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Mystical Syncretism

To: alt.divination,alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.occult.methods
From: "David Cantu" 
Subject: Re: Mystical Syncretism (was syncretism)
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 21:59:35 GMT

"nagasiva"  wrote in message
> 50010315 Vom
> "David Cantu" :
> > Could it be, that at the root of Kabbalah, at the letters
> > themselves,
> *is* that the "root of Kabbalah"? or is the social and structured
> Jewish mystical culture its root? where and how will you locate
> this "root"?

I start with the speaking shapes.  They Banged me a little over 3 years ago.

> > there is something very real.
> > Bunting on top, but real underneath.
> it is interesting how the various realities behind Hebrew letters
> are described. from a kind of Platonic emanation explaining the
> presence of the cosmos to the cypher by which some reality might
> best be understood, they vary and may take leaps of faith to
> accept if one has no experience to support them.

I only know that once they spoke to me and "revealed" themselves a whole new
light dawned on Kabbalah and the world.  If pressed I would say that
everything is a lower dimensional facet of on higher dimensional fractal
thing and that the Hebrew Alphabet is in some way congruent with the human
race.  It is hard Not to fall into speculation.  look at the bottom of the
page for an example of use and if it interests you I will answer any
questions that you have publicly or privately.

> > Could that be the reason it is not an "impersonation" but the
> > "real thing"?
> you mean that studying Hebrew letters is what it takes to be a
> qabalist?

well they are the heart of that particular system, though there are other
systems, other refractions if you will.

> > Where did those letters come from?
> Israelis?  :>

But is there something deeper, a mauve zone where such things emanate from?

> > Why do they look and organize the way they do?
> do you think there is an intent behind their organization?
> what do you think it was, and whose was it, if so?

Yes, it is a biology lesson, and more, I don't want to limit it.
This is very complex nagasiva, and I have written about it extensively here
and there.  VERY briefly and boringly - after all this is about sex:
A(1) - T(9 which acts as 0 in AICh BKR) are pure male T being a "worm
oroborous" orgasm.  Y(10) is the seed but can be male and/or female. K(20) -
S(60 this is the female orgasm symbol) are female (still 9 symbols due to
O(70) - Tz (90, 900) are intercourse P is pregnancy R is a little "Beth"
without the ground, the unborn child, Sh(300) shows the couple holding the
newly birthed Yod.  Tau bring it to manifest completion.

> are they the speech of some divinity? primal progenators?
> states of consciousness? a sequence of cosmic states? old
> words that got used for an alphabet and numerical system?
maybe dis, maybe dat
but also
A biology lesson
genital functions orgasm(9s) and reproduction.
but also a story of how we got here
don't know if given to us, or just emerged through human consciousness
for a time i figured they were connected with an uplifting attempt made on
protohumans long ago, but i don't hold fast to that, only this:  Seen as an
"alphabet of desire" a great deal comes together.  On the Cain thread I
derived the numbers 1-10 from this view and came to a new understanding of
pictorial words like OTz  ChIIM  the first word is:
Ayin - two lovers copulating in concentration
Tzaddi - the same two lovers in the throws of Orgasm
Cheth Yod - the male will projecting the seed
Yod Mem - the female will projecting the egg
in ChI IM they face one another, thus the tree of life in name is a glyph of
the life creation "formula"


> blessed beast!

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