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Subject: NOLA Occult REF 
Version: 50020408 VI om
From: (tyaginator)

Artists, Shops, Businesses, and Restaurants at Jackson Square, 
 in the New Orleans French Quarter
 review:Hurkey reads cards and bones, is personable and sincere. 

Black Moon Web Editorial Desk
 726 Third Street
 New Orleans, LA. 70130-5446

Covenant of the Pentacle Wiccan Church - ATC (NOLA CUUPS)

The Eclectic Teaching Circle of New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA)
 ref:Rev. WhiteWolf McRaven, HPSCredentials

Esoterica Occult Goods
 541 Dumaine St.
 New Orleans, LA 70116

F&F Botanica and F&F Candle Shop (Religious Articles--Spiritual Products)
 801 N. Broad
 New Orleans, LA.
 review:"not touristy" -- Starling Books

Golden Leaves Centre 
 3242 Severn Avenue
 New Orleans, LA
 review:New Age and metaphysical bookstore and gift shop.

Island of Salvation Botanica
 835 Piety St
 New Orleans LA 70117
 review:run by Sallie Ann Glassman and Shane Norris.

Mystic Curio
 831 Royal St.
 New Orleans, LA 70116 
 review:for the Neopagan interest (the owner self-described as druidic),
         another valuable stopping place on the Quarterly magical
	 tour. in particular their devil-head incense burner was a
	 hit with yours truly. --

New Orleans Cemetery and Voodoo: Voodoo in New Orleans

New Orleans CUUPS -- Swamp Witch Chapter (Neopagan Unitarian Universalists)

The New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple
 828 N. Rampart Street
 New Orleans, LA 70116
 review:sri catyananda and I visited the temple and spoke briefly 
	with Priestess Miriam, who kindly allowed us to visit the 
	temple during off-hours. as sri catyananda noted, not 
	touristy. -- +

Psychics of New Orleans

The Religious Order of Witchcraft
 2421 Ramsey Street
 Marrero, La 70072
 ref:Russell George 
 review:Spiritual advice is given on a donation 
        basis which will be determined upon acceptance.

Scully Elly's Voodoo Joint

Shapers Lair: Magick and the Occult in New Orleans

Starling Books & Crafts (Candles, Incenses, Oils, Tarot Cards, Books, ++)

Victoria's Voodoo Links

Voodoo & Yoruba Priestess Ava Kay Jones and Voodoo Macumba Dance Ensemble
 P.O. Box 13122 
 New Orleans, LA 70185-3122

Voodoo Authentica, Inc. (occult supplies)
 2244 Oriole Str.
 New Orleans, LA.

The Witches' Closet (a witchcraft shop)
 521 St. Philip
 New Orleans, LA. 70116

Zombie's House of Voodoo
 723 St. Peter Street
 New Orleans, LA  70116
 ph: 504-486-6366
 review:this place was definitely worth stopping in. we picked up 
 a valuable cache of statues of saints and other notables from
 this spot and a few baubles. definitely worth a look-see
 they had spells and talismans, charms and religious objects,
 and their personnel were incredibly friendly and indulgent
 of our interests. --

=================================================== END NOLA OCCULT REF

     search engines: yahoo, google, elimination of frauds: sri catyanda

started on Lovers Day, 50010215 V om, revised 50020408 VI om -- tyaginator


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