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spell to increase a female libido

To: alt.magick.tantra
From: Re O'Stat 
Subject: Re: spell to increase a female libido
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 22:08:14 GMT

In article <>, catherine yronwode 

> E-Mail Querent wrote:
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> > Any spells to increase a female libido?
> This is an interesting quesion, so interesting, that i shall post the
> reply to the usenet magical newsgroups alt.lucky.w, alt.magick.tantra,
> and alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic, with your name deleted, of
> course. 
> Since your name was a female name, i might wonder if your libido is the
> one which you wish to increase. Of course, you may be a lesbian and seek
> to increase the libido of your female partner. Or, less likely, but
> still possible, you may be lying about your gender via the pseudonymous
> nature of email and thus you may be a man asking how to increase the
> libido of your female partner. 
> any case, here you go: 

I have deleted Cat's reply not because it was in any way "bad," but 
because it is very long. I would urge anybody to read her post in order 
to get her view on this.

I would like to make some introductory remarks and then give a simple 
ritual which may help.

Freud was the person who popularized the use of the term "libido" as 
meaning "sexual desire." However, this was not his original meaning of 
the term.

Initially, he felt the libido was an actual, physical, measurable 
energy. He also believed that all (that's right, ALL) psychological 
problems where caused by blockages of this energy.

He came to realize, however, that he could not tell young, unmarried 
women in post-Victorian Europe to masturbate or have sex in order to get 
the energy moving. Nor could he tell wives to masturbate or find 
alternate partners if their husbands could not arouse or satisfy them.

So he changed his theories. He changed libido from being an actual 
energy to being a mere desire. As a result, he had a problem. If libido 
was only a desire and not an energy, how could it be blocked? The answer 
he came up with was a competing desire which was the opposite of sexual 
desire. He called this invented, anti-sexual desire the "death wish."

One of his top students, Wilhelm Reich, went back to using Freud's 
original concept. He broadened the idea of libido to an 
all-encompassing, life-giving energy. He was going to call it (as I 
recall) Orgasmic Energy, but decided to call it Orgone instead. When 
Freud saw what he was doing he called Reich either a fraud or the future 
of the psychoanalytic movement. As Reich moved to a more and more 
Tantric viewpoint, Freud became terrified and wrote the book _Society 
and Its Discontents_ to counter Reich. I believe he was also terrified 
of Jung's spirituality and magic.

So if we go along with Reich's an Freud's original concept of libido, we 
find that it closely matches the idea of kundalini energy. A person, 
male or female, who has kundalini blocked in one of the lower chakras 
may manifest it as inhibited kundalini.

So, how can this be treated?

Part one: Determination of the problem.
Have the person with the problem lie on his/her back
The person should breathe deeply.
Have the person visualize the breath going down through the lungs, to 
the genitals, up the spine, over the head and out the nose. Practice 
this for 5-10 minutes. In order to help this work better, stimulate the 
erotic zones manually. If a man, stroke the lingham. If a woman (as in 
this case), stroke the clitoris and/or G-spot.
If you are trying to help another person, hold your receiving hand in 
the clients aura over each of the chakras. Allow your senses to detect 
any differences: heat, cold, smaller, larger, too much or too little 
energy, etc. Determine which chakras are blocked. If you are working on 
yourself, allow your senses to tell you which of your chakras are 

Part two: Treating the problem
Each of the chakras has a basic or "seed" mantra. The use of the term 
"mantra" is very important. A traditional mantra is not, as popular 
society would have it, simply a repeated phrase. Rather, it is a god or 
goddess in the form of vibration. Knowing the appropriate seed or "bija" 
mantra allows you to invoke the goddess into the chakra (i.e., ask her 
for the healing) as well as stimulate the chakra via vibration designed 
to open it. Since we are dealing with the lower three chakras, the bija 
mantras are, going from bottommost up:
In each case the letter "a" is pronounced as in the word "palm" or as in 

If you are working on another person, continue stimulating him/her. The 
assures that the kundalini/libido energy is being generated and is 
moving. Move your face close to the body and the chakra. Loudly intone 
the seed mantra for the chakra. Thus, for the root chakra, repeatedly 
sound "Lam." It should take an entire breath to complete the mantra. 
Repeat for about five minutes. Do the same with the other chakras using 
the appropriate bija mantra. Pay special attention to any chakras which 
seem blocked. Your breath should go all the way through the aura and 
onto the client's physical body.

Note that although this technique uses manual sexual stimulation, the 
goal is not to induce orgasm. If you wish to do so after this healing 
(either manually, orally or via intercourse), and it is okay with your 
client (you may ask if you want) by all means do.

If you are working on a male client, do not be surprised if even with 
manual stimulation he loses his erection. This is a good sign. His focus 
is on the energy motion and not just on the sex. Besides, the goddess 
honors all hard-ons and all soft-ons.

If you are working on yourself, chances are you will not be able to 
breath the bija mantras into your chakras. In this case the seed sounds 
should be sounded while you visualize the appropriate chakra. You can 
also manually stimulate yourself.

Your experience as a healer and mover of energy, and the receptivity of 
the client will determine how quickly this treatment will solve the 
problem. Several repetitions of this healing work, over days, will 
probably be necessary.

Note that I do not go into the astrology of the situation. Actually, 
that is probably a very good idea. However, the fact that you and your 
client will be working together should help overcome any 



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