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To: "tyaginator" 
From: "Luis Castillo" 
Subject: Re: Intelligence
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2000 22:16:12 -0000

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From: tyaginator 
Date: Saturday, March 18, 2000 1:52 AM
Subject: Intelligence

>I'm sorry, but somehow I never saw your response to this query and I'd
>like to properly archive your quote. could you provide me with the data
>on title, publication data, page numbers, if you have them? sorry for
>any inconvenience. thanks.
No es problema. With pleasure:

Title" The Mystery of the Golden Blossom
ISBN: 1-881219-01-1
Author; Samael Aun Weor
The books of Samael Aun Weor cannot be found in regular stores, but I think
you can find it in Amazon. Nevertheless if you have any problem, there is a
telephone number: 1800-9GNOSIS.
Also you can try in Masachuset with


> (tyaginator)
>Hi, Thanks for posting this. As with the other book by Weor, can you
>provide publication data? I'd appreciate it greatly.
>Luis Castillo wrote:
>> Magic esoteric procreation without seminal ejaculation, ideoplastic
>> impregnation of a fetus, should be animated by the intelligence desire to
>> secure the most characteristic atributes and the possibility of a long
>> full of light and liveliness for the offspring........
>> The appropiate moment to engender healthy and intelligent children lies
>> the upward curve of life, in wich the marvelous Essence of the infant is
>> carried by the grand breath of the Sun in the delicate, jubilant
>> resurrection of great nature, where it will be reincorporated in the
>> flowering of Universal life.
>> It is written with words of fire that the potency of action and physical
>> psychic energy reaches magical procreation in a very special way in the
>> ascendant quarter of May at sunrise.
>> The so-called "children from the wedding night", or those unfortunate
>> who were begotten after lavish banquets and drunken binges, are carries
>> very inferior spiritual values..........
>> Neurotics, those who suffer from all types of complexes, cowards,
>> misanthropes, schizophrenics, masochits, all kinds of murderers, hardened
>> drinkers, homosexuals, lesbians, dullards, imbecils and idiots who, in
>> adition to their loathsome defects have weak and deformed bodies,
>> from ill-omened and abominable cohabitation or else from the concurrence
>> venereal diseases.........
>> The uncontrolled procreation of "children in instances of intoxication
>> unconsciousness", frequentely under the depraved influence of alcohol,
>> as a curse on subsequent generations.......
>> Only when Adam-Eve live in a state of edifying and essentially dignified
>> Self-Exaltation is that interchange of living forces produced through
>> cell wich actually achieves the birth of a "child of the sun", a
>> beautiful and spiritual blessed creature........
>> It is really unthinkable that man, who as a livestock breeder, cattleman
>> gardener, excercises the greatest care to produce the best specimens of
>> beats and the most beautiful, variegated and fragrant fruits and plants
>> through the selection and crossbreeding of the most select products and
>> seeds, generally excludes this type of care, diligence and attention in
>> very generation of his own kind.
>> The quality of the semen is intimately associated with the power of
>> imagination; if the crime of spilling this marvelous elixir is commited,
>> the creative faculty, the translucence, the imagination are impoverished.
>> Then it is impossible to maintain any beautiful image in the mind with
>> same  freshness wich we could use to give life and form to a new radiant
>> creature.
>> Plato, who in his Banquet calls the doctrine of beauty "the mysteries of
>> Eros", defines Love as the Divine appetite suggested to man by a Great
>> Universal power wich manages to fill his hearth with enthusiams for the
>> creation of healthy and beautiful children...............
>> It is known that on a monthly basis in phase with the moon, an egg is
>> released from a woman's uterus wich causes a hemorrhage. An ovum,
>> unfertilized by a spermatozoon, finally leaves the uterus after few days
>> a new vital rhythm begins. We have been told that at the point where the
>> ovum is released, a so-called infinitesimal "yellow body" is formed.
>> This is the marvelous fruit wich possesses the precious substance of
>> potency from wich the whole body obtains an energizing and structured
>> result. The blood stream as well as all the vital cells are, in a manner
>> speaking, electrically charged anew. The more chaste the woman is, the
>> she transmutes and sublimates sexual energy, the more she produces within
>> her a physical and spiritual revival.
>> Undoubtedly the more spasms and orgams she has will produce a decrease in
>> the structuring internal secretion. The valuable organic nuclei of the
>> genital glands cannot then be transformed into that ethereal substance of
>> delicate tissue wich gives the physical cells of the body their tendion
>> capacity for renewal, so premature aging and illnesses
>> (Extracted from "The Mystery of the Golden Blossom" by Samael Aun Weor)
>> Peace
>> Luis
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