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Divination -- more methods than you probably want to know

To: alt.lucky.w,alt.magick,alt.occult.methods,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Divination -- more methods than you probably want to know
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 04:57:17 GMT

Thanks for a good pile of archivabel information, Dan. I am including a
few relevant newsgroups in this reposting.  

 -- cat

Dan Goodman wrote:
> aeromancy            air or wind
> aichomancy           sharply pointed objects
> ailuromancy          cat jumping
> alectryomancy        rooster
> aleuromancy          flour/meal
> alphitomancy         barley meal
> amathomancy          dust
> ambulomancy          walking
> amniomancy           embryonic sac
> anthomancy           flowers
> anthracomancy        burning coal
> anthropomancy        entrails of a human
> arithmancy           numbers, esp. number of letters in
>    (arithmomancy)        a name
> armomancy            shoulders of animals
> aspidomancy          shield
> astragalomancy       dice with alphabetical marks
> astromancy           stars
> austromancy          winds
> axinomancy           ax (balanced on a bar)
> belomancy            arrows (with marks or words)
> bibliomancy          randomly selected Bible verses
> botanomancy          plants
> brontomancy          thunder
> capnomancy           ascent/motion of smoke
> cartomancy           playing cards
> catoptromancy        mirrors
> ceneromancy          ashes
> cephalonamancy       boiling an ass head
> cephalomancy         heads
> ceraunomancy         thunderbolts
> ceromancy            forms from melted wax in water
> chalcomancy          brass vessels
> chaomancy            aerial visions
> chiromancy           lines on the palms
> cleromancy           points/marks on thrown dice or beans
> clidomancy           keys
> conchomancy          shells
> coscinomancy         turning of a sieve suspended on shears
> crithomancy          dough of cakes/meal on sacrificial victims
> cromnyomancy         onions
> cryptomancy          hidden methods
> crystallomancy       crystal gazing
> cubomancy            throwing dice

> dactyliomancy        finger rings
> daphnomancy          laurel trees
> demonomancy          devil or demons
> dririmancy           dripping blood

> empyromancy          fire
> enoptromancy         mirror

> foliomancy           tea leaves

> gastromancy          ventriloquism or crystal-gazing
> geomancy             lines/figures from dirt cast on ground
>                           or dots/points drawn at random
> graptomancy          handwriting
> gyromancy            walking round in a circle or ring
>                           until person is dizzy; fortune 
>                           determined by where person falls

> halomancy            salt
>     (alomancy) 
> hematomanc           blood
> hieromancy           observing objects offered in sacrifice
> hydromancy           the tide; motion or appearance of water
>      (ydromancy)
> hyomancy             tongue

> ichnomancy           footsteps/posture/position
> iconomancy           icons
> icthyomancy          heads/entrails of fish
> idolomancy           idols

> knissomancy          incense burning

> lampadomancy         flame of a lamp/torch
> lecanomancy          examining water in a basin
> libanomancy          incense
> lithomancy           stones or stone charms
> logarithmomancy      logarithms
> logomancy            words
> lychnomancy          lamps

> macromancy           largest object nearby
> maculomancy          spots
> margaritomancy       pearls
> mathemancy           counting
> mazomancy            nursing baby (which breast chosen)
> meconomancy          sleep
> meteoromancy         observing meteors or weather features
> metopomancy          human features
> micromancy           smallest object nearby
> mineramancy          minerals
> molybdomancy         dropping molten lead on water
> myomancy             movements of mice

> necromancy           communication with the dead
> necyomancy           summoning Lucifer
> nephromancy          kidneys
> nomancy              letters of a person's name

> odontomancy          teeth
> oenomancy            color/sound/etc. of poured wine
> omphalomancy         number of knots in umbilical cord of
>                           newborn child; shows how many more
>                           children to come
> oneiromancy          interpretation of dreams
> onimancy             fingernails
> onomancy             letters of a name
> onychomancy          fingernails
> oomancy              eggs
> ophiomancy           serpents
> ornithomancy         birds
> oryctomancy          things dug up
> osteomancy           bones
> ouranomancy          the heavens
>     (uranomancy)

> pedomancy            lines on the soles of feet
> pegomancy            bubbles rising in a fountain
> pessomancy           pebbles
> phyllomancy          leaves
> physiognomancy       face
> pneumancy            blowing out candles
> psephomancy          pebbles
> pseudomancy          consciously fraudulent fortune telling
> psychomancy          spirits of the dead
> pyromancy            flame/fire

> retromancy           things seen over one's shoulder
> rhabdomancy          sticks or wands
> rhapsodomancy        verses/poetry

> scapulimancy         charred or cracked shoulder blades
> scatomancy           feces
> schematomancy        human form and appearance
> sciomancy            communication with the dead
> scyphomancy          cup
> selenomancy          moon observation
> sideromancy          stars or burning straws
> sortilege            drawing lots
> spasmodomancy        twitching body
> spatilomancy         animal droppings
> spatulomancy         sheep's shoulder blade
> spheromancy          crystal sphere
> spodomancy           ashes
> stercomancy          seeds in dung
> sternomancy          breastbone
> stichomancy          random lines/passages of books
> stigonomancy         writing on the bark of a tree
> sycomancy            figs

> tephromancy          ashes of a sacrifice
> theomancy            responses of oracles
> theriomancy          wild animals
> topomancy            contour of the land
> trochomancy          wheel tracks
> tyromancy            watching cheese coagulate

> urimancy             urine

> xenomancy            studying 1st stranger who appears
> xylomancy            pieces of wood

> zoomancy              animal behavior
> zygomancy             weights
> Dan Goodman

Yep, i remember rpacticing tyromancy -- it is kinda fun, actually. 
cat yronwode

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