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a.mgk KREEEPING OOzE FAQ #11: "Who is Melkizedek?  (Order, etc.)"

What follows is a compended file of posts on the subject of Mlchzdk
(Melchizedek).  I've kept the email addresses of the authors where
possible and eliminated duplication where it would not impact the
meaning.  My comments are in [BRACKETS].  Enjoy.


[REF-ORG: Order of Melchizedek]


On Melchizedek

Melchizedek is mentioned in the Bible in both the old and new Testaments.
The Bible says of him that he "had no beginning and had no end".  What is
preached from the Christian pulpits is that, since he was both king and
high priest, he was an Old Testament foreshadowing of the coming of the

The "no beginning and no end" part is usually glossed over because no one
wants to tackle the issue of immortality - in the Christian arena, at least.
Melchizedek is also mentioned in Biblical Archaelogy journals and books,
the Zohar, and the book by Dr. Philip S. Berg, _The Power of Aleph Beth_.
Berg is a Qabalist and a physicist.  You might enjoy his writings.

The Order

The Order conducts all its business under the name "The Sanctuary of
the Beloved" and is comprised primarily of people who are interested in
teaching and healing as metaphysical art forms.  We have among our ranks
many who are Reiki Masters, holistic healers and massage therapists -
people who desire to heal their fellow man and the earth.

The Order of Melchizedek is not like the Golden Dawn or OTO.  A great many
magical concepts are discussed at Order seminars, but no one ever says the
word "magick".   There is nothing "secret" about the Order.

The Order phone # is 716-346-5770.

Anyone who desires further information regarding the Order can call
this number and they will be able to talk to someone and request
information.  If no one is in, they can either leave their name
and address on the answering machine (and information will be sent)
or they can send a fax at the sound of the tone.
[REF-TEXT: Bible Verses containing reference:]

{From NRSV}

[Genesis 14:17-20]

# After his return from the defeat of Chedorlaomer and the kings who were
# with him, the king of Sodom went out to meet him at the Valley of Shaveh
# (that is, the King's Valley).  And King Melchizedek of Salem brought out
# bread and wine; he was priest of God Most High.  He blessed him and said,
# "Blessed be Abram by God Most High, maker of heaven and earth; and blessed
# be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand!" And
# Abram gave him one tenth of everything.

[Psalms 110:4]

# The LORD has sworn and will not change his mind, "You are a priest forever
# according to the order of Melchizedek."

[Hebrews 5:6-11]

# he says also in another place, "You are a priest forever, according
# to the order of Melchizedek."
# In the days of his flesh, Jesus offered up prayers and supplications, with
# loud cries and tears, to the one who was able to save him from death, and
# he was heard because of his reverent submission.  Although he was a Son,
# he learned obedience through what he suffered; and having been made perfect,
# he became the source of eternal salvation for all who obey him, having been
# designated by God a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.
# About this we have much to say that is hard to explain, since you have
# become dull in understanding.

[Hebrews 6:20]

# ...where Jesus, a forerunner on our behalf, has entered, having become a
# high priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek.

[Hebrews 7:1-28]

# This "King Melchizedek of Salem, priest of the Most High God, met Abraham
# as he was returning from defeating the kings and blessed him"; and to him
# Abraham apportioned "one-tenth of everything." His name, in the first
# place, means "king of righteousness"; next he is also king of Salem, that
# is, "king of peace."  Without father, without mother, without genealogy,
# having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but resembling the Son
# of God, he remains a priest forever.
# See how great he is! Even Abraham the patriarch gave him a tenth of the
# spoils.  And those descendants of Levi who receive the priestly office
# have a commandment in the law to collect tithes from the people, that is,
# from their kindred, though these also are descended from Abraham.
# But this man, who does not belong to their ancestry, collected tithes from
# Abraham and blessed him who had received the promises.  It is beyond
# dispute that the inferior is blessed by the superior.  In the one case,
# tithes are received by those who are mortal; in the other, by one of whom
# it is testified that he lives.  One might even say that Levi himself, who
# receives tithes, paid tithes through Abraham, for he was still in the loins
# of his ancestor when Melchizedek met him.
# Now if perfection had been attainable through the levitical priesthood --
# for the people received the law under this priesthood -- what further need
# would there have been to speak of another priest arising according to the
# order of Melchizedek, rather than one according to the order of Aaron?
# For when there is a change in the priesthood, there is necessarily a
# change in the law as well.
# Now the one of whom these things are spoken belonged to another tribe, from
# which no one has ever served at the altar.  For it is evident that our
# Lord was descended from Judah, and in connection with that tribe Moses said
# nothing about priests.  It is even more obvious when another priest arises,
# resembling Melchizedek, one who has become a priest, not through a legal
# requirement concerning physical descent, but through the power of an
# indestructible life.  For it is attested of him, "You are a priest forever,
# according to the order of Melchizedek."
# There is, on the one hand, the abrogation of an earlier commandment because
# it was weak and ineffectual (for the law made nothing perfect); there is,
# on the other hand, the introduction of a better hope, through which we
# approach God.  This was confirmed with an oath; for others who became
# priests took their office without an oath, but this one became a priest
# with an oath, because of the one who said to him, "The Lord has sworn and
# will not change his mind, 'You are a priest forever'" -- accordingly Jesus
# has also become the guarantee of a better covenant.
# Furthermore, the former priests were many in number, because they were
# prevented by death from continuing in office; but he holds his priesthood
# permanently, because he continues forever.  Consequently he is able for
# all time to save those who approach God through him, since he always lives
# to make intercession for them.
# For it was fitting that we should have such a high priest, holy, blameless,
# undefiled, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens.  Unlike
# the other high priests, he has no need to offer sacrifices day after day,
# first for his own sins, and then for those of the people; this he did once
# for all when he offered himself.  For the law appoints as high priests
# those who are subject to weakness, but the word of the oath, which came
# later than the law, appoints a Son who has been made perfect forever.

text from Kevin Davidson 
edited by tyagi
[REF-TEXT: Supplemental Sources]

Between the references in the story of Abraham's rescue of his nephew and
the reference in the psalm, and the later references in Paul, there
was quite a bit of time, and history.  By the time of Paul, Melchizedek
had long been a legendary figure who had become assimilated in gnostic circles
to the company of heavenly messengers.

There is a very complete discussion of the documents from which this
development can be traced in

  Horton, Fred L.
  The Melchizedek tradition : a critical examination of the
  sources to the fifth century A.D. and in the Epistle to the
  Hebrews / Fred L. Horton, Jr.
  Cambridge [Eng.] ; New York : Cambridge University Press,

For anyone who actually wants to have a good idea of how the tradition
developed, this is a good place to start.

LeGrand Cinq-Mars
[REF-TEXT: Supplemental Sources]

In article <26l5hj$> [...] (Michael Gates) writes:

|...{in his introduction and}
|commentary on the text, Bieger A. Pearson has this to say: "In this
|tractate, Melchizekek's appearance in the endtime is tied to the
|career of Jesus Christ: his incarnation, death, and resurrection.
|In other words, Jesus Christ _is_ Melchizedek! Such an idea can be
|understood as rooted in an interpretation of Hebrews 7:3. Moreover,
|the idea that Melchizedek is the 'Son of God' (i.e., identical to
|Jesus Christ) gained currency in some early Christian circles,
|particularly in Egypt."

There were other groups who though M was the Holy Spirit, and
some people thought there were groups who said M was The Father --
though they may have been misunderstanding what was going on.

[REF-TEXT: Supplemental Sources]

The Urantia Book, for those of you who aren't familiar with it, is a book
composed of "divinely" written papers that were "bestowed" upon a human
contact person in the early 1930s for publication. This contact person who
just received these writings died without being identified so as to avoid
him being worshiped as most deliverers of truth have been throughout
history. As a side note: his identity may have recently been discovered
(in the past year), but I am not sure of this.

Anyways, with regard to Melchizadeck. The Urantia Book defines
melchizadeck as a generic term to describe a type of being sent usually to
inhabited world to help point them in the "right" direction. Machiventa
Melchizadeck, the Uranita holds, was the specific entity referred to in
the Bible. If fact, most of the references to "God" in the Old Testament
are really MM's words (or teachings). Machiventa Melchizadeck was one of
seven "bestowal" sons sent to deliver a message (along with Christ Micheal
(Jesus), and others). Since each time, the entity itself was later
worshipped and gained importance over the "Word" delivered, the "Overseers
of Orvonton (our super universe) decided to bestow knowledge in the form
of the Urantia Book (disconnected to a specific being).

This is how I understand the Urantia Book. However, as Kathy said it IS
HUGE!! So if anyone else out there has a different view of its message, or
regarding melchizadeck, post it!

Mark Christopher Roebuck,
[REF-TEXT: Supplemental Sources]

Say, does this order have anything to do with an odd little book called
_Melchizedek_Truth_Principles_ written by one Frater Achad?. I don't know
anything about this book, except that it came to me as part of the
collection of a Magus who's celebrated his Greater Feast.  It's full
title is Melchizedek Truth Principles From the Ancient Mystical White
Brotherhood (Subtitled "Fourth Dimensional Teachings Through Frater
Achad.") My copy is from 1963 e.v., by DeVorss & Co. Publishers, Santa
Monica. I've never seen it anywhere else. It reads like a cross between
a Rosicrucian or Golden Dawn monograph and Madam Blavatsky, with "My
Daily Bible Lesson" thrown in on the side. Veryhite, Very
Christian...reminded me of Waite's _Hidden_Church_of_the_Holy_Grail_.
Any connection? Anyone know anything about this bookIs this Crowley's
Magickal Child, Charles Stan I don't know of any other Frater Achar
Achad's, but I've never seen this book mentioned in connection with
Jones...Help! I'm SO CONFUSED!

Walter Five

[REF-TEXT: Supplemental Sources]

More complete explanations about the Order of Melchizedek can be found in "The
Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch", by J.J. Hurtak, Phd.  (The Academy for
Future Science. P.O. Box FE, Los Gatos, CA 95031)

Ramiro Salas

[REF-TEXT: Supplemental Sources]

For those interested in/feeling an affinity with Melchizedek,
you might wish to check out the following book:

 "Experience of the Inner Worlds" by Gareth Knight, published
     bySamuel Weiser, Inc., ISBN 0-87728-787-2

It looks to me like Weiser re-published this book in 1993,
the original copyright being in 1975.

There is an entire chapter on THE HOLY GRAIL on p. 73 of
this book, wherein Melchizedek is mentioned, and a visualization
using the Chalic to align with the Melchizedek energy of
consecration to destiny and becoming aware of the Will of God
in one's own life and destiny (as Knight puts it).


[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

I've read one of Knight's other books and found him to be completely
wrong about almost everything he addresses.

As I've posted before, the order of Malkitzedek (which in Hebrew means
"my King is justice") started with Adam and was passed down to
Malkitzedek (who was one of Noah's sons) and thence to Abraham.  From
there it passed successively to Abraham's son Isaac, to his son Jacob,
and thence to the tribe of Levi.  Later it was passed to the Levitical
priests, whose male-line descendants still remain priests in today's
observant Jewish communities.  We have roughly a dozen in our

The source in Beraishit (Genesis) is 14:18.  In Jewish tradition (B.
Talmud:Nedarim 32B, Rashi, Targum Yonatan) Malki-tzedek is Shem, Noah's
son.  The lineage of a special relationship with God started with Adam
and worked its way down the ten generations to Noah and then to his son
Shem.  Shem passed it on to Abraham, who came to the realization of God
on his own.

Another mention is in Tehillim (Psalms) 110:4.  There it refers to
Abraham, or perhaps David, as bearers of an everlasting office.

Len Moskowitz
[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

...opinions differ over at what point the Bible narrative passes
from legend to history. Wherever one draws that line, the times of
Abraham were several generations distant from the time when the accounts
were written. While Melchizedek may well have been a historical figure,
but there is little one can be certain of.

[Hebrews 7:27-28 deleted]

First, keep in mind that the book of Hebrews was written specifically
to be read by Jewish people and the purpose of the book is to show that
particular audience that Jesus was the Messiah. So, that book is full
of Jewish images. Jesus was described in terms of Jewish images.

So, when the writer needed an example of Jesus' role as a priest, he
picked the mysterious character Melchizedek who, legend says, had
wasn't born and never died. (I think maybe that there are some extra-
Biblical stories about Melchizedek that the reader of Hebrews may
have been familiar with.)

The point of the Hebrews passage is the Jesus is superior to the
Levitical priesthood that the Jews experienced.

PS. You might ask some of the Mormons on the net about this. Their
church takes the Melchizedek presthood quite seriously.



>Gen 14:20  and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies
>into your hand!" And Abram gave him one tenth of everything.
from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

I have since learned that the word "Abram" in this verse does not
appear in the Hebrew. Some believe that Melchizedek gave Abram
the tithe, as a King granting a boon to a retainer.

The New American Standard Bible translates this phrase: "And he gave
him a tenth of all."

Kevin Davidson
[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

[Hebrews 7:27-28 omitted]

It is impossible to understand the Melchizedek Priesthood from the record
in ancient scripture including the Bible.  The record is just too spotty.
Melchizedek was not immortal.  His priesthood was immortal, meaning his
pristhood was an order {of priesthood} without father, without mother,
without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life."

This priesthood is the higher priesthood.  It is a pseudonym for the Holy
Priesthood After the Order of the Son of God which pseudonym was used
anciently in order to avoid using the name of God too frequently.  In the
days of Moses, there was only one man upon the earth who held this higher
priesthood, and that was Moses.  He received it under the hand of his
father-in-law, Jethro.  It is the priesthood held by Jesus Christ who is
the great High Priest of this priesthood.

This priesthood is the power and authority of God which he used in
organizing this world and many other worlds.  It is the government of God
by which he governs the universe from that place where he lives.  In every
age, his church upon this earth has been a local project of this priesthood.

John W. Redelfs
[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

...The "had no beginning and had no end" part comes from his quality
of haveing the name of God upon him and his sitting on the divine throne
1/3 of the time dispersing mercy. He is known as Metatron, the Divine
High Priest of Heaven and Adam Kadmon. As far as him being the Christian
Messiah, it is understandable that he and the messiah may be confused
since the spirt of the Messiah traditionally issues forth from Metatron.
Also his begining and end nature is manifested in the begining of the
highly kabbalistic first books of Genesis. He was the first created
thing, thus the letter aleph having no sound becomes the letter beth the
first sound, wich begins the book.

[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

As a point of interest, there is a Gnostic Christian text called
"Melchizedek" included in a "The Nag Hammadi Library," a collection
of Gnostic gospels and writings. In his introduction to and
commentary on the text, Bieger A. Pearson has this to say: "In this
tractate, Melchizekek's appearance in the endtime is tied to the
career of Jesus Christ: his incarnation, death, and resurrection.
In other words, Jesus Christ _is_ Melchizedek! Such an idea can be
understood as rooted in an interpretation of Hebrews 7:3. Moreover,
the idea that Melchizedek is the 'Son of God' (i.e., identical to
Jesus Christ) gained currency in some early Christian circles,
particularly in Egypt."

[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

The writer is using Melchizedek as an archetype of the new Pristhood,
which is said to be superior to the Law (administered by Moses brother,
Aaron, and the levites who followed after him). Neither Melchizedek nor
Christ came from the Aaronic line. Christ came from the Tribe of Judah,
which disqualified Him for priestly service to the Law.
    This letter is trying to convince Jews that Christ is superior to the
Law, and that further labor under the Law is unnecessary.

[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

The Order of Melchizedek

        This is straigth from the Tanak and the Letter to the Hebrews. In
Genesis (14:18), Lot who is a kinsman of Abraham is captured during a
battle between the local ruling Kings, Abraham goes tafter one og the
victor's and reclaims him in battle with "318 men born of his house."
When he returns, victorious, the King of Salem, whose name is Mechizedek,
a neighbor who is now relieved of the threat of these mauraders, met
Abraham in the Valley of Shaveh and "brought out bread and wine, he was a
priest of God Most High and he blessed him." So where did this "priest"
come from, who was Melchizedek? This is before Moses and the temple, before
even Abrahams "call" so how could there be a "priest of God Most High"
(meaning YAH) when the revelation hadn't occured yet?

        In Psalms 110:4 we find a single line, about David, the King to be,
"You are a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek" implying that
David, like the King of Salem (Peace), was fore-ordained to be a
intermediary appointed to rule over the defeated in battle as King, having
a sacred mandate. In Hebrews 6:20, Christ is said to be of this order, "a
forerunner on our behalf, having become a high priest forever after the
order of Melchizedek." The interpretation here is that the Levites are not
the only ordained and legitimate order of priests among the Hebrew but there
is another order fore ordained as also specially empowered and with their
own laws, as manifested in Yeshua ben Miriam, not by the power of bodily
descent (ie lineage) but by "the power of the indestructible life" (Heb 7:
16), and thus a new convenant.

        Later this concept of the priestly line outside of orthodoxy was
used as a means for validating yet other "priestly lines" but this leads
into occult history of which others are far more qualified to speak...
in sum, Yeshua was called "a priest of the order of Melchizedek" to justify
a new authority outside the conventional lines of transmission.


[DISC: Interpretations of REF-TEXT]

The following quotations are from an excellent piece on the
history of the Mormon religion writtem by Carmine Ferraro.  The
piece seems to be a rather thorough bit of research.

Are you sure this "Order of Melchizedek" isn't the arm of the
Mormon Church (Latter Day Saints) mentioned below?  If
anyone would like a copy of the article in its entirety, I'd be
happy to mail it out.  By the way, the area code on the listed
phone number is 716, which is Western New York state - which
has a rather large Mormon population.

   Finally, contrast the First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood
alongside the Third Degree (Master Mason) oath:

Mormon text:      "{If we reveal} any of the secrets of this, the
            First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood... we agree
            that our bodies be cut asunder in the midst and all
            our bowels gush out."

Mason text:       "{I am sworn} under no less penalty than to
            have my body severed in two in the midst, and divided
            to the north and south, my bowels burnt to ashes in
            the center..."

 A short time later Peter, James, and John descended and
conferred the holy Melchizedek priesthood, which held the keys
to all the spiritual power of Christ.  Later, Moses, Elias, Elijah,
and others appeared with special messages and keys of

   Because of this, it follows that the curse on all those who bore
the mark was exclusion from the Aaronic and Melchizedek
priesthood orders (normally bestowed upon all faithful males).
This meant that they could not enter the Mormon Temple in Salt
Lake City, nor could they become gods in the afterlife.  In short,
they were disallowed full participation in
the church.

  To understand the elements temple endowments ceremony,
you should have a basic working knowledge of the two
priesthood strata within the LDS church: the Aaronic and
Melchizedek orders.

 The LDS church's upper echelon is entirely made up of male
priests.  The highest administrative posts are held by high
priests of the Melchizedek order.

 If a young priest is selected to become a missionary (like most
able-bodied young men), then he receives more religious
training.  He joins the Melchizedek order and becomes an
"elder."  An elder who returns home, only to continue his
missionary work in areas the church deems appropriate, is
given the title "seventy."  A Mormon who manages to enter the
upper hierarchy of church administration must hold the rank of
"high priest," the ultimate title in the Melchizedek order.

Just wondering... it would seem like there is a connection. (Tzimon Yliaster)

[DISC: Discussion of REF-TEXT]

Although not a Jew, Melchizedek recognized the identity of the true
God (YHWH), and referred to Him by the only name/title he knew.  As they
say on the farm, one does not have to be a chicken to know what an egg
is.  For those interested, a fascinating discussion of the significance
of Melchizedek is found in the book _Eternity in their Hearts_, by Don
Richardson. (Barry Haworth)
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Other requests for distribution should be directed to the individual
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A service to Usenet readers everywhere.  Post subsquent to this with
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tyagi nagasiva

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