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astrology and the making of a mojo bag

To: alt.lucky.w
From: "John M. Hansen" 
Subject: Re: astrology and the making of a mojo bag
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:05:07 -0400

    The so called 'planetary hours' come from a former method of
keeping time, in which the hours between sun rise and sun set are
divided into twelve, and assigned to the planets in the 'Chaldean
order.'  The system originated in Babylon, and was used by Jewish
Horologists in the manufacture of 'standard' sand glasses, which we
now see in sand clock egg timers.  There was little regularity in
the hours, and the timing of them is far more accurate today than it
ever was in ancient times.
    However, there can only be two Day hours of any planet, and two
Night hours of any planet.  There cannot be three day or three night
hours of a planet.  The day and night hours, according to the oldest
occult and magical authorities have very different uses.  In most
societies of ancient times, until the invention of the mechanical
clock in the 1200's, time during the night was not kept at all,
except by the watches, and then only in the areas of larger cities
where there was a municipal night watch.
    Almost all of our time keeping originated in Babalonia, and was
kept more or less in some similar form, until the calendar was
modified.  Eventually the hours of day and night were codified by
the authority of the Roman Catholic Church about 1000 AD, to insure
that the inhabitants of monasteries and convents said their prayers
at the correct time.  Even then, many cities had their own system,
of time keeping, such as 'watches' of between four to six hours, and
several others.  The planetary hours were retained, like the Jewish
retention of the Babylonian solar - lunar calendar, by the Jewish
community, while the largely Christian community usually had an
entirely different system.
    The Christian occult community adopted the idea of planetary
hours along with their adoption of the Hebrew Cabalah as a mystical
system, due to the influence of Isaac Luria and some of the
Christian (usually Jesuit) popularizes of the Cabalah.
    The planetary hours were brought into Astrology by Al Buruni,
who used them as an example of time keeping in his book on
Best Wishes,
John M Hansen

"J.A. Mitchell"  wrote in message
| Greetings Newsgroup Readers;
| I was taught that the first hour of the planet initiates or
activates the
| work or power of the planetary energy, the second hour pushes or
| the energy and is the most potent, and that the third hour cools
or slows
| the energy of the planet in regards to the work. I use the
| Planetary Hour Guide when working this method.
| I have found the three point method to be very effective with
mojos and all
| other forms of talismantic work as well as candle magic. It is
good to use
| when the work must be done immediately and the day is not ruled by
| planet. Further reflection will show the method cited  can be used
| compensate for *missed*  moon phases as well.
| J.A. Mitchell

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