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Mages Guide to the Internet

Newsgroups: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.magick,alt.pagan.magick,alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic,alt.occult,alt.xyzzy
Subject: Mage's Guide to the Internet (New Revision)
Summary: This is the ASCII text edition of the Mage's Guide to the Internet
	 (The MaGI), which is a directory of magic-related internet links.
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                    The Mage's Guide to the Internet -- MaGI
     The MaGI is a directory of URLs centered on long-term forums and text
     files which allow a broad spectrum of opinion on arcane, occult, and
     mystical subjects.
     Included herein find links to internet sites of interest to the working
     magician, with a general categorical focus on occult and mystical
     subjects. Special attention is given to the disciplines of *Alchemy*,
     *Astrology*, *Ceremonial Magic*, *Divination* (chiromancy, cartomancy,
     necromancy, etc.), *Numerology* (and numerolinguistics associated with the
     kabbalah and its counterfeits), and *Spells*. Topics which are not covered
     in any depth by the MaGI include psychicism; out-of-body experiences;
     medical herbalism; and the various forms of hypnotism, therapy, or
     The following internet categories are arranged from the most stable to
     those most liable to change:
	File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
	Usenet Newsgroups
	Electronic Mail Lists
	Multi-User Dimensions and Internet Relay Channels
	World-Wide Websites, Search Engines and More!
  FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
     FTP sites are caches of text files and graphics resembling stationary
     internet libraries from which one may download material for personal


     Funet (2)
          REF: (John M. Blasik)


     Lysator Magick
          REF: (Ceci Henningsson)

     PCaskey (Rider-Waite Images)

     Usenet newsgroups are global bulletin board forums containing threaded
     public and moderated conversation pertaining to a specific topic or
     subject category. The usenet newsgroups listed here focus on or include
     perspectives which include magic.
     news:alt.astrology (Western {Babylonian-derived} Astrology)
          REF: (FAQ)

     news:alt.astrology.asian (Vedic and Chinese Astrology)

     news:alt.chinese.fengshui (Feng Shui, Traditional and Contemporary)

     news:alt.divination (Divination)

     news:alt.folklore.gemstones (Folkloric and Magical Gemology)

     news:alt.folklore.herbs (Medical and Magical Herbalism)

     news:alt.lucky.w (Lucky Charms and Amulets, Folk-Magic, 
		       African-American Hoodoo)
          REF: (FAQ)
          REF: (catherine yronwode)

     news:alt.magick (General Magical Practice and Theory)
          REF: (FAQ)
          REF: (REFs)
          REF: (OOZE)

     news:alt.magick.chaos (Chaos Magick)

     news:alt.magick.folk (Folk Magic)

     news:alt.magick.goetia (Goetic Magic)

     news:alt.magick.serious (Alternative Forum for Magic) (Mostly Spam: Use alt.magick.tantra)

     news:alt.magick.tantra (Sex-Magic, Sex-Mysticism, Karezza, Tantra Yoga,
     			     Neo-Tantra, etc.)
          REF: (FAQ)

     news:alt.metaphysics.alchemy (Alchemy)

     news:alt.necronomicon (The Necronomicon, Power Books)

     news:alt.occult.kabbalah.golden-dawn (Golden Dawn Neo-Kabbalism)

     news:alt.pagan.magick (Neo-Pagan Magic)

     news:alt.paranormal.spells.hexes.magic (Spell-Craft Exchange)
          REF: (FAQ)

     news:alt.tarot (Tarot)

     news:fido.ger.magie (German Language Magic Forum)
     E-lists are subscription-based correspondence groups (comparable to a
     'round robin' or amateur press association (apa)) dedicated to
     discussion amongst certain types of members or about particular subject
     categories. To join an e-list, you must subscribe (this is free),
     usually by contacting the list-owner or signing up at a web-page.
     Alchemy (General Alchemy)
          SUB: (Listserv)
              TXT: subscribe alchemy-list (full name)
          REF: (Adam McLean)

     Alchemy (Scholarly, Strictly Moderated)
          SUB: (Listowner)

     AM-L (Academia Magica; General Magic)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)
          REF: (Information)

     Ancient_Magic (General Occult Magic)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     Arcana (Discussion and Study of the Occult)
          SUB: (Listserv)
               TXT: subscribe arcana (email address)
          REF: (List-Owners)

     Arte_Magicka (Thelemic Magick; Portuguese Language)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)
          REF: (Information)"

     AstartesCorner (Occult Book Purchase Forum)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     Astrol-L (Astrology)
          SUB: (Listserv) mailto:listserv@brufpb.bitnet
          REF: (Merci Erskine-Richmond)

     BlackMagick (Black Magic)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     Chaos-L (Chaos Magick)
          SUB: (Majordomo)
               TXT: subscribe chaos-l

     CyberMagick (General and Hermetic Magic)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     DarkMagic (Black Magic)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     English Qaballa (Neognostic Gematria)
          REF: (List Manager)

     Enochian-L (Enochian Magick)
          SUB: (Majodomo)
               TXT: subscribe enochian-l

     Fiat L.V.X. (Christian Magick)
          SUB: (Majordomo)
               TXT: subscribe fiatlvx-l (email address) (full name)

     Freedom Astrology (Astrology)

     Grimoire-L (Grimoires and Spell-Craft)
          SUB: (Majordomo)
               TXT: subscribe grimoire-l

     Incantations-Spells (Spell-Crafting, Exchange)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)
          REF: (Information)

     InvisibleHouse (Invisible House; Thelemic Magick, Occultism)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     John Dee (Enochian Magic and John Dee)
          REF: (List-Owner)

     Kabbalah-L (Jewish Mysticism; Kabbalah)
          SUB: (Majordomo)
               TXT: subscribe kabbalah-l

          SUB: (Majordomo)
               TXT: subscribe magick

     Necromancy-L (Magic and Death)
          SUB: (Listserv)
               TXT: subscribe Necromancy-L
               TXT: subscribe digest Necromancy-L
          REF: (Clifford H. Low)

     Occult (Divination, Alchemy, Magic(k))
          SUB: (Majordomo)
               TXT: subscribe occult
          REF: (Listowner)

     Occulthaven (Neopagan Occultism)
          SUB: (Listserv) mailto:listserv@home.ease.lsoft
               TXT: subscribe occulthaven
          REF: (Samantha Sheffield)

     Qblh-L (Kabbalah and Neo-Kabbalah)
          SUB: (Listserv)
               TXT: subscribe qblh-l (full name)

     Ritual-Magic (General Ritual Magic)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     Rune-L (Runes, Odinism, Asatru)
          SUB: (Listserv)
               TXT: subscribe Rune-L
               TXT: subscribe digest Rune-L
          REF: (Clifford H. Low)

     Shoggoth-L (Lovecraftian Magick)
          SUB: (Listserv)
               TXT: subscribe Shoggoth-L
               TXT: subscribe digest Shoggoth-L
          REF: (Clifford H. Low)

     Spell (Spell-Crafting, Exchange)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)

     Tarot-L (Tarot)
          SUB: (Listserv)
               TXT: subscribe tarot-l (full name)
          REF: (LadyEvelyn)
          REF: (A'yin D'aath)

     WitchesWorkshop (Occultism General, Inclusive)
          SUB: (Egroups)
          REF: (Egroups)
          REF: (Information)
     MUDs and IRC are interactive forums where many individuals can talk or
     play with one another in a manner not unlike 'party lines' on the
     telephone. MUDs usually contain a descriptive theme, and are constructed
     as games, project chat forums, or sociopolitical experiments. Internet
     Relay Channels are member- or topic-based 'chat rooms,' often moderated
     by an individual or group.

     IRC channels related to the occult include #alchemy, #divination,
     #tarot, #magick, #occult, #thelema, and #witch.
     The world wide web is an array of graphically-enhanced text pages and
     interactive forums connected via programmed links to Universal Resource
     Locators (URLs) and explored via internet browsers. Due to the often
     changeable nature of web locations and the sheer number of entries, the
     MaGI list of web sites on occult and mystical subjects can be found on
     its own web page, the
                                  GEHENNOM GOO!
     to have your URL included within the GOO, contact the editors.
  Search Engines
     Search Engines are web sites of a more stable type which may be used to
     identify valid sources of occult information on the world wide web
     without having to go through a tremendous number of the dead links many
     web sites never remove. You just specify the topic of your interest in
     their input field and trigger the 'search' link.
     Alternate Search

     Avatar Search

     The MYSTICA (Arcane Archive)
   current editors include:
                nagasiva yronwode(
                  catherine yronwode (
   This document is copyright (c) 2000 editors cited above. All rights reserved.
   Permission to distribute a printed replica of the MaGI is hereby granted
   provided that distribution is electronic, no money is involved, reasonable
   attempts are made to use the latest version and all credits and this
   copyright notice are maintained. Other requests for distribution should be
   directed to the editors or to the individual authors of quoted materials.
          REF: (Editors)
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