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Tantra help

To: alt.magick.tantra
From: Ramakrishna Rao 
Subject: Re: Tantra help
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001 02:24:11 GMT

In article <>,
 "Ulrich Wahl"  wrote:

> All i would like to know is how to either not ejactulate or to take longer
> to ejactulate when having intercourse.
> Thanks

There are numerous ways to do this. You'll have to try them to see which 
work best for you. You may find that none of them are automatic and you 
will have to practice either by yourself or with your partner.

1) The M&J "Squeeze" technique.  There is a time known as the moment of 
"ejaculatory inevitability."  This is the point in arousal when your 
body simply will not let you stop having an orgasm. Practice (usually 
throught masturbation) going up to that point, but do not go past it.

Often, this practice alone will help. However, the next step in the 
technique used by Masters and Johnson involves a partner. She (could 
also be done in a gay setting, but I'll describe the het version here) 
sits astride you (you are prone) and you have intercourse until you feel 
you are just about to reach the moment of ejaculatory inevitability. Let 
her know that, and she should come off you and tightly squeeze the penis 
between her thumb and fingers just below the "head" of the penis until 
the sensations are gone and your energy level recedes. Repeat.

2) The "Million Dollar Point." If you feel between your testicals and 
anus, the midway point will have a small indentation. This is the 
perineum. In oriental medicine it is known as the circulation-sex 1 
point. The CS-1 point has been called the million dollar point because 
it will delay orgasm.

In privacy, practice going up to the moment of ejaculatory 
inevitability. Immediately use two or three fingers to press "up" 
(toward the head" on the CS-1 point. Press firmly. The sensation of the 
moment will quickly pass.

3) The "Pull." When you reach that moment, use your thumb and first 
finger to make a circle around the scrotum. The fingers separate the 
testicals (below the ring) and the penis (above the fingers). And 
then... yank down firmly. Again, this should eliminate the physiological 
need to orgasm.

4) The "Cock Ring." Although sold in chrome (which you should NEVER 
use), the best versions of these are made of rubber or velcro. After you 
become erect, roll the rubber ring or attache the velcro loop around the 
base of the penis and behind the testicles. Some people use string or 
fishing line, but I cannot recommend it.

The effect of this ring is that it prevents the blood from draining out 
of the penis, resulting in keeping the erection.

5) Breath and muscle control. For most people, as you approach orgasm, 
your respiration rate quickens and your muscles tense. Pay attention to 
your body. As your breath rate increases, consciously slow down. As your 
muscles tense, consciously allow them to relax.

6) "Kegels." (Pronounced "kay-gills) While this may take the longest 
time to master, it may be the best long-term solution. Simply put, it is 
an actual exercise to strengthen the muscles that give strong erections 
and ejaculations. The technique is simple. To learn it, the next time 
you urinate, use your muscles to cut off the flow. Do this several 
times. These are the muscles you need to exercise.

You can do it any time. Simple flex those muscles. One technique is to 
flex them and then hold for several seconds before you release. Another 
method is to contract tightly and release quickly. Repeat these in sets. 

7) I'm sure other people in this NG will give you some other valuable 


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