about thrid
parties like "does so-and-so like me?" but for interior questions, like
"should i do this spell?" and questions that are mediated between
oneself and Nature, such as "is this the right time to plant?"

To use this system, which some folks call "psycho-kinesthesia," make a
circle with your thumb and your pinkie finger on your non-dominant or
"off" hand (your weaker hand). Then take the thumb and index finger of
your dominant hand and press them together to a point. Stick the thumb
and index finger of your dominant hand up into the circle of your
fingers from below. Ask your yes-or-no question and press the wedge
outward, trying to break the circle with that wedge of force. If you can
push apart your off-hand circle and it breaks open, the answer is, "No,
don't do that; your will is too weak." If the circle stays shut and you
can't press it open, the answer is, "Yes, do that; it is your true

Preface each session with this question: "Is this a good time to ask
questions?" If the answer is "yes," then continue. 

Like the man who taught me, i also find it valuable to always face in
the same direction when i use this oracle. He said he always faced
Southeast, and i picked that habit up from him, but i assume any
direction would do, because orientation that is being performed is
internal, not in relation to an outer symbol-system. 

This technique has served me well and i recommend it highly to anyone
who is of two minds about an issue. It can clarify your inner and outer
minds so that your actions are in accord with your true desires and your
place in Nature. 

> mike
> PS: Cat, i sure spent a lot of money on materials for a work when 
> you provide the same stuff ready made in a packet for such great 
> prices.

Thanks for the kind words. We try to give good value. 

cat yronwode 

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