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alt.magicK KfaQ#12: Hostile josh? (kreEePing oOze faQ)

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Subject: alt.magicK KfaQ#12: Hostile josh? (kreEePing oOze faQ)
Date: 21 Mar 1995 15:02:43 -0800
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Summary: This is one of a number of compended posts on magick or topics
         associated with it in some way.  It is intended as an introductory
         file and its content will be questioned and discussed within
         Usenet's alt.magick newsgroup.

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Alt.Magick Kreeping OoZE FAQ #12: "Why is Josh so hostile??"

Oh well.  You either learn to walk through the flames, or
you get turned into ash and drift away on the wind.  Yelling
at Josh does no good.  He doesn't care.  If it makes you
feel better, by all means yell away.  Just don't expect
results.  Keep handin' out asbestos jammies to the newbies
who get fireballed. (Nova Solo)

Joshua Geller is the man who was responsible for the
creation of the alt.magick group in the first place. I have
inferred that he gets quite annoyed when the group is used
for discussion which is outside the bounds of the original
purpose of the group. What bounds there are I do not know,
since the group is technically not moderated. No, Josh is
not an outsider looking in, as some of you may or may not
believe. (Kendrick Kerwin Chua)

once upon a time josh created alt.magick, and he was much
venerated. josh once contributed much more interesting
opinions to alt.magick than 'go away'.  once the name of
josh struck fear and respect into the hearts of many, but
josh, through a lack personal opinions, has made himself
appear like a crusty old fart who likes nothing better than
to criticize.  now i do feel the criticism and careful
examination is an important work, but i also feel that if
that is all one contributes then one really doesn't have the
right to tell people to 'go away'. if everyone simply went
away alt.magick would be either resoundingly quiet or filled
with josh clones.  and i would like to think that more
opinions than josh's (which have become increasingly
invisible) could be aired in alt.magick. (peter li'ir key)

To answer your question about Josh, he is an asshole.  Now,
what you ask, is my definition of an asshole, beyond the
obvious anatomical reference? Josh rarely, if ever, adds a
meaningful thought to any thread.  He seems to have no ideas
or knowledge of his own.  I may have missed a few posts, but
everything I have ever read from him amounts to nothing but
"You are stupid. Go away"  Actually, I have a suspicion that
he has only ever written one post and just keeps repeating
it.  Too often, this drivel is one of the first replies a
newcomer gets.  After about the first 30 posts of his I
read, I gave up on him as having nothing constructive to say
and nothing intelligent to add to any conversation.  How
interesting can a broken record be?

go away *click* go away *click* go away *click* go away *click* go away

Wow, isn't that fascinating?  Don't you just want to talk to
this guy all day long?

Someone who goes from conversation to conversation adding
nothing of substance and just being rude and yelling "Go
away" fits my definition of asshole.  And what a good
definition it is, IMNSHO! (Jeff Foehringer)

In article <36ou74$>,
Doctress Neutopia  wrote:
> Jesse Garon ( wrote:
> : if so, it's Josh Geller's casting, not yours.
> :                                 ________
> I have wondered about this.  Josh wanted my magic off alt.magick.
> That is why he help create alt.society.neutopia.  So really it
> was neutopia's magic which created this place.

Josh, if you are out there, you should know you have accomplished the 
first fully successful net.banishing. Congratulations. (Scott "Blade" Hamilton)

a. He has something really, really big and sharp (like a huge pinecone)
jammed up his ass. this makes him a wee bit surly.


b. He's seen so many clueless nits that he's half(?) insane from trying
to talk to them and has stopped trying.


c. He's secretly into Zen and is leading us all to some cosmic epiphany.


d. He's not getting laid enough and is feeling hostile.


e. He's living at a different speed from the rest of us and each one of
his messages contains a small amount of code that when assembled will
spell out some great secret.


d. He's a 'bot running on someone's computer somewhere.

I'll leave others to speculate on what might be true. (Laugh) I'm
actually quite curious about what kind of Magick Josh does.

In order to gain knowledge beyond the obvious we have to
open up our senses and become receptive to things that most
people are trained to filter out.  In order to gain new
insights into ourselves and our lives, we have to be willing
to wrestle with things that do not yet make sense.  In
pursuit of deeper understanding, we must be prepared to
immerse ourselves more deeply in delusion.

This is an insidiously risky process, and we should
periodically surface to ask ourselves whether or not we are,
in fact, getting anywhere.

Josh is like an alarm clock ... set to wake us up when the
bullshit seems to be getting dangerously deep.  The alarm
clock doesn't actually know whether or not you have an
appointment on any particular morning, and so it will often
wake us up when we were not in danger of being late.  It
has, however, kept me from being late enough times that I do
not curse it when it goes off.

markk@sagredo.West.Sun.COM (Mark Kampe)

Once a student of Zen asked his teacher, "Who is the
Buddha?" The master replied by picking up his staff and
whacking his pupil hard against the head. The student, as
emotionally hurt as physically, left the teacher and went in
search of a new master. Eventually he was accepted by an
instructor who realized that the student had been exposed to
Zen. The new teacher asked the student where he had studied,
whereupon the student explained how his former master had
hit him. The new master became indignant with anger. "Go
back to your former teacher," he demanded, "and apologize
for not thanking him for his grandmotherly kindness!"

And so it is with Josh. Only he's hardly a Zen teacher, save
for the brevity of his more recent contributions to
alt.magick. (Utopium Enterprizes)

"Josh is a bot" -- AShtoN

"Josh is always correct."  - Peggy -

"Ask josh.  He'll tell you the truth." -- hiho

"this isn't a support group." -- josh

"Who died and made you Josh?"  -- Tyagi Mordred Nagasiva

The Master often leaves a path of bodies in hir wake.  All
who have come before hir to prevent hir passage must be
slain and left for dead. Sometimes Monsalvat must be taken
by storm.  A frightful army of resistors may rise up, yet
these are simply the grogs, the fodder of the Evil One, who
shall fall before the Blade of Reason like butter before the
searing tine. (AShtoN)

theories vary. some say he's just an asshole. some say he
attempts to keep the noise to signal ratio down. some say
he likes poking stupid people with sharp sticks for his own
personal amusement. no one will ever know for sure.

josh is so hostile because he is surrounded by humans.

joshua geller 


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This is from a series of continually-updated posts responding to recurrent
questions in this newsgroup.  Please debate anything in here which seems
extreme and add your own response to these questions after the post.  I'll
integrate what I like.  Thanks.

tyagi nagasiva
tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (I@AM) 

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