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Summary: This is a REFerence file for the alt.magick newsgroup.  As such
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|Date: 11 Jan 1995 20:26:14 GMT

|What would you tell me about Chaos magick?  

(*&^*%%^%$@%^&%*&^*&^(*&*(&*(&**kaos magick**^&%$$#%$#$%$^%*^(&

         Chaos magick is one of the newest and currently most
         popular inspirations among modern-urban-techno-shamans.
         This is the cutting edge of ceremonial magick.  It
         involves more spontaneity and attempts to integrate
         shamanism a little more directly.

         It is influenced by cyberpunk, modern physics, Freud and Jung
         (synchronicity), Austin Osman Spare, Chaos science, taoism,
         tibetan buddhism, many forms of shamanism, Gleick and
         fractals, IOT (founded by Peter Carroll), TOPY (temple of
         psychic youth), and a host of writers - many of them science
         fiction writers.

         Spare was not the first to practice this sort of magick, but
         he was the first to call it Chaos.  He was one of the first
         to bring it to the ceremonial genre and therefore
         "legitimize" it.

         There is a direct connection between chaos and cyberpunk
         genres, and many if not most chaos mages have cyber
         connections.  There was an article on cyberpunk in a
         major periodical recently.  I think it was Time.  I
         think it was in February'93 - so its mainstream enough.

References (in chaotic order):
            *"Defining Chaos" by Mark Chao.
            *"Kathulu Magik" by Haramullah
            *"Liber Nigris" by Frater Nigris
             Sorcery as Virtual Mechanics by Stephen Mace
             The Collected Works of Austin Osman Spare by Christopher Bray
             The Book Of Pleasure by Austin Osman Spare
             Anathema Of Zos by Austin Osman Spare
             A Book Of Satyrs by Austin Osman Spare
             Images and Oracles of Austin Osman Spare by Kenneth Grant
             The Early Work by Austin Osman Spare
             Excess Spare  by Austin Osman Spare
             Stations In Time by Austin Osman Spare
             Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick
             Turbulent Mirror by John Briggs & F. David Peat
             Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter J. Carroll
             Practical Sigil Magick by Frater U.D.
             Masks of the Illuminati by Robert Anton Wilson
             The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea
             Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson
             An Introduction to Chaos Magick by Adrian Savage

 *Published on the /pub/magick and /occult (will change withing 6 months).
  Both have kaos/chaos directories.  These essays were uploaded with
  permission of the authors so copyright is not a problem.

Comments / Other:
 o "Defining Chaos" by Mark Chao is an excellent introduction.
 o "Kathulu Magik" by Haramullah is an interesting essay on theory
    by a practitioner.
 o "Liber Nigris" by Frater Nigris also falls within the chaos
    genre, though more dark than most.
 o Kenneth Grant, whose works are of the most respectable.
 o Ray Sherwin, whose great influence goes largely unrecognized.
 o Hakim Bey, whose work 'Chaos' is interesting and other writings nice.
 o Adrian Savage, who has many books including An Introduction to
   Chaos Magick, which lists other authors (published by Magickal

- written by Peggy, stealing most of it from Tagi

This document is Copyright (c) 1995, authors cited.

All rights reserved.  Permission to distribute the collection is
hereby granted providing that distribution is electronic, no money
is involved, reasonable attempts are made to use the latest version
and all credits and this copyright notice are maintained.

Other requests for distribution should be directed to the individual
authors of the particular articles.

nagasiva, tyagi
tyagI@houseofkaos.Abyss.coM (I@AM)

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