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To: alt.magick.tantra,alt.magick.tyagi
From: catherine yronwode 
Subject: Re: Karezza
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 17:55:46 GMT

Re O1Stat wrote:
> wrote:
> > Re O'Stat  wrote:
> >
> > > The edition I have of has a copyright of 1973. I don't know if it 
> > > is legal to publish w/o permission.
> >
> > Which of the two books do you mean?
> > If you mean "Karezza," I'm covered; the edition I'm working from is
> > copyright 1896 and is now in the public domain.> >
> I was referring to the book by Lloyd

The original Lloyd book was published circa 1932-35 (i don't have it
handy to look up right now). It was reprinted sans copyright in a direct
facsimile edition in the 1960s by Health Reserach of Mokelumne Hill (an
outfir similar to today';s Kessinger Publishing). The copyright on the
1973 edition is spurious -- or, at best, it only applies to the quirks
and layout changes inherent in that edition. I have a copy of the Health
Reserach facsimile edition and would loan it out for scanning if i could
mirror the HTML version at my site. 

Ditto for George Washington Savory's amazing and rare "Hell on Earth
Made Heaven or The Marriage Secrets of a Chicago Contractor" (1905): It
is in the public domain and is a very valuable tract on what the author
refers to as "passive copulation" and "bosom love." I would loan it out
(a much more risky proposition for me due to its rarity) in return for
getting it back in one piece (!!!) and being able to mirror the HTML at
my site. 

Shirley, you said you were unfamiliar with these books -- basically,
Lloyd was a student of Stockham, knew her personally and worked with
her, although he was much younger. His book, "Karezza, the Art of
Magnetation" deals with the sexual techniques a little more forthrightly
than Stokham does, and also devotes quite a lot of space to the subject
of male control of orgasm (avoidance of premature ejaculation). The
language in which it is written is quite poetic and heart-felt. The term
"Magnetation" in the book's title is Lloyd's coinage from "magnetism"
and "meditation." 

Savory's book is not directly connected to Stockham -- that is, unlike
Lloyd, the author makes no mention of Stockham or karezza per se -- but
circumstantial evidence indiactes that Savory was also a student of
hers. For instance, the name "Chicago Contractor" points toward
Stockham's home-base in Chicago, and the author says that the "Chicago
Contractor" is now an elderly man -- which, since the book was published
in 1905, would place him in Chicgo during Stockham's lifetime.
Textually, the Chicago Contractor's tale of how adopting karezza (under
the name "passive copulation") leads him to quit smoking and his wife to
stop wearing corsets is VERY Stockhamesque. In any case, Savory is a
Christian who advocates marital fidelity, passive copulation, oral sex,
and breast suckling ("bosom love") as sure routes to a direct experience
of Heaven, with the added physical benefits of greater love, improved
health, and better children. The book is written as if in several
voices, with the Chicago Contractor, his wife, their doctor, and their
minister taking turns advocating the system, explaining the tehniques,
and testifying to the results of dedication to this path. One chapter,
written in the form of the wife's letter of sexual and spiritual advice
to her sister, who is on the verge of divorce, is very compelling and
may have actually been written by a woman (Savory's wife?). 

cat yronwode 

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