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Kegels, PC Muscle, and Anal Sphincter Muscles

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From: (nagasiva yronwode)
Subject: Kegels, PC Muscle, and Anal Sphincter Muscles (was Re: Keleg question)
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 19:05:01 GMT

50001107 Vom Mercury abandons retrograde motion! (GaryBoomBaats):
> In performing Kelegs on the PC muscle are the anal muscles soposed 
> to also contract?  I was wondering if this is correct or if I havnt 
> correctly isolated the PC muscle.  Does anyone know?

I think that they are related (more associated with pissing and its
stoppage than with anus) and separating their contractions is both
tricky and perhaps unnecessary.

I consulted the Gehennom Goo at
and searched on "Sexuality", eventually coming up with the Sexuality
Library at and, searching on "kegel", was led
to the FAQ at
within it I found this text:

   c2-2. What are Kegel exercises? How can one increase the force of

   Message-ID: <>
   Date: 6 Oct 91 05:18:11 GMT

   Kegel exercises (pronounced "Kay-gill", in case you ever actually have a
   conversation about them) were invented to give women better bladder
   control. They have a number of useful advantages in sex. In women, they can
   help tighten the vagina, particularly after childbirth. The muscles can
   also be used deliberately during intercourse to stimulate her partner. They
   have a variety of uses for men. As I already mentioned, they strengthen the
   muscles used in seminal retention, making that technique more effective.
   They can make ejaculation more powerful. This may increase male enjoyment
   somewhat and female enjoyment if she is sensitive to it. Deliberate
   twitches during intercourse are also useful for males. Knowing how to force
   relaxation of the muscles can help maintain control and prevent premature
   ejaculation, as well as relieving the muscle cramps that can occur from too
   many ejaculations in succession.

   For females:

   My recollection of the exercise regimen taken from the older ESO book is as
   follows. First you have to identify the PC muscles and get them under
   conscious control. Starting and stopping urination is one method. Inserting
   a finger into the vagina to feel the contractions or watching the movement
   of the erect penis is another. Once it is under control, there are three
   kinds of exercises. The first is to clench the muscle and hold it for two
   seconds before releasing it. The second is to bear down as though
   constipated, using the abdominal muscles to force the PC muscles to relax.
   I find that alternating reps of these two works well. The third exercise is
   a fast twitch of the muscle, with repetitions as close together as
   possible, similar to orgasmic contractions. An initial set of exercises
   consists of 10 repetitions of each exercise. Five sets should be performed
   in a day. As strength improves, the number of repetitions in a set is
   increased. Around 30 repetitions in a set is suggested as a good number for
   retaining good muscle tone. The exercises are unobtrusive and can be
   performed almost anywhere.

   For males:

   Kegel exercises might indeed help with [increasing the force of
   ejaculation]. Here is how they are performed by males. First you have to
   learn to consciously control the muscles. One way of doing this is to use
   them to stop and start urination repeatedly. When you have an erection,
   contracting them causes it to move, making them easy to identify. Once you
   have the muscles identified, there are three types of exercises to do:
    1. try contracting the muscles and holding them that way for a slow count
       of ten. You may not be able to last that long at first, but that is why
       you are exercising.
    2. force them to relax by bearing down as though you were constipated and
       trying to force a bowel movement.
    3. twitch (contract and release) the muscles as fast as you can ten times
       in a row. I find that it works well to alternate each of the first type
       with one of the second type. I don't recall how many of these are
       recommended. Something like ten of each to start, eventually working up
       to a hundred.

   In addition to the possibility of increasing the force of ejaculation,
   these may increase the number of contractions and the total enjoyment. The
   same muscles can also be used to reduce the amount of semen in an
   ejaculation by contracting them as hard as possible during it. This leaves
   a less than satisfied feeling, usually accompanied by an urgent desire for
   another orgasm 10 to 20 minutes later. This can be useful if your partner
   wants more sex than you do. Supposedly, increasing the strength of the
   muscles can increase this effect to allow quite a few orgasms in a row.

also there I found Dr. Jack Morin's presentation, "Clinical Aspects of
Anal Sexuality," at , which 
indicated that

   ...there [are] two anal sphincter
   muscles: the internal sphincter, which is on the inside, and the external
   sphincter, which is on the outside. Now, it's important to know this
   distinction for anyone who's going to be an anal explorer. Because the
   external sphincter is under central nervous system control, most of us
   (unless we're totally out of touch with the area) just by tuning in and
   sort of deciding to release can learn to relax the external sphincter quite
   easily. The internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous
   system, so you may be able to relax the external sphincter and not be able
   to relax the internal one. It also seems to be the internal sphincter that
   stores up tension and stress on a cumulative basis; the anus often becomes
   what I call a tension zone - very similar to those of us who get the neck
   and shoulder thing, or the back thing, or the stomach thing, or wherever
   our tension zone may be. That mainly shows up in the internal sphincter. It
   really is the chronic internal sphincter tension that is a major, major
   cause of hemorrhoids, which we'll talk about later.

   You can see by this drawing that the external sphincter does have layers to
   it, and kind of wraps around the internal sphincter; they're very closely
   linked together. You can't see it in this drawing, but you sort of can see
   it in the tiny drawings of the male and female pelvis here, where in a very
   schematic way it shows how the external sphincter is connected to the PC
   muscle, the pubococcygeus, the one we exercise in Kegel exercises. It's
   directly connected. And so if these muscles are tense, then what is it
   doing to our ability to enjoy orgasm when all those muscles that are
   supposed to let go are chronically constricted?

   With the next illustration, I want to get you oriented here with the
   rectum, because if there's going to be intercourse or insertion of objects
   or a hand or whatever, then we're getting into the rectum. This lower
   left-hand drawing shows the relationship of things. There's the descending
   colon, then there's that S-shaped sigmoid colon just up above the rectum,
   and then the anal opening. You can also see in this drawing on the bottom
   right something that's very important - a muscle called the pubo-rectal
   sling. It anchors to the pubic bone on one side, goes around and wraps
   behind the back of the rectum, and comes back and anchors on the pubic bone
   in the front and the other side. It supports the rectum, and its other
   function is that it's responsible for the majority of our ability to hold
   back having a bowel movement even if we need to. It's not mainly the
   sphincters that do that job; it's mainly the job of the pubo-rectal sling,
   but the pubo-rectal sling can also become chronically tense, and you can
   imagine by looking at this drawing how, when it contracts, it sort of
   squishes the rectum. This, I'm convinced, is a very significant cause of
   constipation as well as not being able to enjoy the insertion of objects
   into the rectum.

   If you go to the next drawing, you can see another crucial thing to keep in
   mind and communicate to anyone who talks to you about this stuff: that the
   rectum is not a straight tube. It's not the same in everyone - obviously,
   everyone's a little different on everything - but generally it takes two
   major curves along its length. You can see in this next drawing that if you
   insert an object or a penis in the wrong angle it will run into the wall
   just before the first rectal curve, and you're going to get a lot of pain.
   Some people try anal sex experimentally without learning about it first;
   when I have a chance to talk to them and ask them to focus a bit, they'll
   identify the pain of trying to go through the constricted sphincters (and
   that's pretty excruciating), but some will say that after they learn how to
   relax the sphincters they still feel a pain deeper inside - and that's it.
   That's what it is in almost every case, and this problem is exaggerated
   when you have excess tension in that pubo-rectal sling.

   You also need to be aware that the rectum is not normally a storage area
   for feces; they're stored in the colon just above the rectum. When pressure
   builds up there's another sphincter leading into the rectum (at the top)
   that opens up, and then the feces start to descend and create the full
   feeling that signals us it's time to go poop. If it's not convenient for us
   to go poop we'll contract that pubo-rectal sling, and to some extent the
   sphincter muscles as well. After bowel movements (depending on the
   consistency of the feces and other factors) there is sometimes some
   leftover feces in the rectum, but it's not a storage area for it.

so my initial perception of there being more than one muscle involved appears
to be correct. there is an interior and an exterior sphincter on the ass, and
the exterior sphincter is connected to the the pubococcygeus (or 'PC') muscle.
when I've exercized this muscle-set (I haven't done anything too disciplined)
I've contracted the anal sphincters simultaneously. I think it is valuable
not only to learn how to CONTRACT them but also how to RELAX them. due to 
social standards about elimination and what I agree with Dr. Jack Morin above
are anal taboos, many of us carry tension in our anal sphincters. this seems
to be true about many orafices (wry mouths being an oral example). learning
how to relax generally includes learning how to relax all bodily muscles
including those which serve us well in keeping our community free from disease.

however, I have noticed a difference in the urinary and defecatory sphincters,
and think that they can be separated by those interested in so doing (I've
heard testimony to this effect and my limited experience bears it out).

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