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Drug-Related Network Resources

Newsgroups: alt.drugs
From: (Lamont Granquist)
Subject: [ FAQ ] Network Resources
Date: 49941028

                        DRUG-RELATED NETWORK RESOURCES
   Mail updates/corrections to If your site is
   listed here and the description is not accurate, please send me some
   information. The more participation from the net, the more accurate
   this thing will be
   This document's home is at:
   Another WWWable table of related network resources is available on It is maintained by and used to be frequently posted to the net.
NOTICE which was previously one of the two major archive sites
   for alt.drugs has moved to contains the
   FAQs and much other information. Please use before
   posting requests to the net. As it is popular the site sometimes is
   slow to respond or locks up -- please be patient and try again...
   Also Note: is now if
   it doesn't work, you might try -- they've been
   having difficulties with propogation.
Table Of Contents

     * WWW Servers
     * FTP Sites
     * Gopher Servers
     * E-Mail File Servers
     * Telnet Servers
     * Mailing Lists
     * Newsgroups
     * IRC Bots
     * Organizations on the Net
WWW Servers

          The stein1 server has been updated to contain a hypertext
          version of Alexander T. Shulgin's Phenethylamines i Have Known
          And Loved, and Nicholas Saunders' E is for Ecstasy. It also
          has Data Sheets on various chemicals (under construction), an
          indexed collection of net articles and is the home of the
          Network Resources FAQ. Most of the information on this site is
          unique to it, and it recieves about 400 requests and transfers
          about 4-5 megs/day. All info is searchable through a
          forms-interface using Glimpse. It can be accessed through the
          site's main welcome page.
          The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. The
          MAPS newletters are online here, along with chapter 42 of
          Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved by Alexander and Ann

          This site provides text files, binaries, and links to other
          drug resources on the net. It's changing nearly daily and
          contributions are welcome. We will attempt to mirror the
          contents of and as possible. (Check
          out the T-shirt!)

 is primarily a FTP site right now, and contains
          all the files formerly on See the section on FTP
          Sites for more details.

          Political Information: excerpts from The Emporer Wears No
          Clothes, drug testing info, Resolution for Peace, etc...

          MurpleWeb: Drugs. Links to other sites, and some information
          off of the net. Check out the MurpleWeb Home Page.

          The California Hemp Initiative.

          Currently just 4 dextromethorphan, LSD and XTC files.

          Terence McKenna's Alien Dream Time.

          Caffiene Injection courtesy of Quadralay Corp.
          (alt.drugs.caffiene FAQ, .gif of Caffeine, and other info...)

          Caffiene, Coffee and the alt.drugs.caffeine FAQ.

          This is another network resources document maintained by


          Eric Akawie's Lick This Screen collection of blotter art.

          John Vinopal's Just Say N2O html document on nitrous oxide.
          Electronic Edition of the Mary Jane 'zine...

          Various FAQs, LSD: My Problem Child, The Psychedelic
          Experience, and other files. Check out his homepage --
          particularly if you've got a graphical WWW client.

          looks like another page of links to other stuff (under
          construction apparently).

          Lots of information on nootropic drugs collected from the net.

          'Chatty' article on nootropics aka 'smart drugs'.

          Neurosciences Internet Resources Guide. Also available at


          List of Indigent Drugs.
FTP Sites

   NOTE: if you do not have access to FTP these files can be accessed
   through e-mail. Send a single-line message of 'help' to, or An example:

prompt% mail
~Subject: does not matter
reply yourname@yoursite
connect anonymous yourname@yoursite
chdir /drugs/faqs

   If you're browsing this in mosaic, please disregard.

 now contains all of the files which were
          previously on and is being primarily maintained by
          Chris Klausmeier (, who ran the
 archive. is the major repository for
          the alt.drugs FAQs. is also the site of the
          alt.rave archive site. It is also accessable via gopher and
          WWW. See the alt.rave FAQ for more information on what raves
 has been moved to
 is the other major FTP site for alt.drugs. There
          appears to be minimal overlap between the two archives. There
          is an emphasis on on FAQs, political files and .gifs, but it
          contains significant amounts of information in other areas.
 is accessable by gopher.
 contains all of part 2 of Alexander T.
          Shulgin's book Phenethylamines i Have Known And Loved.
 contains numerous files relating to the
          politics of prohibition with a focus on the War on Drugs. The
          archive is searchable via doing a 'whois' to site
          '' with the keyword 'word' which will return a
          list of all files on the site with 'word' in their filepath. It
          also contains other interesting files in
". Also accessable via gopher.
          'finger' for more up-to-date
          Lots of files on hemp + pot. Looks pretty comprehensive.
 has FAQs, GIFs, and some miscellanous files. It
          also has a marijuana growers guide in finnish.
 contains a dozen or so files on the
          political aspects of the War on Drugs.
 contains a dozen or so files on drugs. It
          includes Albert Hofmann's LSD My Problem Child. And is
          accessable by gopher.
 is the archive site of the leri-l list. Some
          metaprogramming and Timothy Learyesque stuff can be found here.
          E-mail with "subscribe leri" in the body
          of the message to be placed on the mailing list.
 is the new location of the old
 archive site. It contains assorted
          prohibition and other drug related files.
          National criminal justice review project. Contains the text of
          the Research Triangle Institute DARE study (darerep.txt)
 is the mind-l mailing list archive site. They
          have a specific section in the ftp site on nootropic drugs.
          the LSD-51.hqx in a hypertext zine commemerating LSD's 51st
Gopher Servers

 can also be accessed by FTP, and it is one of the
          two major archive sites. See the section on FTP Sites for more
          info on this archive.
          Name=Pharmacological Cornucopia

 can also be accessed by FTP. See the section
          on FTP Sites for more info on this archive.

          Name=Other Political Information
 can also be accessed by FTP. See the section
          on FTP Sites for more info on this archive.
          Name=Chris Klausmeier's alt.drugs archive

          Name=Brian Behlendorf's Techno/Rave archive
 can also be accessed by FTP or WWW. See the
          section on WWW Servers for more info on this archive.
          Name=About High Times News

          High Times on the net.
          Name=Justice Department

          Name=Federal Information Resources
          This is the Justice Department's gopher server. Check under
          "Bureau of Justice Statistics Documents" for documents
          containing hard statistics on drugs, prisons, police, and
          crime. This site contains comprehensive resources on most
          federal government agencies.
          Name=United States Federal Register

 contains the United States Federal
          Register. This includes announcements by the DEA as the the
          scheduling of controlled substances. A suggestion would be to:
         1. select the Fed Reg by Yearly Quarters
         2. select the Quarter of interest (e.g. 94Q1)
         3. select an Agency Search...
         4. ... on the keywords: "drug and enforcement".
 has a database of Material Safety Data
          Sheets. There is an alternative entrypoint (but i'm not sure of
          what use it is). I also have no clue as to how to access this
          data via gopher and not via WWW.
          Name=Material Safety Data Sheets

 is another site with a database of Material
          Safety Data Sheets.
E-Mail File Servers

    UMACRC Mailserver
          This is the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Cannabis
          Reform Coalition mailserver. Mail a message with the pattern
          "{{{readme}}}" contained in the subject line to

   Piss List
          This is the Usenet Piss List of companies policies WRT testing
          for illegal drugs. Mail a mesage to with "send"
          in the subject.
Telnet Servers
          This is simply a Telnet port into the . To use it
          login as user 'gopher'.
          This is a dialout site from which you can connect to "On Earth
          As It Is In Hell BBS." Do (c)all to number 22592, and hit
Mailing Lists

          This list is supposed to be for Timothy Learyesque discussions
          of Metaprogramming. It is rarely apprears as advertised to the
          new subscriber. Mail a message to with
          "subscribe leri" in the body of the message to sub to this
          list. They have an archive site at
   Island Group
          The Island Group is an association of individuals dedicated to
          the creation of a psychedelic subculture. Their based on the
          1961 novel, Island by Aldous Huxley. Mail
 to be subscribed to the mailing list.
          This list is for the discussion of mind-altering techniques
          with a focus on mind machines and biofeedback equipment. Mail
 with only "subscribe mind-l your
          name" in the body of the mail. They have an archive site at

          The drugabus mailing list is a forum for issues relating to
          community drug abuse education and the epidemiology and study
          of drug abuse. It is run by the Office of Substance Abuse
          Studies at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. VM BitNet
          users can subscribe with the command TELL LISTSERV AT UMAB
          SUBSCRIBE DRUGABUS your name here. Other BitNet and Internet
          users can subscribe by sending e-mail to
          with no subject and only the words: subscribe drugabus your
          name here in the body of the mail.

   alt.drugs: general discussion of drugs, emphasis on recreational use.
   alt.drugs.chemistry: synthesis, extractions, etc.
   alt.drugs.pot: smoking it and growing it for recreational purposes.
   alt.drugs.culture: trip stories, music, etc, etc, etc...
   alt.drugs.psychedelics: MDMA, LSD, DMT, Shrooms, (Ketamine?), etc...
   alt.psychoactives: more neuropharmacologically inclined discussion.
   alt.hemp: cannabis use as food, fuel and fiber (smoking and growing
          covered by alt.drugs.pot)
   talk.politics.drugs: political discussion of drugs only.
     medical discussion of pharmaceuticals.
     medical psychoactives (antidepressants,
          anxiolytics, neuroleptics, etc)
     general medical discussion.
   alt.consciousness: discussions on consciousness.
   alt.rave: discussion of the underground rave culture.
   alt.drugs.caffeine: the most often overlooked drug on the planet.
   alt.caffeine: obsolete newsgroup, please remove and supersede by
     caffeinated and decaffeinated.
   alt.smokers: cigarettes -- the preferred nicotine delivery system of
   alt.drunken.bastards: *lots* of beer.
   rec.crafts.brewing: making your own beer.
   alt.drugs.usenet: Usenet as a drug
IRC Bots/Channels

   FryBot, Cheech, Chong
          Do "/msg Cheech help" (or same message to any of the other
          bots) to get help on how to use them. Cheech and Chong both
          have fairly complete mirrors of These bots live
          on #drugs.
Organziations on the Net

          The e-mail address of the Multidisciplinary Association for
          Psychedelic Studies is either (Sylvia
          Thyssen, who handles memberships among other responsibilities)
          or (Rick Doblin).
   High Times Magazine
          The e-mail address of High Times is
   Island Group
          The e-mail address of Island Group is
   San Diego Hemp Council
          The e-mail address of the sdhc is
   October 9, 1994 |

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