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From: tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (tyagi mordred nagasiva)
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Subject: Eet This TOPEEphiles (Was Re: temple of the psychic youth)
Date: 49940926

1> What is Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth?

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) is an organization of Individuals
dedicated to updating and de-mystifying religious thought. We are also
dedicated to creating a world where Individuals can be free to express
themselves by whatever means they wish to. We wish to break Control at all
levels. We experiment with whatever methods we can utilize to accomplish
these goals - magick, technology, poetry, musick, whatever!
After existing as an unrecognized entity for over ten years, TOPY 
incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in early 1993. 

2> What does TOPY do?
A large part of the work of TOPY involves networking with others of TOPY
around the world. Information is power and the more Information that flows
thru the network, the more power the network will have. We share our
experience, hopes, dreams, and desires. We will all grow together.
As an extension of this philosophy, members of TOPY also make time once
a month (usually on the 23rd) to perform a sigil ritual that constitutes a
psychick contact with the rest of the network. It is the performance of this
ritual that defines an "active" member of TOPY.

3> What are the beliefs of TOPY?
TOPY has no imposed belief structure. We are all Individuals, and as such
may believe whatever we like. For the most part, people that are attracted
to TOPY do feel a certain sense of rejection from society, and a desire to
break the chains imposed on them by that society. As such, we have a
disproportionate amount of artists, musicians, writers, computer programmers,
and the like in our midst.

4> Is TOPY allied with any other groups?
TOPY is not formally aligned with any other occult groups whatsoever. 

5> What does the Psychick Cross mean?
The Psychick Cross is a symbol of TOPY. That is its main meaning. 
It can also represent a trinity, a reversal of the Papal Cross (ie: two
long crossbars and one short), and a TV aerial (receiver and transmitter of
information). No meaning is imposed upon it by the group.

6> What is a Coyote? Kali? or Eden?
All these terms are used for someone who is active in the network. They are
usually used with a number (ie: Coyote129). The numbers have no meaning in
and of themselves, they are merely a means to differentiate between
Individuals. Coyotes are generally localized to the USA, Eden and Kali are
used internationally.

7> What do "ratios" mean?
The ratio system as developed by TOPY is designed to help focus the work of
the network by keeping access to information with those who use the
information. This does not mean that it is restricted from those who do
not! All channels of information are available to anyone at any time. Ratio
Zero is that information that does not require any involvement in the
Temple to receive. Ratio Zero is the Flatworld. This document is Ratio
Zero. Ratio One is the key to the Temple. This is where information related
to the Individuals magickal work is transmitted and received. ALL HIGHER
RATIOS are based on Ratio One. Ratio Two is working magickally with other
Individuals. This can be by working with APs or with others that have
realized Ratio One. Ratio Three is your Ratio Two group reaching out to
interact with others in the Ratio Two level, as well as attempting to
interact with the Flatworld (Ratio Zero). Please note that these channels
are not related to TOPY alone. If you work within a Coven, then you are
working at Ratio Two. If you are helping your Coven to contact and network
with other Covens, or even other groups of no relation then you are working
at Ratio Three.

8> Why does TOPY spell funny?
A common belief in TOPY is in the magickal power of language. We feel that
the manipulation of everyday phrases can break the automatic loop of
"speaking without thought". We wish to control our own words, our thoughts,
and expression. We can do this by consciously changing the language to meet
our needs. 

9> What role does Psychick TV and Genesis P-Orridge play in TOPY?
Genesis helped found the Temple many years ago, as an outgrowth of his 
own Ratio One work. It has since grown far beyond his expectations. He holds
no special status within the Temple, and is not currently an active member.
Psychick TV was originally founded as the "propaganda arm" of TOPY. It 
served this function well until Genesis decided to terminate his relationship
with the Temple. The ideas and methods that were in use in PTV are still in
use in other, less sensational, propaganda efforts of TOPY. PTV never had any
official connection to the Temple as it manifested in North America.

10> What can i read to find out more?
Required reading for those interested in TOPY is the GreyBook. It is the 
central document of TOPY, and explains much about the underlying ideas to the
actions that the Temple manifests. It is available from TOPYsothis in hardcopy
form, and can also be ftp'ed from the site below.
Beyond the GreyBook, the Temple produces a quarterly magazine. It contains
information on what TOPY has been up to, as well as a collection of articles 
written by allies and active members. Write the Station for more info.
Most of the literature of the Temple from 1980-1990 will be online by June

11> What do i need to do to find out more?
        Contact any of these addresses:
        Station TOPYNA: Box 33565, San Diego, CA 92163-3565
        Access Point TOPYsothis, Box 410724, SFCA, 94141-0724
        Access Point TOPYSexT, Box 14334 #166, Austin, TX 78761
        Access Point TOPYBabylon, Box 3024, Fullerton, CA 98411-1327 , BBS: 415.431.7541
                                2300 Market St #93, SF, CA 94114
        Station 23, Box 687, Halfway, Sheffield, S19 5UX, England
        Der Tempel, Box 1912, 5200 BX Den Bosch, Holland
        TOPYChaos, Box A1441, Sydney South, NSW 2000, Australia

also, TOPYdigital mantains an FTP site on the Internet:
look for information in the directory /pub/alamut
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nagasiva, tyagi
tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (I@AM)

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