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Basic Techniques of Sex Magick -- by Joshua Geller

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From: (joshua geller)
Subject: sex magick 

                  Basic Techniques of Sex Magick
The main requirement for doing any kind of sex magick (one could
almost say any kind of magick whatsoever) is the ability to concen-
trate single-mindedly, ie with no other thoughts at all intruding.
This ability is developed by the practice of dhyana yoga or a similar art.
The clearest instruction on basic yoga that I have seen is 'eight 
lectures on yoga' by aleister crowley.
when doing any type of sex magick you should formulate your 'telos'
(purpose) clearly beforehand, concentrate on it single-mindedly and
'background' it. during sex concentration is best directed towards
the matter at hand (or whatever); I have founf it to be more than 
ordinarily important to stay 'in the moment' (ie, neither think of 
past events or future events, but just what is occurring at the
present moment). at orgasm the telos should overwhelm the mind, if
you are doing it correctly your mental state will approach dhyana at 
this point.
masturbatory sex magick --- VIII degree OTO
formulate your telos, background it. begin sexual stimulation. 
at orgasm:
(males) the telos should overwhelm your mind; the semen can
either be consumed (eaten) or used to charge a prepared talisman
(which, needless to say, should also express your telos).
(females) with each orgasm the telos should overwhelm your mind; 
as the orgasm recedes background again (repeat until done). the
vaginal fluids can be treated in the same fashion as the semen 
(see above).
this technique is particularly well adapted to the creation of
'magickal children', 'spirits' dedicated to a specific purpose.
In fact, it is a qabalistic idea dating  (at least) to abulafia 
that every time one masturbates one creates a spirit (and for
this reason abulafia said 'you shouldn't masturbate' and to this
day chasidic jews (who incorporate a lot of qabalistic stuff into their
trip) aren't (theoretically) supposed to).
heterosexual sex magick --- IX degree OTO
it is possible for one participant to do this with the other completely
unaware of what is going on; I find this ethically questionable. from
a strictly practical viewpoint, however, if you are going to use another
person to do something like this (let's not mince words) it is best that
they be _completely_ ignorant of what you are doing; partial awareness
could adversely affect the performance or result of the working.
assuming both the male and the female participant are conscious of
the working, the telos should be agreed upon beforehand, concentrated
upon, and backgrounded by both participants. the male participant's 
orgasm should be delayed as long as possible (there are various tech-
niques for doing this; a good one is described in 'stations of the tide' by 
michael swanwick pp 86 ff (paperback edition (Avon books 1992))). multiple
orgasms in the female participant are desireable. after the male
participant ejaculates, the mixed fluids are taken up by him via 
cunnilingus (and it is well if this is prolonged also)  and shared 
with the female participant (in a kiss). this elixir is then consumed.
part of it can also be used to charge a prepared talisman.
there are slightly different formulae employed depending on whether 
the female participant is menstruating or not (in fact indian tantrics
differentiate 16 seperate formulae depending on where in her menstrual
cycle a woman is (pandunath, personal communication)).
crowley developed several formulae of homosexual sex magick (XI degree
OTO); I am inclined myself to describe the XI degree OTO as whatever 
one personally has the most inhibitions built up against. with  crowley
it was taking the receptive position in anal intercourse (I would not,
however deny that this is an *extremely* powerful formula, due mostly
(I think) to the highly absorptive character of the rectum), for John
Dee and Edward Kelley (and their wives) it was wife swapping. for a
very high kinsey gay person it might well be heterosexual sex; whatever
it is for each individual its first use is always characterized by
the breaking down of barriers and it remains a powerful formula



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