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Great White Brotherhood/Argentium Astrum (? I've found several spellings)/Etc.

Let the compilation begin---------------------------------------------------- writes:

| There is a Society called the "Great White Brotherhood".  It consists of
| Ascended Masters and their Unascended Chelas.  If you would like more 
| information you could contact the Summit University Press in Livingston 
| Montana, or go to you local bookstore and find anything written by 
| Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  She is the "Messenger for the Great White 
| Brotherhood".  They are IMO the Highest Teaching on the planet.

Guru Ma Elizabeth Clare Prophet is fond of purple prose.  Literally.  Wear
your glasses.

She's also a tiny little bit to the political right.

The doctrine is a syncretism of the I AM Movement, Blavatsky's Mahatmas and
just about anything else going - including, somehow, St. Patrick (no, I am
not making this up).

She doesn't like naughty rock music, but devotees sing a song about The
Purple Ray to the tune of Santa Lucia.

You can pay her to work on her ranch.

I would like sincerely to thank her for being so richly entertaining.

Martin Stower

My resources tell me that the (Great) White Brotherhood had its beginnings
on the now submerged continent of Lemuria.  Many esoteric schools on that
long forgotten land took their materials, records and personnel to the
asiatic mainland and consolidated into one mystery school.  Since then,
this ancient school of Masters, Adepts and Inititates has quietly
influenced man throughout the centuries.

Much of their activity was brought to light by the Theosophical movement
before the turn of the last century.  Consequently, their literature can
probably be of some help in furthering your search.

Mark High

[received this in email - tn]

The Summit Lighthouse, Hobart Study Group, offers the authentic teachings 
of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood as revealed through 
the Accredited Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. 

We can be contacted : Snail Mail: PO Box 205, South Hobart, Tasmania, 
Australia, 7004. Ph/Fax: +61 02 24 8105. And hopefully soon via e-mail.


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