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alt.magick Charter

Newsgroups: alt.magick,alt.magick.ctl,alt.config
From: (John M. Blasik)
Subject: newgroup alt.magick
Date: 2 May 91 21:42:51 GMT

[Josh Geller's provisional charter.]

Per discussion in alt.config, I am newgrouping alt.magick.

alt.magick	Discussion of magick and related arts and sciences.


alt.magick is for the discussion of magick and related arts and sciences,
including but not limited to ceremonial magick, alchemy, geomancy, divination,
mythology, hermetica etc.

I see magick as doubt based; one begins by questioning ones assumptions and
continues by questioning assumptions throughout (as opposed to religion
where there are dogmatic assumptions which cannot be questioned while still
participating in a given religion, and as similar to science).

This group should be inclusive of students of whatever religious bias (pagan,
jewish, christian, muslim, buddhist, chinese traditional, shamanic, satanic,
thelemite, atheist) but is not for:

Discussion of channeling of neanderthal warriors, whether by Shirley Maclaine
or anyone else ... try talk.religion.newage.

Flames of any mainstream or minority religions ... try talk.religion.misc or

Discussion of theological minutiae ... try the soc.religion. groups
or talk.religion.misc.

Conspiracy theories ... try alt.conspiracy.

If the discussion becomes too large, we can split off into alt.magick.shamanic,
alt.magick.hermetica, alt.magick.oto, etc.


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