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Buddhist Resource File

Sender: (Hsuan Peng)
Subject: Buddhist Resource File (Update)

Dear friends:

New in this update: 
* Newsgroups: alt.philosophy.taoism and tnn.religion.buddhism.shinshu
* New listserv address for Insight
* New listserv address for Universal Zendo
* New URL for Description of Buddhism (Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance)
* New URL for Guide to Meditation
* New URL for Ligmincha Institute
* New URL for Mystical Zen Buddhism
* New URL for New Kadampa Tradition
* New URL for Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
* New URL for Zen Buddhist Video
* Introduction to new CD-ROMs by Asian Classics Input Project

Please discard the old version.

Hsuan Peng

========================= Buddhist Resource File ============================

This is a list of resources related to Buddhist literatures and activities.
Please send comments, requests or updates to Hsuan Peng (

This file has been converted to an HTML-format Pointer file by Connie Neal
( and stored at:

   *   (where the most updated version can be found)
   *   (Australian Nat'l Univ.)
   *   (Buddha-L list server)

George Klima ( maintained a similar page at:


Another useful list is the FAQ for talk.religion.buddhism by John Kahila 
(  To get a most recent copy of the FAQ, send
an e-mail with the following command in the mail body:

     send usenet/talk.religion.buddhism/*


Hsuan Peng
first version: November 14, 1994
last update:   September 8, 1995

A. USENET Newsgroups:
   (1) alt.meditation
   (2) alt.meditation.transcendental
   (3) alt.philosophy.taoism
   (4) alt.philosophy.zen
   (5) alt.religion.buddhism.nichiren
   (7) alt.religion.buddhism.tibetan
   (8) alt.zen
   (9) soc.religion.eastern
  (10) talk.religion.buddhism
  (11) tnn.religion.buddhism.shinshu
  (12) uk.religion.buddhist

B. E-mail Subscription Lists:
   (1) Bodhi News:
       Edited by Buddhism Study Group at Urbana-Champaign.  Send a short
       message to to subscribe.
   (2) BUDDHA-L: 
       An academic buddhism discussion group.  Send the following command:
           SUBscribe BUDDHA-L your_firstname your_lastname
   (3) BUDDHIST:
       Forum on Indian and Buddhist Studies.  Send the following command:
           SUBscribe BUDDHIST your_firstname your_lastname
       to listserv@jpntuvm0.bitnet to subscribe.
   (4) DailyZen:
       A mailing list that contains a daily dose of Zen wisdom.  Each day
       members receive a single Zen story, koan, or quote.  Send a short
       message with your full name to Michael C. Amundsen at:
       to subscribe.  Be sure to include the word "DailyZen" in your subject
   (5) Dharma-talk:
       An international forum for discussions, exchanges of information
       regarding Buddhism and for announcements of Buddhist related events.
       Send the following command:
           subscribe dharma-talk
       to to subscribe.
   (6) EABUD:
       Mailing list for Eastern American/East Asian Buddhism.  Send the
       following command:
           subscribe eabud your_firstname your_lastname
   (7) Insight (IMS):
       For discussion of Theravada meditation practice (vipassana, metta, 
       etc.).  Send the following command:
           subscribe insight
       to to subscribe.  Check:
       for more information.
   (8) JBE:
       An on-line Journal of Buddhist Ethics, published by Penn State
       University and Goldsmiths College, London.  To subscribe to the Journal
       Abstract, simply send an e-mail message to:
       Leave the "Subject" field blank. In the body of the message should 
       contain the following:
           sub jbe-l your_firstname your_lastname
       You will then receive information and the addresses of the Journal's 
       sites in the USA, Europe and Australia. Published material is available
       through WWW, Gopher and FTP. For further information contact the editors
   (9) Jodo Shinshu:
       A forum in which issues specific to Jodo Shinshu are discussed.
       Send the following command:
           subscribe a-shinshu-forum
       to to subscribe.
  (10) Kanzeon Sangha UK newsletter:
       A text-only version of the newsletter (~3 times a year) is available 
       upon request.  Send a mail to Steve Griffin (
       for details.
  (11) Purdue Buddhist Society:
       Send a short message to to subscribe.
  (12) Universal Zendo:
       A discussion group about Zen Buddhism with an emphasis on practice 
       rather than scholarship.  Send the following command:
           SUBscribe zendo your_e-mail
       to to subscribe.
  (13) Winds:
       A monthly newsletter of the Shin Buddhist Resource Center.  Send the
       following command:
           subscribe to-winds
       to to subscribe.
  (14) ZenBuddhism-L:
       Send the following command:
           SUB ZenBuddhism-L your_e-mail
       to to subscribe.
  (15) Various lists at
       Send the following command:

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