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Sex and Mysticism

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From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Subject: Sex and Mysticism (was Sex Magick?)
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 05:40:04 GMT

50001106 Vom

"scot" :
> I have heard about sex Magick, notably about it's use for 
> increasing [spirituality].

usually attempting spiritual achievements, when associated with
spirituality at all.

> I have also heard it justfies promiscuity (sleeping with lots of 
> partners rather than one) as a method to gain [spiritual] awareness?

promiscuity is not necessary to justify, though some condemn it.
usually the practitioners do not describe promiscuity as a factor
in gaining spiritual awareness, though some Taoists (vampiric) do
seem to associate the two.

> If this is true, would lust not affect spirituality? How could a 
> person know if he is driven by the need of [spiritual] harmony or 
> lust?

some magicians think that lust (for results) is poor form, yes.
why not a lust for spiritual harmony? why need they be different?
what do you think that spiritual harmony is? if your lust is
quenched, then does this demonstrate that you were not aiming
for spiritual harmony?

> I guess my interest in it is guided by lust, I don't know. I have 
> gained bliss through sex notably the feeling of melting into 
> oneness with my partner.

this is somewhat different than the bliss of mysticism, which lasts
longer and is associated less with certain actions. it may be
spiritual, but it isn't spirituality entire.

> I don't know if it is spiritual contentment or just physical 
> pleasure. I need to know.

you'd know it by how long it lasts and whether it is associated 
with sex per se. spiritual contentment tends to outlast all other
impressions, proceeds from intentional activities (indulgences,
disciplines), and is evident in the composure and intensity of
the individual who is experiencing it. if your experience is what
is called 'afterglow', then you will experience a 'high' period
for a day or a few days after a sexual encounter. this is normal
healthy sex. hopefully your partner(s) experienced this too.
>I need help to seperate the facts from fiction.
>Can anybody help?

neo-tantrics will at times fail to distinguish between ordinary
sexuality and sexuality put to spiritual ends. in some cases this 
is intentional deception (in which case I'd describe it as sex
education masquerading as tantra) and in others just a 
misunderstanding of spirituality (neo-tantra masquerading as 

ordinary sex can include ecstatic and intensely pleasurable
experiences. this is wonderful as long as the consenting parties
are able to prevent unwanted pregnancy (such as with vasectomies!)
and the transmission of diseases (such as with occasional testing
of those who have multiple partners, getting recommendations, and 
clear communication). this is becoming easier every day with sex 
education and forums where frank discussion about sex can occur.

mysticism is different from ordinary experiences, as it is
typically explained and experienced. its ecstatic experiences
are supposed to result in profound shifts in consciousness,
reconditioning of the personality, and, according to many
religious mystics, some transcendental reality is altered
or becomes perceivable to the individual who experiences
these profound changes. typically this is interpreted within
some religious cosmology, but not always is this the case.

in other words, mystical experiences are often life-changing
events. if you notice that you or your sexual partner(s) make
fundamental changes in your life goals, behaviour, or
otherwise demonstrate a shift in day-to-day perceptions and
values after a particularly intense sexual encounter, then you 
may have had some kind of mystical experience during sex. this 
is not completely unmentioned within mystical literature (as 
the Zen Buddhist boboroshi, known for experiencing what is
called 'satori' during sex with prostitutes, exemplifies).

fuck yes

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